Socks : Best Buying Guide for warm and snuggy accessory

Socks, in many kinds like dress socks, crew socks, fashion socks, ankle socks, knee socks, sport-specific socks etc in the market. Wearing socks help feet look more colorful, secure and beautiful.

Socks have functional reasons for wearing socks. Wearing socks offers warmth and protection. The selection of appropriate socks must be considered for healthy foot hygiene and care. Right socks combined with right shoes prevents foot ailments.

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Reasons for Wearing Socks

Comfort —Prevent foot blisters.
Warmth —Foot insulation, keep feet warm
Foot Protection — Keep feet soft, stops cracking
Support — Offers compression to foot and leg, minimizes foot ailments
Abrasion Resistance —Easen chafing between foot & footwear
Moisture Management — Keeps sweat away from the foot
Odor Control — Foot odor due to old skin flaking off is prevented and washed off with the socks

Considerations while Buying Socks

  • Type of Fiber
  • Types of Knit Constructions
  • Cushioning
  • Type of Shoes to be Worn

Appropriate Sport Specific

  • Running Socks
  • Trainer Socks
  • Ski Socks
  • Sport Socks
  • Walking/Hiking
Running SocksBuilt-in cushioning
Comfort increased to support foot
Moisture management yarns and fibers used
Keep away sweat from the foot
Trainer SocksSimilar to Ankle Socks
Don’t have extra length of fabric to cover calves
Ski SocksWarm socks
Protect feet from frostbite
Very durable
Provides cushioning
Comfortable with ski boots
Prevents blistering due to rubbing
Sport SocksSuitable for normal sports related activities
Slightly thicker than regular ones
Walking/Hiking SocksBest for walking or hiking long distances
Thicker than regular ones
Provided support near ankle
Have protective seams on toes
Maintains foot comfort

Pro Tip

Select Athletic Socks with moisture management qualities to avoid potential problems with fungus growth.

Cotton Socks

Easy to Clean
ConcernsRetains moisture when feet perspire leaves it clammy leading foot blisters and infections
Lose shape due to wetness

Wool Socks

AdvantagesWarm during cold-weather
Retains heat when wet
Can be blended with fibers to feet dry
Better insulation
ConcernsRetains moisture
Long drying time

Socks — Moisture Management

AdvantagesMade with hydrophobic fibers (nylon, polyester, acrylic) that repels moisture
Channels to draw moisture or sweat away from the feet to outer lining of sock to get it evaporated
Retain shape
Never roll up inside footwear
Machine washable
Shrink resistant
ConcernsWear shoes with moisture management qualities for better results.
Prices are usually higher than cotton or wool socks
Wearing the wrong socks for a specific sport activity may cause discomfort

Knit Constructions for Sport Specific Athletic Socks

  • Tight and dense knit pattern
  • More cushioning created near the toe and heel area
  • Offers extra protection
  • Spandex blended yarn makes socks fit better to give comfort