Top 10 Geek Accessories for Gadget Lovers – February 2017

Its time for some geeky action and what more can you ask from January month, where CES held in Las Vegas ended in style. Every year tech industry see a number of geeky products in various genres. This year has started with the same enthusiastic approach.

This article will give you the most awesome way to convert your digital life into a geek house, and if half of these products don’t make them purchase them, then your geeky status may be disolved somehow, there are even some little gadgets like this spinning toy a I got from Top9Rated, and is fun. Anyways, let’s cut the crap and go into something brilliant.

1. Raspberry Pi 3

Circuit board computers are in plenty these days. Some of them are purely meant for people (devs) that belong to the IoT. Others are mere copy paste of Raspberry Pi. But nothing like this circuit board computer has provided so far. With tons of support online, the super valued hardware and the ever increasing appeal Raspberry Pi 3 has lots to offer to any geek level you may be into.

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2. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

One of the finest and affordable drone camera that has some great functionality and greatness attached to its core. Its worth every bit of it and people that love gadgets will surely love this quadcopter, do watch its videos on YouTube before you buy it and once you see them I am sure you will love it more. What more can you ask a geek in the world of super duper gadgets.

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3. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Well its surely out of budget, but gadget geeks that love books will surely know the value of this device. Amazon’s Kindle Oasis comes with an exclusive leather case, which is an added cherry on top. So, if you need something brilliant while reading your guts out, then this device is surely what you need this year.

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4. DJI Osmo

The most affordable and the most exquisite stable camera that provides smooth video footage. All other counterparts are not even close to its quality and output, you will paying too much if you choose any other device in this category. So, budding flimmakers should only buy this device. The best device for a flimmaker. The best camera for a flimmaker, I can’t say much more.

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5. 3Doodler

This is our new favorite tech toy that is basically a pen that prints 3D ink. This tool is for the geeky class that want to show what they have got in this new age where tech has taken over almost everything. Its shinny and its new, just go and grab it quickly.

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6. DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter drone

3rd device on our list that’s been made by DJI, they are surely making some fascinating devices. This one is again a drone that has anti-vibration camera with build in smartphone compatibility. The best and the beast is here, some of you may think that its quite costly, but this one needs to be in the list for those heavy lifters in the geeking arena.

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7. Korg Volca Beats

Its a drum machine that looks smaller but has a huge sound in its store. You can turn into techno classic with this and all your music needs will be fulfilled with this device that was long due in the music department. 30 years have been passed since any huge development in electronic music. So, it was about time.

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8. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Get all the stats on your handheld device like phone and tablets with a app that gets connected to your tennis racquet. This tennis sensor has lots of promise for people who like to make sure they are using the right moves. You will not get converted into the maestro Roger Federer, but you will be on the right path tracking all the stats and electronic you can get in sport like Tennis.

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9. Sphero BB-8 Droid

This Droid autobot is a new star wars toy that will take you to a futuristic ride. Its easy to setup and control, this makes it quite friendly toy that youngsters may be thrilled with. But aren’t all the above are toys for big boys as well. Gadget geeks always like to try something new and exciting and this Sphero Droid is the answer to all the queries you have before.

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10. Impossible Instant Lab Universal

Turn photos from your smartphone into the age old Polaroids. Till now I didn’t realize that Droid and Polaroid are kinds synonym. Whow! Anyways, you may want to get geeks with this throwback device that lets you take the authentic feel of nostalgic camera moments from the past. For people that love camera and smartphone with a bit nostalgic touch, here what your dreams can now have.

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