10 Tally Dealers in Jaipur 2018


In today’s world of business, it is important to maintain sales-purchase records. For maintaining these records, most of the companies use the Tally software. Tally is an accounting software which is used by small to large businesses. Businesses use this software to perform different accounting functions. After the release of Tally ERP, it isn’t just used for accounting only. Its applicability has increased to a larger extent.

Since this software is quite vital for maintaining business records, so a working knowledge of this software is quite important. There is a significantly huge demand of Tally now. Tally helps in management, taxation and accounting. Tally has lots of accounting as well as business features. In Jaipur, there are various dealers who provide this software. Let’s look at the top Tally dealers in Jaipur of 2018.

  1. The Trouble Shooters

It was established in the year 2014. It is located in M.I Road, Jaipur. It is among the top players in this particular category of Computer Software Dealers of Tally in Jaipur. It is a well-established company which is a one-stop destination which provides services to its customers from local to other parts of the Jaipur. Over the time, it has established a firm grip in the industry. The belief of the customer is important along with their products as well as services, which has helped this company to garner a wide customer base that keeps on extending every day. This company employs expert professionals that are dedicated toward their own respective role and put a lot of effort to achieve the basic common vision as well as goals of the company. In the future, it constantly aims to extend its own line of products and services in order to cater to a much larger client base. In Jaipur, it occupies a prominent place in MI Road. It is opposite to Indian Café House that makes it easier for the first-time visitors to locate this company easily. It is well-known for providing services for Accounting Software, Customized Computer Software and Tally-Computer Software.

  1. Laxmi Hitech India

It was duly established in the year 2010. It is situated in Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur. It is among the most prominent players of Tally Computer Software dealer. It is a popular company which is a great establishment for servicing customers of Jaipur. It aims to expand its own portfolio of products and cater to a significantly larger customer base. It occupies a great location in Ajmeri Gate. It is quite popular for providing top services in different categories like Billing Software, Computer Software, Customized Accounting Computer Software, Computer Software Accounting, Customized Computer Software, ERP Computer Software.

  1. Infohub Solutions

It is an offshore software outsourcing company which offers web development and web designing services. This software development company is comprised of a committed team of various software developers, designers, engineers and programmers. It acts as an enthusiastic and dedicated custom software development service which deals in different web designing solutions. It is among the most standing IT outsourcing businesses. It aims to provide quality and cost-effective web designs to its own customers. It works will complete dedication to achieving the best standards and deliver the product on time. Its development centre is outfitted with talented people specializing in advanced technologies and meet the demands of the customers. It is engaged in different versatile fields for over 10 years and holds expertise in custom software development, software solutions, web marketing and software maintenance. Over its years of working and knowledge, it has gained a reputation in the world as among the best and prominent software development companies in India. It works really hard to provide a diverse set of products to its customers.

  1. Professional Computer Solutions

It is among the leading security solution service provider in India with a team that has over 20 years of experience in offering extensive support to the customer from different types of cybersecurity threats. It provides the best products which are specific to the requirements of the customers and is committed to ensure the security as well as the availability of the customers’ information assets.

It helps businesses to fight cybercrime, reduce security risks, and protect data. It is IT Risk Assessment as well as Digital Security Services provider. It has a team of various security experts along with ethical hackers and researchers who have a high standard for companies which require to protect their own brands and businesses from different types of cyber attacks. It enables the businesses to easily transform the way they actually manage their own information security as well as compliance programs.

It knows how to keep the ill intention people away from getting into the sensitive places in the computing infrastructure of the companies. It is among the first, vendor-neutral, solely dedicated and ethical hacking company in India which has developed a completely unique operating style. It has a sole focus on risk management and security. It concentrates on this particular area which has built its reputation for excellence and high quality.

  1. Etsc Computers PVT LTD

Formerly called as Electronics Trade and Service Centre and currently known as ETSC, it was started in 1985. In 1987, it was established in this particular segment with the CLASS (Computer Literacy and Studies in Schools) project by Government, and it is diversified into Services and Sales of Educational computers as well as software in different public colleges, schools and educational institutions. In 1991, it partnered with WIPRO as one of the exclusive distributors of its different peripheral range in entire Rajasthan. In 1992, it was awarded as Authorized Service Centre for WIPRO Peripherals. Later it partnered with WIPRO in order to market their extensive range of laptops, desktops, servers as well as networking products. It also became the franchise to support all of the WIPRO products all across Rajasthan. It also handled EPSON EASC operation for over 5 years in Rajasthan. It is currently associated with almost all of the leading IT vendors to offer ONE STOP IT Solutions for Hybrid and On Cloud IT infrastructure, One Premises Software, IP Surveillance, Unified Threat Management, Unified Communication, Software Sales, Services as well as Consultancy to its customer base of over 2500 satisfied customers.

  1. BK INC

This company has a core focus on customization, implementation, training as well as product sales of Tally. ERP9 and other of the best ERP as well as POS products.

