Best Portable Scanner 2020: Shopping Guide & Review


Portable scanners are revolutionary products which allow you to scan documents, easily and from any place. They’re compact and lightweight, and you can bear them comfortably anywhere. A portable scanner helps you to create copies of records, books, and photographs in various formats. Given the excellent versatility they provide, the cost of a portable scanner is quite fair.

Portable scanners often provide several networking solutions and high-level performance. Portable scanners have been a popular tool in many workplaces and enterprises, due to their versatility and usability.

If you are contemplating purchasing one for your company, office or house, you’ve come to the right location. You can learn about the multiple models of portable scanner that exist by reading the following shopping guide and how such apps will help your company flourish.

Portable scanners come in two separate variants: very small machine scanners and scanners which are entirely disconnected.

It can be cheaper for the tiny computer scanners, but they need to be connected to a device to operate. It makes them less portable, as you would still need to bring some sort of mobile device with you, and possibly at least a tablet-sized screen so that you can test the image quality without too much zooming in and out.

The wholly detached portable scanners do not need any external connections for scanning, although most do require an additional storage card (usually an S.D. card) that adds to their cost.

Many portable scanners of both types have a small one-page feed mechanism that allows you to insert a page, press the scan button and pull the page over the imager. It ensures a successful scan but restricts the document you will scan to the maximum size.

Key Facts About Portable Scanner

Portable scanners, otherwise known as handheld scanners, are small electronic devices that permit the capture and digitization of images or documents

There are two distinct styles of portable scanners available today: handheld and sheetfed. The most significant benefit of portable scanners is that you can scan books, and almost any paper form. On the other side, sheet feeders require you to load a variety of pages, and you need not think about maintaining a tight grip when scanning.

One explanation of why records or photographs are scanned is because it lets you free up room in your house, workplace or company. Also, scanning documents help you to arrange your records even more accessible and render them more safe and usable.

The Best Portable Scanner on the U.S. Market

Below we provide a selection of currently accessible top five portable scanners in the U.S. industry. We planned this list to contain only items originating from well-known and reputable labels. We have also tried to make this list as varied as possible, but still select products which provide the best value for money. Look carefully at this page, because we’re very sure the next portable scanner would be on this chart.

The Most Lightweight Portable Scanner

The Brother DS-620 is a fantastic portable scanner capable of scanning eight ppm (pages per minute) in A4 format at 300 dpi (dots per inch) size, in both color and black & white. This portable scanner, Amazon’s company of option, is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. It supports the following types of files: Png, TIFF, and PDF, and you can still locate the sort of file you need. To pass data, it requires a USB port link which is also how it consumes power. Notice that this scanner does not use batteries and should be attached to a power source at all times.

The sleek Brother DS-620 is small and lightweight, and you can conveniently carry it with you everywhere. The scanning app renders it an excellent match for homes and small enterprises, or anyone wants an on-the-road and scanner. For a reasonably cheap, high commodity, take a close look at the Brother DS-620.

The Best WiFi  Portable Scanner

The Doxie scanner is a handheld scanner that scans documents, images, and receipts everywhere so that in seconds you can create a physical copy. This compact scanner provides clear, tidy, full-color copies of your documents at a resolution of up to 600 dpi. Thanks to the app which is provided.  It makes it easier to arrange and exchange all of your paper documents on your Mac or P.C. as any scan connects to your device.

The rechargeable battery ensures you can search everywhere without a device, up to 400 scans per charge. This compact scanner’s measurements are 12.2 x 2.2x 1.8 inches, and it weighs only 2 pounds, and it’s the sort of device you’re not going to find in your pocket.

The Best Duplex Document Scanner

If you have always wanted to arrange the unnecessary paperwork lying around your desk, then you can purchase the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300. Using this excellent portable scanner, you can conveniently scan your papers, receipts and business cards and upload them to your mobile or private server.

The clever architecture includes an integrated collapsible paper feeder with total package measurements of 11.2x 3.9x 3 inches, rendering it very simple to transport. This product’s weight is only 3.09 pounds, so it’s not just super-compact, but it’s also extremely powerful, making it easy to carry with you everywhere.

The Best Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

The WorkForce ES-50 Portable Scanner is a top-of-the-range device that sets a new norm for portable scanners. This revolutionary tool is the quickest and lightest single-sheet-fed mobile document scanner on the market and will help you to accomplish all your business goals. This scanner is capable of scanning a single page in as quickly as 5.5 seconds.

Simply and quickly search, check, and store critical data using WorkplaceES-50, while the Automated Feeding Feature allows it more comfortable to merge multi-page scans into a single file. The ES-50 can comfortably fit into a boot, belt, or short case because its measurements are only 1.8x 10.7x 1.3 inches and weigh just 9.4 ounces.

