Top 3 Best Music Player for Android

With the advent of iPhones and Android smartphones, the experience of listening music has changed dramatically. They have taken the place of dedicated media players like iPod, Walkman, etc.

With smartphones being the vital and inseparable part of our life, music player apps have become our go-to choice to enjoy the blissful melody and rhythms.

When it comes to Android music apps, Google Play Store is full of options which are generally better than the default music player on our smartphones. Mentioned here are top 3 best music player for android currently available on Play Store.

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1. Poweramp Music Player

Among the most famous music player app, Poweramp has been one of the best choices of Android users. It comes with a variety of features with a beautiful and complex interface. It plays well-known music formats - mp3, mp4, ogg, flac, wma,etc.. along with playlist formats like m3u, pls, and wpl.

Other major features of this music app are replay again, crossfade, gap-free playback and dynamic queuing. With customized features like a variety of skins, themes, etc., you can adjust its appearance according to your mood.

It also provides the ability to adjust Bass and Treble with support for stereo eXpansion, graphic equalizers, and custom equalizers. With the complex interface, this app can take some time for you to learn about its capabilities but the music output is among the best music apps present in the market. You can either try its Trial version which is free of cost, and you can also buy it for just $3.99. Meanwhile, its compatibility varies with devices.

2. Stellio Music Player

This music player is for all the geeks out there as this app comes with impressive animations, transitions and brilliant appearance which will leave a great impression on you. With 12-band equalizer, crossfade, a variety of audio effects like Tone, Balance, Eco, Reverb, Z-Treble, etc, you get the best music experience.

It supports various music formats like wv, wvc, ogg, , mp3, ape, mp+, mp4, m4a, flac, wav, mpp, mpa, etc. Lyrics, sleep timer, scrobbling, etc. are other features that leave a mark. You can use this software’s 10-day free trial, and if you find it according to your expectations, then you can buy it for mere $1.69. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and up.

3. Pixel Music Player

One of the newest entry in Music apps which caught our attention is Pixel Music Player due to its fresh appeal and excellent music output. With its beautiful interface and simple architecture, this music player supports various music formats like mp3, ogg, wav, and flac.

Bass support, 3D virtualizer, and gapless playback are its other major features. This app also provides music streaming service and recommendations. Queue management is also impressive as it allows the user to drag the music titles and sort as per requirement. This app also comes with customizable themes, notification control, and lock screen. You can try this app for free or buy its Plus Version for $ 2.24.

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These are the three top best music player for android. Install them, enjoy the music and let us know your reviews.