SKIRTS : All you Need to Know about Different Types

Skirts are just a tube-shaped garment hanging down from the waist. It is a very versatile dress which makes the wearer sophisticated, feminine, warm, stylish, flirty, prim & proper, daring – depending on make and model.

At least one skirt is there in every girl’s wardrobe is for sure– at least as a divided skirt or a half-slip or whatever. You cannot ignore this beautiful piece of fabric which is sewn into many different types and styles to suit the body shape and the fashion style of the times.

Before, checking the different styles of skirts available online at, go through a detailed description given below.

S.No.Type of SkirtDescription
1A-line SkirtThis skirt has a slight flare that makes this one look like a capital letter A. Therefore, the name A-line skirt. This is one of the most popular as well as conventional silhouettes among dresses
2Fitted Skirt (Pencil skirt/Tube skirt)As the name shows, this is a form-fitting skirt from waist to the hips, usually with the help of darts. The pencil skirt is in this category. Tube skirt is a fitted skirt made with a stretchy fabric. This is a very figure-flattering skirt.
3Dirndl SkirtThis skirt is a straight skirt that is gathered at the waist. A waistband fits the fullness of the gathers.
4Mini SkirtA Miniskirt is a short skirt with approximately 10 to 17 inches length. The following names given to this shirt are bondage skirt, Pelmet skirt. A Micro Mini is a shorter dress, typically about 10 inches or smaller.
5Draped SkirtA draped skirt has fullness hung on or gathered one side, also called a Sarong draped skirt. Sarong is a square piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body to make a skirt. A Sarong drape skirt is a sarong wrapped around the body and worn like a skirt.
6Layered SkirtIn this type of dress, layers of ruffled fabric are arranged one on top of the other to form a dress.
7Circle SkirtThis is a full skirt which is somewhat fitted at the waist. The fabric piece of the dress will resemble a circle with a hole; that is why the name is so given.
8Gored SkirtThis is a panelled skirt with small sections of fabric, giving fullness to an A-line silhouette.
9Godet skirtA godet is one of the triangular pieces of fabric inserted into the body of the dress to give fullness.
10Trumpet SkirtA trumpet-shaped skirt is fitted near the waist and till the bottom hem and then flares outside near the hem. A mermaid skirt is a trumpet-shaped skirt.
11Wrap SkirtThis is a one-piece skirt wrapped around the body by overlapping and fastened with the help of button closure or ties.
12Divided SkirtA divided skirt is a skirt with wide flares but is divided into two legs like pants
13Pleated SkirtThis type of skirt has many or single pleats arranged around the waistband or a yoke.
14Asymmetrical Hem SkirtThese are skirts with a hem that looks asymmetrical. A Handkerchief skirt seems like that you are holding down a handkerchief pinching its centre, with its corners hanging down.
15Bubble SkirtThese skirts have a puffy silhouette above the hem with the hem gathered which is going in with an elastic or band.
16Yoke SkirtThese skirts have two parts to them – the yoke above and the skirt below. The yoke may come in different types – round, asymmetrical or triangular. This skirt, also known as the hip hugger because the yoke fits around the hip. The skirt below might be gathered or pleated.
17Tulip SkirtThis skirt, as the name suggests, has the shape of an inverted tulip flower. It is a skirt sewn with overlapping panels in the front with an irregular hem due to the way it overlaps. The dress is more full in the middle than the hem or waist
  • A-line Skirt
  • Fitted Skirt (Pencil skirt/Tube skirt)
  • Dirndl Skirt
  • Draped Skirt
  • Layered Skirt
  • Circle Skirt
  • Gored Skirt
  • Trumpet Skirt
  • Divided Skirt
  • Asymmetrical Hem Skirt
  • Bubble Skirt

Skirt Lengths

After exploring the different types of skirts, do not forget to check out which skirt might suit you the best as per your body shape or the most comfortable skirt pattern or the nine skirt lengths and their names and the different free skirt patterns. Depending on the choice and taste of the person wearing a skirt or the cultural influence on the wearer or the style prevalent or the body shape of the wearer, the height of the skirt can significantly vary.

Names of Skirts according to their Length

Micro miniThe skirt length ends 1 inch below the bottom. Another type has the length of the skirt itself – extremely short at about 8-10 inch
MiniThis skirt length ends at mid-thigh
Knee-lengthCocktail length or Street length – This length ends anywhere between just below the knee to above the mid-calf
MidiThis skirt length is between the knee and the ankle
Long or Maxi Skirt length for this type is between right below the mid-calf to lower calf approx. 10 inches from the floor
Formal Evening or full-length This skirt length is seen 1 inch above the level
Floor-lengthApparently grazes the floor

Using above information you can now shop for skirts with confidence.