14 Top, Hidden & Awesome Features in Mac OS X

Are you a new Mac user? Do you know your Mac has some hidden treasures? Read on and you will know.

There are many surprising hidden features in your Mac OS X. Many users would have come across these hidden features now and then, but others might still beunaware. In this article, you will find 14 top, hidden features of Mac OS X.

Merging folders

You can easily merge two folders by dragging one folder to the other this will prompt a dialogue box.

So while dragging the dialogue box Press Option key and then start dragging the folder that will prompt other new options select Merge. This will create a new folder with both the source and destination folders.

Creating a signature in Preview

You can easily create a signature Document in Mac. By opening the document in Preview, Open annotations toolbar. Now you need to click on the signature button now choose to create a signature from the iSight option. This way you can save signatures for future.

Quick dictionary access

You can easily access the dictionary in any Mac with a shortcut.

You can double tap your three fingers on the word and dictionary will open. This way opening a dictionary is fairly easy.

Restoring scrollbars

In Lion, scrollbars are hidden. You can only see the scrollbar when the user begins to scroll. This can be confusing at times, and you may like the old scrollbars. To do this go to system preferences and general category select > always under show scrollbars.

Built in emoji support

You can easily insert emoji in OS X. It comes With emoji inbuilt support you can enter any special character by pressing Control plus command plus space. A window will open that contains a long list of special characters. From here you can choose any special characters and emotions that you need.

Speech to text conversion

Any dictation works pretty well in OS X. You can easily convert your speech to text by simply pressing the function key, or you can set another key. Your voice will get automatically converted to text, and this post has also written the same way.

Auto-complete of words

I always find a problem in spellings. This feature will help you in the correction of those spellings that are difficult words. Press F5 or Option + Escape this will bring an auto-complete menu that will provide you with a list of all possible spellings. This feature is extremely beneficial particularly when you are writing official documents.

Quick duplicate open file

You will not find ‘Save As’ option in many apps on your Mac. However, with this option you can copy files without opening any file menu. For this, you need to click on the filename by which you will see a drop-down menu and an option copy, by selecting that option you can replicate a file.

Hot corners

Certain events can be triggered by touching the Corners of your screen. You can enable the option for hot corners by going to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Savers > Screen Saver > Hot Corners. This will give you whole new controls of the disabling screensaver, launching notification center and opening new applications.

Close Running Apps

You can free up your RAM space by closing running apps on your Mac. This can be done just by holding ? + tab and while holding ? and tab to see and browse the opened apps. By pressing Q, you can quit any app that’s running and pressing H will hide it.

Turn Off Notifications

Notification Center can be set to a mode of Do Not Disturb whenever you do not need to be distracted. Once you Turn it on you will not get any message from it, for a day. You can also have this feature enabled in a scheduled way.

Delete Apps in Launchpad

From the Launchpad, you can delete old apps in a secure manner. Hold the Option key and you a wiggle mode will enable. Apps that are downloaded from the Mac app store will show a cross for deleting a particular app. You can click on that cross icon to clean up old apps that are not longer of any use.

Preview Files

You can preview most of the files with this method. Select a file and press Spacebar you will get a preview of that file instantly. You can also switch between files by arrow keys. With this method, you can browse quickly to see photos and videos in a folder.

Create a new desktop

You can control many desktops in Mission Control, which is a neat new feature in Lion. By clicking on A ‘+’ tab appearing in the top right corner when you hover the mouse in Mission Control. With a simple drag and drop, you can move windows to your new desktop.

That is it for now; we will be adding more cool tips and tricks that are hidden inside your Mac on a regular basis.