Pest Control in Home & Offices : Buying Tips to Get Relief

Pest control can be done anytime as prevention is everything in this context. We do not want to wait until we have a pest problem to solve it. We want to make sure that we are preventing pests from ever entering our home by taking precautions both inside and outside.

Pest prevention is not a one-time thing. It takes regular treatments to prevent pests.

How often should we go for a pest control treatment?

The pest control treatments frequency is based on the quality of the procedures and how thorough they are. Some pest control monthly, some provide quarterly pest control services that provide a much more comprehensive solution to our pest problems and is designed to last.

Pests enter buildings and homes looking for food, water, and shelter, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that will solve all pest problems. Here are some necessary preventative steps that will help prevent a pest problem before it starts.

Pest Control

Eliminate food

Store food in reusable containers with airtight, fitted lids; keep trash in a can with a tight-fitting lid and take it out regularly; vacuum up or clean crumbs and spills when they occur; keep food in the refrigerator when possible.

Eliminate water

Smartly fix leaky and dripping pipes, faucets, and roofs; try to reduce humidity in basements and other moist areas of the home, like bathrooms and kitchens; place metal screens in drains where feasible.

Eliminate shelter

  • Please get rid of clutter
  • Seal cracks and crevices with silicone caulking and copper mesh where appropriate
  • Fix or replace broken screens; maintain the yard and outside areas
  • Remove trash
  • Prune shrubs, trees, and ground cover, so they are not touching the building.

Precaution before using Pest Control

  • Do check for pests and rodents in boxes or packages before carrying them into the home.
  • Safely and correctly use pesticides.
  • Keep children and pets away from pesticide areas or where they have been applied.

Precautions while preparing for pest control

  • You may use baits as a first line of chemical defence against insects or rodents. These steps are often practical and may be used with less risk of exposure to the pesticide.
  • Pesticides not contained in traps and baits should generally only be applied to targeted locations, not sprayed over the whole room.
  • Use fogging devices only when required.
  • Always follow the pesticide label’s instructions and safety warnings.
  • Use ready-to-use products whenever possible.
  • If you hire persons to help control pests, ask them to find and correct the source of the problem before applying pesticides.
  • Apply chemicals only approved for use in homes.

Precautions after Pest Control

  • To dispose of leftover pesticides with containers properly.
  • Read the label to dispose of the pesticide and the container.
  • Call waste disposal authority for correct disposal.

General Instructions

  • Don’t use outdoor chemicals indoors and vice versa as they will be toxic longer inside than they would outdoors.
  • Don’t assume that increasing the quantity without need is better.
  • Always read to follow label directions.
  • Don’t transfer pesticides to any other containers.
  • Store pesticides in their original containers.

Here is the list of many of the best Pest Control Products which can be used by a housewife or any adult member of the house to get rid of Pest Menace:-

Cockroach Dot Cockroach Killer

  • EFFECTIVE & QUALITY: High-performing gel bait product targeting all pest species of cockroaches.
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION FORMULA: Advance performance compound, Cockroach Gel Bait combines a high-consumption bait mix with attractive feed fragrance to attract cockroaches.
  • GEL FRAGRANCES: Cockroaches attract due to odour of gel and eat the bait and take it to their nest to share bait, resulting in killing other cockroaches and destroying the nest.
  • QUICK CONTROL COCKROACH POPULATION: Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination, and even the most robust populations are quickly controlled.
  • SHELF LIFE & COCKROACH SIZE: Product is sufficient for two years and non-repellent active ingredient which Kills Cockroaches of any size.

Green Dragon’s Organic Lizard Spray

  • Organic Lizard Repellent Natural Plant Oils Non Toxic Safe for entire family.
  • The composition qualifies for exemption from registration under the federal, insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide act.
  • The purpose of the lizard repellent composition is to repel lizards, not to injure or kill in most cases.
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, homes, food establishments, bakeries and vehicles
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hold container upright and aim nozzle away from yourself to spray at places where lizards and other insects, pests are found. Generally lizards stay near luminous objects like bulb, CFL, tube-lights etc. It can be sprayed within the attic, crawl space, basement, garage, home foundation etc

Green Dragon’s Natural Pest Control

  • All Ingredients used in this composition are free from pesticide registration requirements & are considered completely safe for the environment, children & pets.
  • Made from Pure and Natural Essential Oils.
  • Kills more than hundred home-invading crawling and flying insects.
  • It is excellent for controlling ants, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, ticks and more crawling insects pests.
  • It is perfect for use at homes, schools, hotels etc. The composition only uses ingredients in compliance with FDA GRAS standards and does not contain any toxic synthetic pesticides which are harmful to you or the environment.

HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer

  • Instantly kills disease-spreading cockroaches
  • Unique ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ guides the spray into places where cockroaches hide
  • Use in all cracks and corners, kitchen sink outlet and inside the washbasin outlet
  • Freedom from cockroaches with just one application
  • Also available in different pack sizes: 625ml and 700ml

Green Dragon’s Natural Rat Repellent

  • Non-toxic easy to use & safe for the entire family
  • Made from pure and natural essential oils
  • All-natural and environmentally friendly
  • It repels & deters rats, mice & voles from nesting, congregating & resting in unwanted areas.
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, homes, food establishments, bakeries and vehicles.

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet

  • Contains 1 unit of electric anti-mosquito Bat
  • Strong and Durable – Made from aircraft-grade ABS plastic
  • 6 Months warranty – Claim warranty by registering on the HIT website within ten days of purchase
  • Long battery life – 400mAh rechargeable battery with up to 1 month of standby and is rechargeable up to 200 times
  • Unique shape – Ensures better coverage for corners
  • Bright led light – Inbuilt LED light to help find mosquitoes in the dark
  • Environment-friendly packaging – No plastics used
  • 3,500V DC voltage on the net mesh kills mosquitoes instantly

HIT Anti Roach Gel

  • Gel-based cockroach killer
  • Odourless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches
  • On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die
  • Other cockroaches that come in contact with those dead cockroaches also die, resulting in the elimination of the entire cockroach nest

Seicosy Solar Ultrasonic Mole Rodent Snake Repeller

  • Solar Ultrasonic Mole Rodent Snake Repeller
  • Sonic Alarm and Vibration Pest Control for Outdoor Garden Yard Farm