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Ringr is a mobile device app that records a conversation on either side, uploads all files to the cloud, then synchronizes them to perfect audio recording without any of the long-distance audio and video calls being notorious for errors.

What Are Call Recorders? How Do You Do Remote Audio Recording?

Calling recorders let you run your podcast around the world with co-hosts or guests.

Skype was historically the go-to for people who recorded podcasts online.

You can record yourself on Skype, or use a third-party tool such as Ecamm or TalkHelper.

There are also dedicated apps for call recordings such as SquadCast and Zencastr, which offer you more versatility and better sound quality with Ringr audio recovery.

  • But a sound call recorder is not going to make your audio sound professional by itself. Here, your machinery, microtechnique, and climate remain vital factors.
  • Also, you can use a DIY approach to record conversations online. It is what is called a “double-ender.”
  • If you are running an interview show, or getting a remote co-host, you need to learn how to record online podcasting.
  • These types of recordings have historically happened over Skype. But this past couple of years, a few dedicated applications for call recording have emerged on the scene.
  • Things like multitrack recording and cloud-backed local file storage have become everyday demands among podcasters today. And some of the market’s newer call recorders offer these features and more.
  • With call recording apps vying to become the top choice in their field, we will no doubt see more ground-breaking features and capabilities unveiled shortly as well.

About Ringr

Ringr has two primary plans: a simple $7.99 / month package and a premium package of $18.99 / month. Conference calling (more than two people), improved sound quality, and split tracks are the main benefits of the premium package.

A nice bonus is that Ringr remote recording software has both iOS and Android apps to allow your guests (or you) to enter the call from their devices, in addition to their Chrome and Firefox web app.

All plans include an unlimited number of calls, storage, and a “green room” to chat before recording.

An audio podcast’s influence is well known to those who go into podcasting.

I have seen how much effect podcasting can have on my own life from the podcasts I frequently listen to.

Podcasts are a great way to create a community, develop a business, and make money online. The best thing about podcasts is that you are free to start one up and launch it. You can also have visitors who will potentially bring more value to your content, to make it more impactful.

If you’re doing podcasts that offer out loads of useful information, it may be a good idea to either collaborate with a co-host or throw in a few interviews. 

Ringr Review: Record Podcast Interviews Remotely As If You Are In Studio

When I first tried Ringr reviews, I was impressed by the onboarding simplicity and the ease of use overall.

Ringr lets you make a call to a guest (or multiple guests). Users are invited to join the call on their phone, or download a smartphone app.

One beautiful thing about this app is that when the other person is talking, there’s a “mute” button so you can stop distractions on your end.

When recording is completed, press stop, and the device synchronizes the two sides and uploads it to the cloud. You should receive an email with a connection when the audio is ready for download. The audio can be downloaded in the format of.mp3 (more file formats included in the Premium version).

A few essential tips for getting the most out of Ringr:

  • Place your phone in non-disruptive mode.
  • Ensure there’s enough battery in your cell.
  • When recording is complete, keep the device open, so it synchronizes and uploads the recording. Request that your guests do the same.

I can confidently say that I love the way it makes it easy to record audio with someone after using this application multiple times. Not only that, but you get a high-quality audio item by the end of the recording session.

The Standard plan is just $7.99 / month, and you can opt for the Premium plan if you want the advanced features.

I assume Ringr would save a great deal of time for any podcaster who performs interviews or has a remote-based co-host. For anyone considering starting a podcast, this tool will help you get started. Take a free 30-day Ringr Trial (no credit card required).

Ultimately your time and money will be well worth Ringr.

Go ahead and start your podcasting journey with this tool, and let me know how much you enjoyed it or hated it.

Ringr Vs. Zencastr: All You Must Know About The Better One

Here is the stuff that a podcaster wants to have in a recording setup:

  • Fidelity. Your recording during your interview with a Nobel laureate will not periodically stop working 40 minutes in.
  • Recording multitrack. Each speaker has to be filmed on its separate track so they can be edited separately.
  • Audio simple, no unwanted noise.

These items did better than the other alternatives available until recently, the setup that I mentioned in the gear guide. The digital audio recorder provided more excellent reliability than the possible software solutions at the time. Technology frequently crashes, but a piece of hardware built exclusively for audio recording rarely does.

This system, however, can only carry remote guests in as good a quality as Skype allows. But it works well when both the host and guest have high-bandwidth connections. Yet if one or both of them have issues with the relations, there is no reasonable solution. I live with poor audio.

