Wallet : The Best Buying Guide for Fashion & Need

Wallet : The Best Buying Guide for Fashion & Need

Wallet, buying it goes beyond what happens to strike fancy at that moment. We recommend look into daily wardrobe routine. This will enhance the chances to get the right ones.

When you wish to wear jeans daily, then you must go for light leather wallet and let it assimilate with denim colour. While wearing suits, try to wear a bit traditional dark finish for a sophisticated style. Wallets are versatile in many ways.

Both black and brown are classic, luxurious colours are very brilliant to have in hands. Signature accents and contrast stitching brighten it up and allow the user to be different in crowd. You may Check at Amazon.in for some of the online models available.

Minimalist Wallet Credit Card Holder – FIDELO Mens Slim Wallet – RFID Blocking + Top Grain Leather


Victorinox Brown Men’s Wallet

  • Outer Material: Leather, Color: Brown
  • Water resistant
  • Weight: 200 grams; Dimensions: 2 cms x 11 cms x 9 cms (LxWxH)
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No

Fossil Liza Brown Women’s Wallet

  • Outer Material: Leather, Color: Brown
  • Capacity: 0.56 liters; Weight: 500 grams; Dimensions: 19.533 cms x 2.54 cms x 11.43 cms (LxWxH)
  • Number of Wheels: 0, Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No

Bal ROHIT Men’s Leather Organizer (Black)

  • Unique design
  • Compact size
  • Not at all bulky
  • Perfect to fit in your pocket
  • Can be kept in your travel bag.
  • Perfect combination of size and space.
  • Ingeniuos Design

Pitaka Modular Aluminium Wallet [Customisable with Money Clip, Box Layer] (Rose Gold)

  • Anti-degaussing Module
  • Standard 6 Card Holder
  • Pocket-Friendly Design
  • Accessible with quick flick
  • Thinnest (12 mm) Lightest (90 gms) and Strongest
  • RFID-Blocking.

Tommy Hilfiger Black Men’s Wallet

  • Unique design
  • Compact size
  • Not at all bulky
  • Perfect to fit in your pocket
  • Can be kept in your travel bag.
  • Perfect combination of size and space.

Purchasing minimal patterns or branded logos wallet is a classic choice. The artisans take pride in it, but never ostentatious labelling. The best wallet is one meeting all your requirements, with excellent craftsmanship and a good warranty assurance. The wallets must fit the bill quite nicely.

Bi-Fold Wallets

  • Over once – usually in half
  • Have space for cash and credit cards
  • Favourite amongst men
  • Have pockets or areas for coins
  • Little less bulky than other wallets
  • Fit nicely in back and front pockets

Tri-Fold Wallets

  • Crossbody Bag
  • The wallet that folds over twice
  • Have even more room than bi-folds
  • Functional space for money, cards, photos, and chequebooks
  • Bulkier than bi-folds
  • Perfect for those who have multiple cards for VIP rewards, memberships, gyms etc.

Breast Pocket Wallets

  • Longer
  • Thinner wallets and designed to fit in the inside
  • Size to fit in the pocket of a dress coat or overcoat
  • Called at times, billfolds
  • Folds in long way to hold cash in the money pocket where it lies flat
  • Rarely have pockets for coins

Credit Card Wallets

  • Wallets that hold credit cards As the name suggests
  • Card cases with credit card
  • Designed to hold only cards

Checkbook Wallets

  • Also called chequebook covers
  • Hold chequebook, cash, and cards
  • Longer to hold standard chequebooks

Money Clip Wallets

  • Wallets that can have money clips
  • A brass or shiny metal clip on the back of a wallet
  • Help to carry that wad of cash which is visible
  • Have room for credit cards and ID

Clutch Wallets

  • Wallets can be carried by themselves
  • No need put inside another bag,
  • Usually tied to the outfit you wear
  • Meant to make a statement
  • Perfect if do not want to carry embellished dress all night with a clunky bag

Front Pocket Wallet

  • Slimmer and sleeker than average bi-fold or tri-fold wallet
  • Designed to fit in a front pocket
  • Harder for pickpockets and thieves to steal
  • An excellent choice for international travel and backpacking
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Travel Wallets

  • designed to protect money from thieves
  • Designed to hold travel documents, passports, airline tickets
  • Keep you organized while travelling
  • Keep your valuables close to your body
  • Less prone to theft.


  • Hold your keys, outstanding credit and debit cards, extra coins and cash
  • Tied all-around wrist
  • Perfect for quick shopping to the grocery store and drink time at a cafe or bar
  • Fit perfectly in gym bags
  • Have space in the front pocket for your phone or iPod
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