The Best Budget-Friendly Scanner

The Brother DS-720D Handheld Scanner is a small, compact, yet lightweight, excellent yet inexpensive solution. This scanner will quickly scan in double-sided scanning mode, up to 8 pages per minute (ppm) single-sided and five ppm. This handheld scanner provides various tech tools, such as Desktop Paper Management, Visual Card Management, and OCR Management, so the records are still well coordinated.

The handheld scanner Brother DS-720D measures 2.6 x 11.4x 1.6 inches and weighs less than one pound, making it ultra-portable. It is an easy-to-operate wireless portable scanner with USB support, and it can scan documents as big as 8.5?? comprehensive as 32?? high. The Brother DS-720D scanner comes with a restricted one-year guarantee and free phone service during the product’s lifespan.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About A Portable Scanner

If you are contemplating purchasing a portable scanner, you should already realize that there are a range of essential things to remember before making a purchase decision. Seeing that there is a broad range of portable scanner types, it is necessary to ask yourself several questions to narrow down the scope of choices to only a few items. It is why we plan to address the essential customer questions in the following segment and help you find the right product.

What Exactly Are Portable Scanners?

Portable scanners or portable scanners are lightweight, electronic tools capable of collecting photographs or documents quickly and transferring them to digital format. Such apps are typically compact and light, and taking pictures on the move can be conveniently taken everywhere. There are several simplified versions, each with specific characteristics and benefits.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Portable Scanner?

A portable scanner is a revolutionary tool that helps you to quickly and comfortably search the papers. This system is ideal so that extra paper is not stored in your home or workplace. What is maybe perhaps more essential than just saving space, is that by digitizing your records and images, they can be even more stored and safe on your device or in the virtual cloud.

Advantages Of Portable Scanner

  • One of the most irritating issues, when you are working on a school assignment or a working document about having to deal with files and loose papers, is that they seem to get lost or misplaced. You can search for any documents you need on your cell phone or laptop with a portable scanner and use all your work and essential files within your bag! It helps not only to stop the shipment of bulk documents but also keeps everything in one place and order!
  • If you need to make copies of a document, you can scan it in your portable scanner and forward the document via email or other social media to anyone it is needed to fill in. A growing individual’s electronic device will then fill out or access the forms or documents.
  • If you have a portable scanner that scans a document into its soft copy and sends it around, you are saving energy and effort. That can then be used to improve your workplace performance.
  • If your productivity is improved due to the less effort you need to put into paperwork; you, therefore, save a considerable amount of your time. You can make use of this time saved to do anything.

Disadvantages Of Portable Scanner

In the pocket, they’re not fast. Because it functions as both a printer and a scanner, the cost of purchasing a portable scanner is almost equal to buying a single printer and one scanner. They cost much more than a plain old desktop printer!

Spending that sort of money on a small computer is not everyone’s best choice. Since most of India’s portable scanners conduct printing and scanning in the same slot, both of these jobs can not be performed simultaneously. When you buy two different tools (printer and scanner) at the same time, they will operate independently.

Compared with portable scanners, the resolution of scanners which are only developed for this reason is much higher. That is because when the product size is large, the production quality is sacrificed. Even a handheld printer’s print speed is 20ppm compared to a portable printer scanner operating at a mere 5ppm.

Is It Worth Buying A Portable Scanner?

You have the right to easily and comfortably digitize documents with a portable scanner. If that sounds like it would be worthwhile for you and your company, a portable scanner is undoubtedly worth purchasing. Portable scanners are an essential tool to possess because you also choose to search for documents in various places. These don’t take up any room because they are so compact and their cheap price ensures you won’t be smashing the bank to purchase one.

Who Is A Portable Scanner Recommended For?

When you run a company or operate in a technical sector such as a solicitor, real estate agent, journalist or writer, then a portable scanner is a tool that may be of great use for you. If you need to check a contract, a picture or other legal document form daily, you can do so with a portable scanner anywhere, anywhere. Imagine that you are a real estate agent who sells a home. Instead of heading back to the workplace, signing a contract and emailing it to a potential client, you might then sign the agreement on the spot, check it and then fax it to the customer’s computer. With this tool, the time savings and ability to develop the processes could be exponential.

Portable scanners are often very helpful for people employed with photography or graphic design, who choose to digitize paper-format photographs or prototypes. Such tools are especially useful to students who wish to download pages from textbooks or collaborate with fellow students to study for exams. Of course, the medical sector should not be overlooked, as several applications can be identified for this drug.

