Pillow : Choose the Best with Definitive Buying Guide

Pillow : Choose the Best with Definitive Buying Guide

Pillow is the basic bedding requirement for anyone but there are different types of pillows available today that finding the right one can be downright confusing. Memory foam, microbead, water pillows are an option in today’s saturated pillow and bedding markets.

No single type of pillow is made for every need, unfortunately. We have choices to make – lots and lots of opportunities to choose from.

The wide variety and types of pillows available today are most easily categorized by what they’re filled with. A quality fabric pillowcase or shell is an essential component, but the filling dictates its general character.

Pillow’s mixture makes it the thing and feels the way it does. A pillowcase with a zippered opening allows adjusting filling to suit the personal preferences. These can easily change softness/firmness and loft (height) by adding or removing padding from the pillow. Not all pillow types offer this kind of flexibility, but if someone is willing to get hands-on, they can purchase filling and a case separately for a DIY pillow! Each pillow filling has its advantages/disadvantages and appeals to a unique audience of sleepy heads.

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Polyester Fiberfill Pillows

Many-a-times referred to as Poly-fil, its trademarked name, fiberfill is the cheapest option on the list. It tends to flatten out with us, unfortunately, and won’t last as long as other types of pillows. What’s more, polyester products are manufactured

Advantages Disadvantages
Dirt cheapPolyester fill clumps quickly requiring frequent readjustment and lose elasticity with use
Easy to cleanShort life span
Potentially hazardous to the health of the user & the environment

Feather Pillows

Feathers’ and quills naturally begin to align with each other or lay flat. Over time this makes the pillow flat and uncomfortable. To prevent this, producers often add down clusters to the feathers to slow down the degeneration.

Advantages Disadvantages
Cheap15% of owners complaint a lingering and unpleasant odour.
Cuddly and lightRequires consistent fluffing to maintain its loft decrease the effect of quills flattening
SustainableDifficult to wash and clean
Biodegradable and recyclable

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam is pretty neat. If ever felt it, you know what I mean: It’s magical the way it retains its shape. It’s this “magic” that makes them so accessible; people are immediately impressed with the way memory foam feels.

Doesn’t clumpChemical odour
Doesn’t require fluffingPotentially dangerous “off-gassing.”
Offers good supportNot malleable/moldable
No loft adjustment
Builds up and retains body heat

Buckwheat Pillows

First, let me be entirely transparent. It’s pure love. I have tried different types of pillows, and I think nothing beats an all-natural, traditional buckwheat pillow.

Superior support to neck and backBuckwheat hulls always make a rustling noise when shifted
Constructed of all-natural compostable materialsMassive — a 20×26″ buckwheat pillow weighs around 8 pounds
Breathable and promotes airflow – stay coolToo firm for some.
Long life-span
Holds shape and provides terrific support for your head, neck and shoulders

Microbead Pillows

Microbead pillows are filled with something called “uniform polymer particles,” which look like little white beads. They are the best synthetic alternative to buckwheat hull pillows, and they share a lot of the same characteristics. They both promote airflow. They’re somewhat malleable as well.

Breathable-keeps cool at nightChemical odour and potentially dangerous “off-gassing.”
Moldable/malleableNo variety of firmness or loft (they’re mostly medium firm, medium loft)
It holds its shape and offers excellent support for your head, neck and shouldersShort life span

Latex pillow filling

Latex pillows are becoming quite popular. They offer excellent support for your head and neck while retaining a soft feel. They’re also relatively breathable providing a new surface for your tired head. Latex pillows have an owner satisfaction rating rivalling that of our favourite type, buckwheat pillows.

Great supportSlight “rubbery” odour
Semi-breathable Not moldable — no matter what you try, these things will bounce back into their rubbery shape
Stays coolToo dense and heavy to be considered “cuddly.”

Water Pillows

Water pillows contain, you guessed it, water. Most water-filled pads are simply a plastic reservoir wrapped with polyester foam or down alternative fiberfill. Water pillows are popular due to their ability to provide unchanging, reliable support.

Supportive , water pillow will consistently keep the head elevated at just the right level all night long.Not moldable
Pain relief, Johns Hopkins study gives evidence of a genuine benefit.Water pillow was covered in a super soft fill that pushed upward awkwardly into the side of the face.
Adjustable Leaks (potentially) — A wet mattress and flat pillow aren’t conducive to good rest!
Not many pillow types are flexible.which is massive advantageHeavy — water isn’t the lightest of pillow filling!

Kapok Pillows

Kapok, or ceiba pentandra, is a tropical tree native to Mexico that flowers, producing a fluffy, cotton-like material containing hundreds of seeds. This light brown, soft fibre is sometimes referred to as silk cotton. Kapok’s qualities have made it very popular for filling pillows, upholstery, and even life preservers. Its use has dramatically declined since the introduction of polyester/polyurethane foams.

Free of the potentially toxic materials in many foam pillowsExtremely flammable
Cruelty-free — the practice of gathering feathers and down for use in pillows is far from humane and kapok, well… it’s not an animal!Quickly develop lumps, much like polyester foam pillows do
Compostable and biodegradableNot moldable, does not hold its shape

Cotton Pillows

Given cotton’s ubiquity, one would assume that cotton-filled pillows would be reasonably accessible. Popular new synthetic types of pillows like memory foam and polyfill have changed the market. These materials have relegated cotton to a minority position. A cotton pillow is a safe and preferable alternative to petroleum-based pillow filling like memory or polyfoam that is potentially toxic.

Safe: cotton pillows do not contain the potentially toxic materials found in many foam pillowsWith use, the filling clumps and flattens
Odour freeNot moldable
Cooler than many types of pillows like memory foamDoes not hold its shape
Cruelty-free — cotton pillows provide no animal productsLacks the support that some other types of pillows can provide.
Compostable and biodegradable
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