Get Trendy: Get to Know New Android Apps Available

Android Apps developers are pushing the envelope daily, trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. So Android apps come out every day, that itís challenging to keep track of them all.

Likewise, itís difficult to appropriate the best of the best, but if youíre growing bored with what youíve arranged and desire to try something new, check out the best new Android apps.†


Dogname is an uncomplicated app that houses a collection of random dog names. However, it operates a little bit like Tinder. You and another person unite in the app and begin swiping terms. When you and the opposite person click on a name, it rises for both of you. Itís an unusual way to brainstorm pet names instantly. We believe they extend to other animals and append infinite names. A human variant of this for expecting parents would be a fine idea too.

AR Canvas

AR Canvas is a unique augmented reality app from Samsung. The app functions as a camera app but allows you to insert AR elements to spice up your pics. Some other highlights include the strength to doodle in your images, attach stickers and multiple objects, and drop messages for other people. In addition, if other people use the app and go to identical places, they can view your creations. Itís a niche thing, but we can recognize this as helpful for classroom teachers or roommates transmitting messages. Itís goofy and entertaining, even if itís not a simple app.

Android Apps

Data Restore Tool

Data Restore Tool is a novel app from Google. Itís not that new, with an app variant of the restore function in most Android phone settings menus. It permits you to copy data from an old phone to a new phone using a cable. Itís not the most impressive app. However, an APK teardown exposed that Google might make a Move to the Android app on iOS, evolving into more over time.


TimeoutIQ is a parental app for controlling kids. Parents install the app on their kidsí tools and then monitor their different activities. For instance, the app can track screen time and barring kids out once their allotment is over. Other features include:

  • Location tracking.
  • Setting the app to ask your child educational quiz questions based on their grade level.
  • Tracking your youngsterís app usage statistics.

The app is free to utilize for a single device with multiple subscription tiers based on how many kids you possess. It holds up to five total children in a single household.

Water Resistance Tester

Water Resistance Tester was a beautiful big deal when it was published. Itís because nobody is 100% certain it works. The app utilizes the phoneís barometer to obtain a pressure reading. It then supports the user to press on the screen. The app looks at the pressure difference and then decides if the phoneís water resistance is still sound. Unfortunately, it only operates on phones with a barometer, so that excellent telephones wonít work.

Additionally, things like not pushing hard enough or phone cases can mess with events. Nevertheless, it seems like it serves. The app can even accurately indicate that the phone no longer had sufficient water resistance. In any case, we suggest trying it out for yourself and seeing what you discover.


YourMechanic is assistance for people who require a mechanic. You open the app, input your carís make and model along with your ZIP, and show mechanics in your area. You can likewise chat with mechanics, check costs around town, and schedule appointments for the car. The app also allows you to finance repairs through Affinity if you need to go that route. Of course, you should be cautious about taking on new debt. In any case, the app is moderately new, and it doesnít have each mechanic in every town yet, but it should reach there over time. It has a lot of potentials, primarily for folks who want to price-check repairs.


OpenSky is a novel app from Google. This one supports drone owners in flying their drones more securely and judicially. You can do stuff like checking out compliance maps so you donít operate in restricted airspace. There is also an alternative to request authorization to fly in controlled airspace as well. Itís an immeasurable start for drone owners. Over time, it should strive very favorably with apps like the FAAís B4UFLY app (Google Play) and accept more or less the same function.

DonorDrive Charity Fundraising

DonorDrive Charity Fundraising is precisely what the title says. It grants you raise funds for a non-profit of your preference. The app has a dedicated directory of non-profits for you to pick from. You can even share the link and try to accumulate some money. It serves well for content creators as an effortless way to set up a fundraiser without much stress. The app intends to face GoFundMe and other similar platforms. Of course, you wonít get the same experience, but itís a good start.

Android Apps

New Expensify

It is Expensifyís new app which works like most payment apps. You can transfer and ask for money too, from friends for various purposes. Additionally, this version has a chat section to discuss these things before you give and receive money. There are also some business highlights in case youíre operating a small business. It serves well with Expensifyís existing app, which permits you to track your expenses. Itís, however, new, though, so we expect it to improve over time.


Orion is a unique dating app that seeks to interpret things that work like most other dating apps. You create a profile and attempt to find other people with comparable likes. However, this app can convey you an idea of what to say, what category of photos to post, and icebreakers if you and another character end up in a chat. The app has few first-release bugs, like some account creation problems. However, it contrarily has quite a bit of outlook in an otherwise underwhelming dating app scene.