Portable scanners are a big rage, which makes them quick and compact and easy to transport everywhere you go in your pockets! Such scanners have several features to offer, including instant scanning and printing of the content. When you know how to use these portable scanners, they are life-savers, yes! Yet does this mean they have no inconveniences? Okay, that’s just not true. Let’s look at some of those tools ‘ advantages and drawbacks-

What Type Of Portable Scanners Are There?

Two main styles of portable scanners are available: handheld and sheetfed scanners. Every form has its advantages and drawbacks and fits different circumstances. Check out the table below to help you learn more about each form. Through this chart, you will ideally get an understanding of which of the two structures better fits your needs.

What  File Formats Do Portable Scanners Produce?

Portable scanners may search for documents in different formats, based on the type you require and choose a tool that offers that type—the overwhelming majority of compact scanners record images in image form and PDF format. You would be surprised to know that specific computers require you to transform the files to be compliant with electronic books so that you can read them on your ebook or Kindle.

What Care Does A Portable Scanner Require?

More specifically, you need to be sure that your portable scanner isn’t damaged or lowered from a height. Handle the controls cautiously while using the portable scanner, so that you don’t harm them. Avoiding heat outlets and keeping them in open areas or direct sunshine, such as an accessible vehicle, is often a smart practice. Using a waterproof mask while you are carrying a portable scanner with you to shield it from potential impacts.

Shopping Criteria for Portable Scanner

When it comes to purchasing a portable scanner for yourself, it’s essential to understand a variety of buying criteria. To support you with the selection method, we have chosen the shopping parameters that we consider as the most relevant. We strongly recommend that you look carefully at the checklist below to make a good order.

Intended Use

As for every product you are planning to purchase, the first thing you can ask yourself is what is the product meant to be used. If you’re planning to scan pages from a book, then a portable handheld scanner is your option. When you are scanning loose papers, however, then you should pick a sheet feeder.

You will always remember that you are going to be checking photos or documents. When it comes to pictures, it is firmly advisable to get a computer that can search in high resolution. The resolution is not as important as to make only copies of paper, records or contracts.


Since this product is intended to be compact, you want the product to be lightweight and simple to transport. Some of today’s portable scanners weigh less than 2.2 lbs so you can double-check the model specs you would be purchasing. A portable scanner should also be reasonably lightweight and robust to survive shocks and crashes, as such machines are sometimes mistakenly dropped.


The form of portable scanner would rely on the expected application, as set out in the first shopping criterion above. A portable scanner with a sheet feeder has typically a lane that paper sheets pull in to produce a copy. Some portable handheld scanners use a wheel system which helps the scanner to travel smoothly across the scanned documents. Based on how you want to use the scanner, the device that better fits you can be decided.

Battery Life

A critical query you can ask yourself is that you want a handheld scanner with a rechargeable battery or without it. Not all portable scanners come fitted with a rechargeable battery, and it’s best to determine whether this functionality is necessary because you’ll pay a little extra for it. Rechargeable or not, the battery life and charging period are two things that should be carefully examined as both can decide how long and when the system will be used.

Resolution And Speed

The scanner resolution would have a significant effect on the digitized picture efficiency. A portable scanner’s resolution is expressed in dpi (points per inch). Usually, a resolution range between 300 and 600 dpi would be adequate for the simple documentation or graphics.

For example, a resolution level higher than 900 dpi is needed for better quality copies, for scanning images or documents. However, it is necessary to recognize the device’s scanning speed. Typically the metric is measured in pages per minute (ppm).


The most popular networking choices when it comes to portable scanners are from the USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It is also popular to see models that use a microSD card slot to store the scanned content. Consider your scanned document’s final stage, and what networking possibilities your apps have.


Canon, Epson, and Brother are the most popular fabricators of scanners. Brother is a Japanese corporation that sticks out as a brand selling high-quality items such as printers, sewing machines, scanners, and different accessories for computers. Epson is another Japanese company, offering routers, printers and many more.

Canon is well known for manufacturing the highest-quality cameras and video cameras on the market. The scanners are lightweight and flexible and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Canon scanners are particularly useful for picture and graphic scanning.

We are living in a digital age where knowledge spreads quickly and takes up less space. A portable scanner is becoming an essential tool in schools, companies and also in certain homes with this in mind. Furthermore, these apps are getting ever cheaper and delivering improved efficiency.

When it comes to portable scanners, there is a wide range of styles and designs. Choosing the best portable scanner requires determining factors such as the operation procedure, the planned application, performance, battery life, and the choices for communication. Finally, label collection is a significant aspect not to be ignored.

Hope this guide will help you choose the best portable scanner.