It was incorporated with a sole motive of supporting businesses facing different problems with their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)as well as Material Requirement Planning functioning as well as Implementation. With the sole purpose and objective of becoming the best partner of choice for the customers in their chosen domain of enterprise software and solution, it is continuously and constantly improving its own software engineering as well as delivery processes by means of applying industry standard methods and methodologies along with quality assurance programs. It holds the expertise in customizing different accounting applications as well as training of different Taxation Modules like VAT, TDS, CST, Payroll, ST, FBT and TCS. It also supports for the purpose of implementation of the different modules. It has designed its wide range of products as well as services that are focused at the customization of the Tally.

  1. Jain Infotech

It is a Jaipur based company that deals with different types of computer hardware services and sales with excellent and improved customer support since the year 2000. It delivers the best solutions in Customer Relationships and Management. It has vested interest varying from hardware engineering, consumer care, networking, and computer peripherals.

It is committed in order to deliver the best possible computer hardware in the Jaipur city as well as the outer region for both services and solutions economically, and also to improve the security product designs constantly to achieve the satisfaction of the clients. It is an ideal partner for businesses which are looking for transformable hardware solutions. It enables business results by means of Transformation Catalyst. It provides an integral portfolio to all of its clients in the area of system integration, consulting, outsourcing of Hardware Industrial Verticals.

Its certified partners are also process-driven as well as custom-facing companies which are certified by Tally Solutions for the purpose of operating through their own core capabilities as well as skilled resources and constantly deliver a great customer experience to different customer segments. These different companies possess the specialized skills and roles to sell Tally products and technology effectively, implement different streamlined services and offer technology-based solutions which are based on different customer requirements. They have continuous focus in bringing a great positive transition to the business of the customers by understanding the core business concerns of the business and suggesting the best possible technology in order to solve these concerns.

  1. Priyam Infosystems PVT LTD

It is one of the prominent commercial software application vendor as well as service providers in Rajasthan. It has rich experience in sales and implementation of different application software. It has a great track record in IT consultancy as well as services, serving different customers in different sectors like Distribution, Manufacturing, Transport, Medical, Finance as well as Government for all kinds of business application solutions.

It has a definite goal to make the different hassles of the businesses much simpler and also make accounting a pleasurable experience. It takes pride in sharing its expertise as Tally Certified 5 Star Partner. It is a leading Tally Service Centre and Solution Integrator which handle all of the continuous business accounting issues with Tally Qualified as well as Trained manpower along with in-depth knowledge of techniques and subject. A business can get access to very special rates of a wide range of services provided by this company.

It is a premier Enterprise solutions company which addresses the requirements of the customers all over the world and helps the businesses to improve their own process by means of taking advantage of various latest technologies and tools. It creates customized business enhancement solutions which is a seamless means of transforming the way businesses conduct their processes by means of speeding up the entire communication as well as information flow and enhances the productivity and even extend their enterprise to their different clients as well as building global brands.

It constantly strives to improvise its software engineering as well as delivery processes by means of applying various industry standard methods and methodologies as well as quality assurance programs. It has the high-quality infrastructure in order to make sure that the maximum reliability, as well as efficiency, is maintained at all times. Its creative team understands the requirements of the client and delivers tailor-fit solutions with great access to top-level creative and technical talent in different disciplines.

  1. Impressive Star Softwares Pvt Ltd

Formerly called as Start Financial Software as well as Impressive Start Softwares Pvt. Ltd, it is among the oldest partner of Tally Solutions in the state of Rajasthan. It is among the first business software solution company which started in 1993. It amalgamated with Impressive Technologies in the year 2006. Ever since its inception, it has been consistently and constantly catering to the requirements of the business with all the different kinds of flavours of Tally. At present, it is the only 5 Star Certified Tally Solution Partner in Rajasthan. It believes in providing businesses with a great range of products as well as solutions with a focus on innovation and helps the businesses in achieving success. It is among the most preferred choices of businesses by constantly providing intelligent business solutions to keep their businesses ahead of the competition. It combines cutting-edge technology as well as leading-edge business strategy in order to deliver innovative solutions which keep the businesses ahead. It has a team of highly skilled as well as experienced professionals who are dedicated to End-Customer, Channel, Support System and Development etc. Few of the product specialists of this company and constantly engaged with the Tally Solutions in order to make the entire product much better. It has an impressive network of over 500 resellers as well as service providers all over India. This particular channel provides an end-to-end solution for the daily requirements of the businesses. It is also associated with over 300 CA firms as well as Referral partners for the purpose of concept sharing as well as extended reach. It is among the oldest partners and has a large customer base. It consists of all Services, Trades, Industries, Professions, Institutions and Government. It has over 10,000 customers all over the world for its products and services.

  1. Aim Digitech Pvt Ltd

It is a company that focuses on the today’s businesses’ requirements. It is being managed by dedicated, experienced professionals who are committed to deliver the best results. It has packed a lot into a different business. It was founded in the year 2009 and has grown to serve hundreds of various kinds of business all over the country. It offers great resources to assist the business to take itself to the next level of success and growth.

That’s it for now, we will be adding more vendors and Tally dealers that are worth mentioning in this article, and if you have your own tally solutions and services, do write to us for the inclusion.