Top 8 Best Thermal Paste


Each and every PC enthusiast wishes to keep the processor temperatures of their computer as low as possible. However, it is quite necessary since the CPU shouldnít ever get too hot since it can reduce its longevity. In most cases, stock CPU coolers which are bundled along with the computer processors are duly available in the market, and they are below par and donít even offer the best cooling performance. Hence, thatís why most of the consumers like to buy a better aftermarket cooler for the purpose of significant improvements in the entire thermal performance.

In this context, thermal pastes are usually provided with these different types of coolers which arenít close to the best ones in the market. In case you donít have any idea of what actually a thermal paste is then known that it is a thermally conductive compound which is generally applied between the coolerís heatsink and CPU to prevent air gaps and also fasten up the heat transfer between the cooler and the CPU.

1. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste

In case you are planning to improve the limits of the CPU of your computer by overclocking, then this thermal paste is the best suited for this purpose especially in terms of cooling performance that it offers. Due to the thermal conductivity of alluring 12.5 W/mk, that is quite high for a particularly grease-based compound, and it is able to provide maximum heat transfer between the cooler and the CPU. This best thermal paste utilizes a special structure that halts the entire drying out process at different temperatures of up to 80 degree Celsius. The Kryonaut also manages to edge few of the best thermal compounds which are preferred by most of the overclockers all over the world.

2. Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound

Considered to be among the best thermal pastes which are chosen by overclocking enthusiasts across the world, this thermal past wonít disappoint when it comes down to entire thermal performance. Although it isnít as good as the previous entry that we have listed, due to the lower thermal conductivity at mere 8.5W/mk, this thermal paste is still able to justify its name by providing superior and better quality thermal performance over different other competitors that are present in the market. Also, it is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-curing as per the claims of the manufacturers of this paste, and when it comes to grease based thermal compound, GC-Extreme is quite affordable in comparison to Kryonaut which costs around $13 for 3.5 grams.

3. Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano Thermal Paste

It is a relatively new best thermal paste which is quite premium and is manufactured by the Cooler Master for the purpose of maximum thermal performance which can easily be expected from any grease based compound. It does have a thermal conductivity of 11 W/mk that makes it much more better option than GC Extreme. As far as its claims are concerned, this thermal paste is capable of handling a wider range of temperatures, from as low as -50 degree to over 150 degree Celsius. This particular thermal paste also has great viscosity that makes it quite easier to spread and even remove without any sort of drying out or cracking. This affordable thermal paste is quite well suited for the people that want to overclock their own K series CPUs.

4. Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound

This thermal paste is swiftly becoming the most popular thermal pastes in the market owing to the great thermal performance that it provides for its price. Even though it is actually a grease based thermal paste, it is actually composed of carbon micro-particles that lead to much higher thermal conductivity that is rated at 8.5 W/mk. As it doesnít contain any types of metallic particles, there isnít any issue of electrical conductivity. The manufacturers of this thermal paste ensure that the whole performance of this thermal paste wonít actually get compromised over the time. It is quite affordable, and you just have to shell out over $6 for 4 grams of this thermal paste.

5. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Over the years, this thermal paste has acquired the popularity as the best thermal paste since it provides the best possible thermal performance over the time. Even though it is outperformed by different other thermal pastes and compounds, it remained to be quite popular and used all over the world by enthusiasts as well as overclockers. As suggested by its name, is actually made out of nearly 99.9% of micronized silver. It is actually non-electrically conductive which means you donít have to worry in this particular regard. The thermal conductivity of this paste is at 8.7 W/mk by the company that is slightly better than the previously mentioned GC-Extreme as well as Arctic MX-4. It is priced at around $6 which is a pretty good deal.

6. Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound

It is the best thermal paste which is bundled along with the premium CPU coolers of Noctua. However, the manufacturer allows you to buy them separately too, and it is quite impressive. Considering the claims of the manufacturer, the NT-H1 is actually a hybrid thermal compound with various micro-particles which allows for the most minimum thermal resistance as well as maximum long-term stability. The entire thermal conductivity hasnít been actually rated by the manufacturer. Its peak is operating temperature ranges from -50 to 110 degree Celsius, which is quite impressive. It has an alluring price of $6 which makes it affordable as well as the professional solution of various overclockers looking for exceptional thermal results.

7. Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal Compound

For the extreme overclockers, this thermal paste is best suited for them. In case you arenít satisfied with the overall thermal performance that is provided by the best grease-based thermal pasts, then you can choose liquid metal thermal compounds. This particular liquid-metal based thermal compound actually takes the entire game to a whole new level by means of boasting about the high thermal conductivity of whopping 38.4 W/mk. You will certainly notice a much significant drop in temperature especially when you re coming from any regular thermal paste. It also works best on various delidded CPUs since most of the CPUs that are available today donít actually have a soldered integrated heat spreader, also known as HIS. Instead, the manufactures of CPU utilizes Tim for the purpose of heat dissipation between the CPU and the heat spreader. Having said that, these various liquid-metal based thermal compounds shouldnít be used with aluminium heatsinks since the gallium allow that is used here will certainly corrode the aluminium present in the heatsink.

8. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal Thermal Compound

This is the last one among our list of thermal pastes, and this best thermal paste is a great purchase in case you are looking for absolute best when it comes to thermal performance. The manufacturer of this thermal paste targets the experienced overclockers that plan to push their CPUs to the maximum limits by means of delidding since the Conductonaut is quite capable of keeping the temperatures within the acceptable range. This particular liquid-metal based thermal compound does have an extremely high thermal conductivity which is rated at 73 W/mk that is certainly higher than the previous entry that we have mentioned above. Due to this thermal conductivity, it delivers optimal heat transfer for the purpose of large-scale cooling systems. It is often preferred to be used for different applications where the entire heat dissipation is of quite a critical importance, and even a difference of 1 degree Celsius matters a lot.


The stock thermal paste which is often bundled along with the different CPU coolers isnít actually capable enough to maintain the temperature in check. In case you think that the processor of your CPU is running quite hot, even during low ambient temperature, then you should certainly consider putting some money in a best thermal paste. Even if you won a laptop, you need to consider getting a good thermal paste replaced by any expert technician since the compound used by the manufacturers of these laptops is of average quality and arenít applied properly. There are certainly different options for you to choose from. Depending on the budget as well as demands of the performance, you can easily choose between a liquid-metal based or normal grease-based thermal compounds. It is suggested that you choose liquid-metal one especially when even a small different temperature means a lot to you.

Image Credits: Thermal paste from Preechar Bowonkitwancha/Shutterstock