I just had several problems with poor relations. I have had to tell the guests several times to back up and re-state what they’ve already said to get a consistent recording. I had to hang up and start a conversation again. One guest also sounded as if speaking at ten words a second since Skype had interrupted his audio and then played it all very quickly to catch up.

Advantages  of Ringr

Following are some of the advantages of Ringr:

  • It is compatible with Phone! (I’m especially excited about this because phones don’t make PC-like fan noises.)
  • It does a very smooth service.
  • It has a free one month paid account trial.

Disadvantages of Ringr

Following are some of the disadvantages of Ringr:

  • It requires only 2-person recordings. (They want to add more.)
  • To get your audio on different tracks, you need to purchase the $18.99 / month premium account. This feature is a must-have!
  • Its uploads after the call are done to the cloud. Locally recordings are made, and then uploaded. The Ringr support page has an entire segment on file recovery if the upload is interrupted, which seems to be a headache.

Advantages  of Zencastr

Following are some of the advantages of Zencastr:

  • It streams the audio as captured into your Dropbox account. (They ‘re working on adding Google Drive support)
  • It keeps the local archive backups in case you lose Dropbox contact.
  • It is free when they are in testing. (Will switch to tiered monthly plans of $10-$20 until it gets out of beta.) It’s out of beta! The free plan requires 8 hours a month of recording, which should be enough for any weekly podcaster.
  • You can have unlimited invitations! (But don’t try to do a podcast of six speakers at once. No one wants to hear that.)

Disadvantages of Zencastr

Following are some of the disadvantages of Zencastr:

  • It is not compatible with Android. They ‘re working on that addition!
  • The last couple of times I have tried recording with Zencastr, I have had VoIP errors. It’s all fresh, and the times it worked, it went well, so I would still like not to have to deal with mistakes.

I love Ringr’s mobile connectivity, but at $18.99 / month, it’s a little costly. The simple Ringr account doesn’t require you to convert your audio into separate files, which, in my view, makes it useless.

Ultimately I opted to go with Ringr for my purposes. A must for me is the versatility to allow my guests to record via their phones. I had one guest with a crappy link as well as a noisy machine fan who blocked out his audio while he was trying to record via his Laptop. Ringr was the only viable choice because it was the only way to record a dual ender on the smartphone easily.

In the event you haven’t heard, podcasts have recently earned some much-deserved attention. There has undoubtedly been an increase in podcast listeners, and also there has been an increase in radio shows as well. There are currently more than 850,000 podcast shows and more than 30 million episodes. But podcasts are something of a big deal. Anyone can create a podcast show, but not all can produce quality content, mainly when they do remote recording.

One of the biggest challenges among podcasters is how to record a call with a remotely sitting guest/attendant/co-host. There are a variety of options, like using Skype recording software or a variety more. Nonetheless, the question is sound quality.

Ringr Tutorial For The Newbies

Ringr does not need to introduce itself to the world of podcasting as it is built to record every call, anywhere in the world, and it sounds like two of you are sitting in the same room.

Rings records call all ends at the parties, and that helps it work better even though someone is on the low bandwidth. When the recording is finished, Ringr will automatically upload the file to the Cloud from both ends, and you can access the record at any time. RINGR ‘s price is as low as it is (Starting at just $7.99 / month). I do have this exclusive promo for RINGR today, however, which will help you save up to 25 percent on Ringr’s total price.

Another great thing about RINGR is; it makes free trial for 30 days without the need for a credit card. Those 30 days are sufficient enough for you to check the recording quality. 

The best-known app for long-distance podcast recording is Ringr.

You get access to premium editions during the trial period & you can try out all the features you need. If you are an experienced user, improvements can also be made to the audio format of the recording. You can configure a few choices for the Audio format here. They do offer custom settings in case you are an experienced user or a sound engineer.

The discount ranges from one 10 to 25 percent and depends entirely on what plans you have selected. You can opt for annual plans if you intend to become a podcaster as a side career or full-time career choice. There is no cap to how much recording you can do that makes it great for any form of podcaster.

Here are the ways for you to make the most of it before you continue using Ringr:

  • To host a call with the participant, use the Ringr Mobile app. The ios app’s sound quality is much higher than the phone.
  • Make sure the battery on the phone is fully charged and not in battery saver mode.

FAQs About Ringr That Most People Ask For

How I Still Require Mic Access On Firefox Desktop For Ringr?

Click the down arrow on the right side of the keyboard instead of pressing the “Allow” keyboard and press “Still Allow.” Otherwise, each time the user accesses the microphone, you’ll be prompted (which happens twice per call start).

How Do I Choose Which Mic To Use Desktop For Ringr?


