Top SEO Companies of 2016

Here we provide a detail list of recommended firms that provide services in web marketing field from over a decade. We provide free resource without any sort of kickbacks or listing fees/referral payments.

We have maintained the list to be independent of both bias and manipulation. The list is not present in a rank order. So, go on and find out the best SEO companies of 2016 in the list below.

1. Distilled

Distilled remains to be a well-known leader when it comes to digital marketing. This company is behind the SearchLove Conferences and is the creator of DistilledU training platform. Distlled has its office in London, New York, and Seattle. It has various clients from startups to multi-national companies. Its client types are mid-size businesses with 51-500 employees to Enterprises with over 500 employees and other E-commerce business.

It provides Creative as well as Technical services. They are specialists in search, both SEO and PPC along with creative content, analytics, Digital PR and CRO. Their price ranges from $50K to $500K+.

2. Portent, Inc

This 20-year-old agency comes with a proven record of serving B2B and B2C clients. It provides expertise in different disciplines along with a strategic approach which links them together. It has its clients of Mid-size businesses and Enterprise level. It provides strategic consulting along with SEO, PPC, social media, analytics and content. Its price ranges from $10K to $500K+. It is located in Seattle.

3. Seer Interactive

This firm focuses on Audiences over Algorithm. The Seer tries to understand why people buy different products and then with their knowledge the use search, analytical and social marketing skills to get the businesses in front of that audience. It has Mid-size businesses and Enterprise level clients. They offer SEO, Local, and Technical expertise along with PPC, Content, and Analytics. Its price ranges from $100K to $500K+. It is located in San Diego and Philadelphia.

4. 97th Floor

This firm remains to be a well-recognized leader in field of creating custom digital marketing strategies along with executing these strategies to provide measurable results which get Return-On-Investment. With over a decade of experience, they have worked with brands such as Salesforce, Dell, Adobe, and Citrix. It has all type of clients such as Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, and Enterprise level businesses.

It offers its service in digital marketing specializing in PPC, SEO, Content Marketing along with Social Media marketing, analytics and web development.

It has a price range of $25K to $500K+. It is located in Salt Lake City, and Orange County, California.

5. Verve Search

This award winning SEO agency specializes in providing results in various markets. They work deeply in SEO and present best quality work. It has businesses such as Mid-size, Enterprise level and E-commerce as their clients. It provides its service in International SEO along with Creative Content Marketing service. Its price ranges from $50K to $500K+. This firm is located in London.

6. Kick Point

This firm is a full-digital-marketing agency situated in Edmonton, Canada. It is strategy driven with focus on results and their mission is to provide better solutions to its clients which ranges from small, local, small businesses, Mid-size businesses. It offers services in Brand Strategy along with Marketing Strategy, Content and Social media strategy, and Advertising. Its price ranges from $10K to $500K+.

7. Outspoken Media

This firm has some of the best SEOs and digital marketers which aim to provide brands management online via custom solutions for their desired needs. No matter if you have a project or looking for a long-term partnership, they work as trusted advisor and also with a team to handle the implementation too. It has Mid-size businesses, and Enterprise level clients. They provide services in SEO Consulting, Content Strategy, Reputation Management and Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, and SEO Audits. Its prices start from $5K to $500K+. It is based in Troy, New York.

8. Stone Temple Consulting Corporation

This firm is highly acclaimed when it comes to being best rated digital marketing agency with extensive experience in dealing with enterprise level clients which also include Fortune 100 companies. It follow a white hat approach and also focuses on brilliant industry research differentiating it from its competitors. It also provides consultancy to Media companies and E-commerce businesses. It offers service in content marketing, content strategy along with Local and Technical SEO with social media strategy and penalty recovery. Its price ranges from $10K to $1 Million +. It is situated in Framingham, Massachusetts.

9. MobileMoxie

This firm specializes in Mobile Web and App Store SEO along with Mobile Responsive and Adaptive Design. It also provides Dynamic serving and services in single page apps. It also has clients from Enterprise level to Media companies and E-commerce businesses. Its price ranges from $5K to $100K. It is located in Denver, Colorado.

10. Orainti

This firm provides highly personalized service along with experienced technical and strategic SEO services to companies in different industries. It has Enterprise level clients along with startups and E-commerce. It also provides services in multilingual, multinational, marketing projects. Its range of price is from $5K to $50K. It is located in Madrid, Spain.