Top 5 Best Restaurant POS Software

restaurant pos software

If you are opening a restaurant, then you will require a point-of-sale system or pos software to accept payments. But current restaurant pos systems can track inventory, text receipts, do order management, comes with coursing tools and availability of integration with third-party programs for adding more features. There are many pos software present in the market especially for iPad which makes it harder for businesses to choose the right one. So we present a list of top 5 restaurant pos software for iPad to help in selecting the right one. Let’s start with the list.

1. Revel

Revel Systems is among the top tier point-of-sale companies which is being used by various businesses, from small establishments which have one register to enterprises with numerous registers at different locations. These registers runs on iPads, and the system is basically cloud-based which means that various report and management tools can be accessed from any browser. It is one of the premium restaurant POS software for iPad. With these tools, the servers of the business have to take customer orders as well as accept payments. The system has its own self-service kiosks where customers can place their orders along with online ordering which the customers can access via a website or a customized mobile app.


Revel Systems has rich features with almost all required order management features. It helps the business to direct customer flow into the restaurant with its table as well as reservation features. It also streamlines the business’s takeout side via its delivery and catering tools. Using this system, the customers can easily place orders online via business’s website or Revel’s Custom Commerce app. It provides the customer the option of making an order via a kiosk with this system. The business can add menu item photos where the customer can order online or at a kiosk.

It also tracks the duration between the time the customer makes the order and the time when he receives the food. It provides restaurant’s operations insights. It also comes with coursing tools which the servers can use to make sure the customers receive the proper order. The business can also add SMS texting to the system via API provided by Revel Systems with a third-party integration.

It can track the inventory on an ingredient level which assists in ordering the correct amount of raw supplies needed for the recipes. It comes with vendor information management and helps in reordering supplies


It has get-started guides along with video tutorial and webinars available on the company website to learn the system. On-site assistance is also provided to install the system and employee training of the business.


It doesn’t have any specific pricing since it provides a customized quote as per business requirements. However, its monthly expensive is quite expensive in comparison with other such software for iPad.

2. TouchBistro

It is another iPad pos software currently used by thousands of restaurants worldwide. This system is suitable for large restaurant chains. However, it can be used by small and single location restaurants. Different types of restaurants like full-service, bars, food trucks, etc. can use this software.


This restaurant pos software for iPad doesn’t need the business to sign any lengthy contract with the company to avail the services. It provides multiple payment options and doesn’t require any hardware commitment.

It is a hybrid solution which essentially means that it utilizes a local network as central processing unit but comes with cloud-based reporting which allows the business to access the data remotely using any browser. To have such network, Apple router is required.

It comes with a complete suite of order management tools and almost all required features. It allows the business to accept reservations as well as management of tables and seats. This helps in using the space more efficiently.

This iPad restaurant pos system also provide the ability to add pictures of menu items. It also helps the staff to find menu items faster.

This system can be used to determine how long the customer has to wait to receive the orders after he has placed them. It also comes with coursing tools which allow the business servers to show the order in which different menu items need to be served. This system also keeps tracks of tables turn over frequency which helps in measuring staff efficiency. This system also comes with catering and delivery tools which allow efficient management of the takeout side of the restaurant.

This system also includes food inventory tools like recipe management as well as ingredient-level tracking. It also has low-inventory alerts to notify the business owner when the supplies drop below a set threshold level.


This restaurant pos software for iPad offers 24/7 phone and email support to its customer. In case there is any software issue, the support technician of the company can remotely access the system to fix the system, after taking the permission.


This software has two versions available. One is for full-service restaurants while other is for casual restaurants. It has four service tiers, and the prices posted on its website are based on annual billing.

  1. Solo Plan – It comes with one license and costs at $69 per month.
  2. Dual Plan- It offers two licenses and costs $129 per month.
  3. Team Plan- It provides five licenses at the cost of $249 per month.
  4. Unlimited Plan – Unlimited iPads can be used using this plan, and it costs $399 per month.

3. SalesVu

This iPad pos software company brands itself as a one-stop solution for businesses. It provides services to businesses from different industries such as retail, health, restaurants, etc.


It is a module-based software which allows the business to customize the system with different features needed to run the business like employee scheduling, social media marketing, and accounting. It has its restaurant modules which can be used for fill-service restaurants and likes of it. It is a scalable system which can be used by a small and single-register restaurant or by a large restaurant which has multiple locations with numerous register at each.

This restaurant pos software for iPad is for restaurants which have favorable terms along with flexible pricing as well as customizable features. It is also compatible with third-part hardware along with different payment processing companies.

This system has a table as well as seat management features and tools which are quite useful for reservations. This helps in maximizing available seating. It also comes with online customer ordering, catering as well as delivery management to assist in managing the takeout side of the restaurant.