Audio input MUST be selected via system controls Firefox doesn’t allow you to pick audio data from within the application. The way to do it can vary depending on the configuration of your OS and hardware.


To access sharing settings, click on the camera icon on the right-hand side of the address bar. You can choose which audio input to use in that dialogue from the drop-down box.

Which One Did I Need To Use Ringr?

All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 7 + or a smartphone running Android 4.4 or higher. You’ll also need 10.8 MB of space for the app and extra memory on your computer to temporarily store your interview while recording.

How And A New Conversation Do I Start?

Click the PLUS [+] BUTTON in the upper right corner of the Ringr Home screen after you have registered with your email address, password, and username. Enter the email address of the person you want to talk to, pick the time to speak, and type a short message to him or her (if you choose).

How Do I Enter an Account?

Click their name on your list of “active” interviews at the scheduled time on the Ringr home screen, accept the disclaimer and wait for your interviewee to arrive. The call will be signed in automatically as soon as the interviewee enters.

What Do We Do If We Have Been Invited To A Call?

Download the App Store’s free Ringr Mobile app, tap the invite code you were emailed to, and accept the disclaimer as soon as the app opens. The call would be immediately signed in. You don’t have to sign up or register to join a conversation.

Where Do I Talk?

If You Like On Android Or iPhone

Keep the phone to your ear, as you would usually do. Headphones can also be used (like the white Apple EarPods that came with your device).

If You Like A Ipad Or Laptop

Headphones (like the white Apple EarPods) are better to use, but you can also use your computer as a speakerphone.

How Do I Avoid A Phone Call Interrupting A Ringr Call Incoming?

Activating the DO NOT DISTURB feature on your phone will keep your Ringr conversation going even if someone decides to call you right in the middle.

Make sure your system is configured to always mute calls and accept calls from no one. Using the default settings does not protect against interruptions and may interfere with the call to Ringr.

Switch On Flight Mode.

Ensure that the “WI-FI” is on. It will allow you to record a Ringr conversation on a wireless network without worrying about a phone call being interrupted. Also, remember to turn off the flight mode.

People And Record The Conversation Is Possible To Link 3 (Or More)?

RINGR only supports capturing two people in conversation at this time. For the future, we will add conference calling and expect to announce this later in 2016.

Is One Subscription With Various Devices / Phones Used?

Hey. Just sign in to your account on whatever computer you ‘d like to use, Linux, iOS, or the mobile version depending on your browser.

How To Do The Best Sound Recording?

Avoid Recording in locations with a lot of background noise and echo. It is better to provide a dark, carpeted space with soft furnishings and window coverings. (And a fully stocked walk-in closet is terrific!)

What To Do When I Am On A Call?


Tap stop on the phone, and wait for all the audio from your computer (and your guests) to upload to our servers. You will receive an email with a safe connection to retrieve your audio once the upload is complete and synced together.


Do not close the ringr app (or put it in the background) until your computer has wholly transferred/uploaded the audio. It could take between 30 seconds and five minutes anywhere, depending on the duration of your call.

Desktop On Ringr

Please go to the Ringr desktop page using the browser used to make the recording, and your upload will resume automatically.

How Do I Recover My Audio File, In Emergencies?

Desktop On Ringr

Open the Ringr desktop audio recovery tool using the same browser to make the recording, and click the ‘Audio Test’ button to start recovery. Please download and e-mail any files you find to support@Ringr.com. NOTE: after you click the button, there will be a ‘compressing’ phase, and this could take some time; please be careful and don’t close your browser window.

  • Connect your phone via USB to a desktop computer and,
  • The free iBrowse system install  which is available for PC and Mac Book.
  • Open the iBrowse app that is set to default to the Media folder of your computer.

I Do Not Receive  My Connect Download Yet. Why Not?

After the audio is transmitted from both devices, our secure servers process, merge, and synchronize the conversation. When this whole process is complete, an email with the download connection is sent. The host (user spearheading the conversation) is the only one receiving a download connection via email. The guests do not want to.

If you haven’t got a download email from us within 10 minutes, please contact support@ringr.com after both sides of the conversation have transferred.

How Do I Audition / Cubase / Pro Software Etc Import Flac Files Into Garageband / Adobe?

Most audio devices standardly support the import and export of MP3 and OGG files, many support Flac as well, but some require plugins or other tools to work with Flac files.

Adobe Audition has an optional filter designed to allow Flac files to be loaded and saved, while Cubase has built-in support.

Garageband, Pro Tools, and other tools that do not support Flac files directly need files that are converted back to WAV through another tool, such as iTunes, Flac converter, audio converter, or x-lossless decoder.

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