Water Softeners : The Best Buying Guide

Water Softeners : The Best Buying Guide

Water softeners solve one of the biggest and common in India that leads to thin white film on bathroom tiles, clogged pipes, non-lustrous glassware, even worse situation like dry hair and skin. These problems are caused by hard water.

Traditional methods of treating hard water to become soft are unable to provide desired results. Now-a-days an effective and healthy alternative is also firming its root in Indian market. Yes, welcome to world of water softener making water soft, automatically.

Do not confuse a water softener to a water purifier or you will end up buying a wrong product. you may check out online shopping platform Amazon.in before going through buying guide. The Buying Guide will provide all the necessary in-depth information to look for before buying a water softener.

RainSoft Water Softener-“Feather Touch”-For Safe Healthy Bath Water-Protects HAIR & SKIN 

  • Water Softener Is A Very Low Maintenance Product (Almost Zero Maintenance)
  • Highly Durable Easy To Install-‘Plug and Play
  • No Water Wastage
  • No Electricity Required
  • No Batteries
  • No Need To Change Any Cartridges/Filters

Kent Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre (White)

  • Prevent scaling in shower
  • Increases life of internal parts of geyser
  • Resin for longer life and efficient ion-exchange process
  • Non- electric process with a simple two step regeneration process
  • No pressure operation and standby mode for longer life
  • Easy to install and use

D’Cal Hard Water Softner (for Complete House)

  • Lime yellow color Cartridge
  • India’s Best Hard water Softener
  • No Maintenance, No Electricity required, No Plumbing Required
  • Just Drop it in Your Hard water Tank

Common Problems Due to Hard Water

Hard Water

  • The hardness of water depends on
    • The number of grains per gallon (GPG) present in water
    • Measured by PPM (parts per million) of minerals.
  • Water having more than 1 GPG (1 GPG=17.1 PPM)
  • Dissolved minerals like salts, magnesium, manganese or carbonate make it hard
  • Up to 3.5 GPG of minerals avoid using a water softener

Problems of Hard Water

  • Damages plumbing fixtures, bathroom tiles
  • Delustres crockery
  • Decolorizes clothes
  • Lead to eczema, diabetes, kidney stones, constipation
  • Affects bone mineral density

Types of Water Softeners

Ion Exchange Water SoftenerConnected to the plumbing systems of home
Have salt to replace calcium, magnesium
Contains resin beads
Salt-free Water SoftenerUse potassium chloride to lessen hardness
Less effective as compared to ion exchange water softeners
Ideal for people concerned about sodium intake
No change in the minerals making it hard
Prevents mineral deposition on appliances
Magnetic and Electronic Water SoftenersMagnetic and electronic water softeners
Descaling Agent
Reverse electromagnetic properties of minerals
Ensures hard minerals settle to avoid damage

How to Detect Hardness

  • White stains on sinks and bathroom tiles
  • Bathroom fixtures requiring frequent repair
  • To confirm check the water quality for hardness

Size of Water Softener

  • Check for the size required for your home to meet the demand
  • Ability of removal of hardness is to be checked
  • ABILITY SIZE = Number of people X Average water used per person
  • Connect dishwasher, washing machine or complete water supply of the home
The copper connectors of a water softening device about to be installed

Features of Water Softener

  • Ensure considering the features before buying
  • Check programming levels, settings and display options in the menu
  • Check for automatic regeneration
  • Ease of operation

Timer Controls

  • Clocks or timers automatically regenerate softeners at pre-set time and day
  • Makes it easy to choose time when of operation

Finding Right Brand

  • Value for the money
  • Top quality
  • Fully automatic
  • Improve quality of water
  • Suitable for use
  • Quality service

Installing Water Softeners

Installed at overhead tanksInstalled with washing machine,
geyser or dish washer
Supplies to the entire houseSupplies to specific purposes
like bathing or washing clothes
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