Get the Best Online Backup for Mac in 2018

Backing up your documents and files locally is good, but if something such as flood or fire occurs, your data and backups are gone forever. That’s the reason why online backup services are lifesavers. They keep all your data offsite.

While it’s true that Mac has earned a name for being less vulnerable to failure than the PCs, any computers, anywhere from where data can get lost, ruined or stolen in a natural tragedy. Macs also can experience hard drive’s failure, crashes and viruses. You should be worried if you have files that haven’t been backed up in a long time.

This is the reason why Online Backup for Mac will only make you calmer and tension free. Allowing an outer company to store up your information on the web comes with a few risks, obviously. It’s not simple to send your own files into the cloud, but the most excellent backup providers for Mac have superb security and provide other features also to make the procedure simpler.

So, it’s always good to have backup saved somewhere online, and this post will give you ten of these options. Let’s see our list of ten best online backup services for Mac in 2016.

1. OpenDrive

OpenDrive offers all the features we believe are essential for best online backup service for Mac – strong security protection, simple-to-use interface and unlimited storage space.

You determine everything regarding your OpenDrive backup, including when they’ll happen, how much bandwidth they’ll use and much more. You even can select your encryption key for additional security. This online Mac backup provider provides you freedom to do a worry-free move to cloud storage.

2. ZipCloud

Offering strong backup functionality, ZipCloud provides peace of mind if it comes to protecting all your digital contents.

The online backup service for Mac enables sophisticated security measures and continual backup which keep your data private and secure. We would prefer to see an alternative to get in touch with the company via live chat or phone for technical support. Despite these small insufficiencies, this ZipCloud earns its mark in our lineup like a superb backup service online.

3. iDrive

This limits the storage space amount you get, but all of us love features such as the bandwidth throttle along with the customer service option.

Combine that with the Time Machine Backup as well as all the strong safety features and you’ve a safe place for all your files and documents. Here is a link to iDrive

4. SugarSync

This is a fairly sweet deal whenever you consider all the features; however, the truth that it lacks limitless storage plans is pretty serious problem. We also like online backup providers for Mac which allow you control your encryption key – and SugarSync is not among them.

With its simple-to-use interface and full feature list, SugarSync is an excellent contender among online backup service for Mac. The only thing which you may not like is storage limits. We were in search of more room for the files. You will like all the tools that you get with the service, although – from automatic backup to a surplus of particular phone apps.

They all make it simple to suggest SugarSync for storage requirements.

5. Mozy

This is a costly but high quality online backup service for Mac. It falls in middle of pack on the lineup as it lacks a few features we like to see, including infinite storage plans, but still this is a nice service.

Mozy provides lesser storage space for higher price than lots of competitors, and the Blackberry users might be disappointed due to the app not available for them; however, there are lots of superb features with this. You can store up your files as per your preferences with this and feel secure due to the safety measures.

6. Jungle Disk

This is a different solution compared to lots of Mac online backup services; however, different can be excellent for the correct type of users. If you love to be in the control of specifics of your own account, this can be an excellent fit.

This online backup service for Mac has an excellent security feature that includes AES-256 encryption. In addition, you get to select your master key for the files, which you know only. The key never is stored by the Jungle Disk. This offers so much of personal choice about when and where and how your files will get stored. It is both good news and a bad news.

The quantity of customization choices could be intimidating, although it’s nice to be acquainted with you’ve full control of the files.

7. ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive is satisfactory but ordinary when compared with all other online backup services for Mac.

The lack of unlimited personal plan tends to be a drawback, particularly as the plan is capped at 500GB cost 4 times in comparison to many competitors’ infinite options.

ElephantDrive has a few strong safety features so as to protect your data. The website outlines particular policies which we like, including “complete mediation” and “fail-safe defaults.”  Though this is not the most excellent online backup service, depending on its few weaknesses in simplicity of use and client support, ElephantDrive tends to be a fine alternative for online Mac backup.

8. Carbonite

It is an outstanding bargain in lots of respects. This online backup service has very strong security features as well as variety of limitless plans for good prices.

A few of the features that we prefer were clearly missing, though. The service will do the job of backing your files up but other products provide more, overall. Carbonite has applications for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, in order that you have access always to your files.

9. SafeSync

This is a quite safe bet for the online backup service for MAc as it comes from the firm which specializes in software safety.

They have been perfecting art of protecting data from cyber criminals for quite some time. SafeSync offers actual apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android, but you also can just log in your own account from any place with internet connection.

SafeSync provides a nice balance, offering strong protection for files while allowing outlet for sharing still. Stream your homes music collection on the mobile device or share videos and photos with family and friends with ease. The files go wherever you go if you use SafeSync.

10. iBackup

iBackup provides a lot of superb features for any small or mid-size business; however it lacks few things we love to see for average user. In case you own any business, this is an excellent online backup service available for your needs.

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If you have any other online backup service for Mac, please tell us from the comments form below.