This system provides the ability to add pictures of menu items to help the servicer to quickly place the order. It also has coursing tools which help in designating when the dishes have to be served which a customer wants to be timed as per the course. It can also time how much time it takes to server the customers after the placement of the order and how much time it takes to turn over a table helping in identifying whether the restaurant is running efficiently or not.

This system has inventory management module which helps inn tracking the inventory on an ingredient level, and issues alert when the supplies fall below the threshold set. It also has vendor management tools which allow the business to send an email order to the suppliers automatically. At the time of receiving of inventory, a barcode scanner can be used to enter it into the system, quickly.


It comes with customer support which can be reached by email, online chat or phone which is available all seven days of the week. In case of software issue, the company can remotely access the system after taking permission to resolve the issue.


This restaurant pos software for iPad is module-based entirely. The company has posted its pricing online. Its different modules are:

  1. Base Restaurant pos module- For single register and costs $25 per month. Add-on modules cost at $25 each.
  2. Basic Restaurant bundle- Includes online table reservation along with kitchen display system as well as a kiosk app along with employee scheduling and accounting. It costs at $75.
  3. Sales Vu for Restaurants and Bars bundle- Includes all modules of the previous bundle along with email and Facebook marketing, customer management as well as inventory tools for $150.

4. Lightspeed

It is an international pos company with multiple offices in different countries. It provides pos solutions for retail, restaurant and eCommerce businesses focusing majorly on small and medium-sized companies although it also has custom plans for enterprise-level businesses. This software operates on an iOS platform which can be used by iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.


It provides supports for multiple languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and German. It matches the language option which is selected on the iPad automatically.

It works well with numerous payment processing companies. It doesn’t need a hardware commitment, and it is a great option in case the business already have the pos hardware.

This restaurant pos software for iPad comes with a variety of order management features. It comes with table and reservation management tools which help in running the restaurant smoothly. When the servers are taking orders, they can easily arrange dishes intro different courses to make sure that menu items are brought to the customer in the right order.

Its catering and delivery features allow the restaurant to manage its takeout side. The restaurant can also add online ordering option to the system via third-party integration where the customers can place an order online. It only allows the addition of photos of product categories only.

The inventory management features of this restaurant post software for iPad are great. It tracks inventory on the level of ingredient to assist in keeping supplies on hand. It also has a feature to issue an alert if inventory runs low. However, this feature can be added using third-party integrations of the system. You can also add vendor contact information to different menu items to make reordering of supplies easy. A barcode scanner can also be added to allow the business to enter the supplies quickly.


This system comes with 24/7 customer support. In case of software-based issue, a company representative can access the account remotely after taking permission to resolve the issue. It also comes with step-by-step directions along with video tutorial and webinars on the company website to learn about specific features.


The businesses are offered with options of month-to-month subscription along with the annual and multi-year subscription. This company offers three plans:

  1. Small plan- Costs $69 per month and provide support to one register along with two printers.
  2. Medium plan- Costs $129 per month and supports up to three registers and four printers.
  3. Large plan- Costs $198 per month and provides support up to five registers along with an unlimited number of printers. More registers can be added for #37 per month per additional register.

All plans come with 24/7 customer support, basic reporting as well as personalized onboarding. Advanced reporting is available as an add-on for Medium and Large plans for an additional $29 per month.

5. Linga POS

This company’s restaurant pos software for iPad is particularly designed for all types of restaurants of different sizes from small ones with one location to large chains with numerous registers at each location.


It can connect with IoT devices like Nest security cameras as well as thermostat controls. It comes with a multi-language feature which can be used to assign a language to each user.

This pos works easily with popular credit card processing companies. The business can buy pos hardware on the website of the company. The other features are based on the various plans namely: Starter, Basic, Pro and Enterprise plan.

Table and seat management along with deliveries are available only with Pro and Enterprise plans. To add online ordering feature for the customers, the business requires the Pro or Enterprise plan and has to add Online Ordering module to the system which costs $59.99 per month.

For inventory management tools, the business needs to subscribe to Pro or Enterprise plan. Ingredient level supplies tracking and low-inventory alerts come with these plans. Contact information multiple vendors can be managed with this system, and assists in creating purchase orders. It also comes with integration facility of a barcode scanner for the faster entering of the data.

It has a good range of order management tools that an ideal restaurant pos software for iPad should have. Images of menu items can be added and tracking of how long it takes for the customer to receive the order as well as time for tables to turn over can be easily done.


Customer support is available via email with all paid plans. Phone and chat support are only for Pro and Enterprise plan. In case of software-based issue, it is resolved by company representative connecting to the system remotely, after taking the permission. On-site installation is also available.


It has four pricing plans:

  1. Starter plan- Free of cost but only one user on one device can use it, and it manages only up to 50 products.
  2. Basic plan- Costs $19.99 per month and perfect for quick-service restaurants.
  3. Pro plan- Costs $49.99 per month and best suited for full-service restaurants.
  4. Enterprise plan- Costs $89.99 per month and best for restaurants having multiple locations.