The Best Smartphone Apps for Drivers

smartphone apps for drivers

Smartphones are now part of our daily lives. From waking you up in the morning, tracking your health to managing your diary, it is almost impossible to live without your smartphone at your service. While it is not advisable to use your smartphone while driving, various apps have come up to make driving far much easier. From finding parking spots, locating gas stations near you to displaying traffic conditions, there is almost an app for every aspect of your life on the road. These apps are designed to meet your traveling and driving needs while making your life much easier. They include:

  1. GasBuddy

Sometimes you might run out of gas in unfamiliar territory and you start wondering where you can find the next gas station that you can use. The good news is that you do not have to do guesswork anymore. With the GasBuddy smartphone application, you will have all that information at your fingertips. Once you open the app, it brings up a list of stations with the cheapest gas in your vicinity. Apart from its nice design layout, it also offers various options, including showing the prices of the different grades of gas. When you click on any station, the app will immediately open a Google map showing you the directions. It uses GPS to bring up a list of nearby gas stations while listing them according to price. It is a must-have for every motorist.

  1. PlugShare

PlugShare is a great and powerful smartphone application, which enables owners of electric cars to find EV charging stations. As you probably know, electric cars are not as many as gasoline cars. Consequently, their charging stations are not as many as compared to gas stations. However, with PlugShare on your phone, you can easily locate electric vehicle charging stations in Europe, North America, and Asia. The app is community-driven, which means the members can add, review or even edit the information of a station displayed on the app. Whether you simply want to use the app to find a charging station or you just want to be a member of the community, PlugShare is a powerful tool for every EV owner.

  1. Speed Camera and Traffic

There are certain times on the road when you want to push your car to the limit. You want to hit those speeds you see in movies. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers don’t treat excessive speed kindly. If you are arrested, you might have to part with a hefty fine. Thanks to technology, you can now evade law enforcement officers and speeding tickets. This has been made possible by Speed Camera and Traffic smartphone applications. As one of the best radar detectors on the market, this app allows you to hit top speeds without worrying about speeding tickets.

  1. GreenMeter

Featured on major publications around the world, greenMeter is a great smartphone application, available for iPod Touch and iPhone. It calculates your vehicle’s fuel usage and power characteristics while evaluating your driving to reduce fuel consumption, increase efficiency and lowering the environmental effects. The results obtained from these computations are displayed in real time to provide instant feedback. Although it’s most effective while driving, you can still use it even before you hit the road. You simply tilt your device forward and forward to resemble acceleration. Once you do that, you can easily see rolling resistance and aerodynamic range depending on the speed range. You can then use these statistics to drive at an efficient speed.

  1. Dynolicious

Dynolicious is a great app that helps to measure the performance of your car. It measures 0-60 acceleration, horsepower, lateral G’s, quarter mile elapsed time and other vital performance parameters. It also comes with a social sharing community, where members show off their vehicle’s performances and share photos. It is powered by the iPhone’s inbuilt accelerometer to measure those parameters. It is easy to use regardless of whether you are a casual enthusiast or a professional driver.

Final Word

As you can see, numerous apps are available to make things easy and convenient on the road. Whether you want to track your vehicle’s performance or you just want to find the nearest gas station, the above apps will do that work for you. As always, stay safe on the road.