Top 25 Multiplayer Games for Android

In case you like to play great online games but donít want to invest a considerable amount of money on a console or a high-end PC, then there are amazing multiplayer games which can be played on your Android phone. You can play these games with different people from around the world or play with your friends through Bluetooth/WiFi.

You can also play on one single device and can even play with people using different platforms such as iOS and Windows phone. If you are interested in such games, then we bring you a collection of impressive multiplayer games that you can play with any person you like. Mentioned below are few of the most amazing multiplayer games for Android.

Online Multiplayer Android Games

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free)


You donít have to spend both time and money on Call of Duty or Battlefield on your Android phone as you can easily play this free game, Modern Combat: Blackout. It remains to be the best multiplayer game with great appearance. This online multiplayer games is about teaming up with your friends and then fighting against the enemy team. Itís a tactical warfare game where you will have weapons along with explosives along with firepower to defeat your enemies. You can communicate with your friends and even check how you are doing on the leaderboards.

2. Mortal Kombat X (Free)


When it comes to Mortal Kombat X, all you think and wish to achieve is a Flawless victory. This game remains to be one of the most brutal and gore games you can ever play. It is a great console fighting game which is now available for Android phones, and you can defeat your friends in this violence-filled game. You have to choose one out of many iconic fighters from this franchise, create a 3-player team and then fight against each other. You have to defeat them and carry out most brutal fatalities in this world famous game.

3. N.O.V.A 3 – Freedom Edition (Free)


When it comes to a game that is closer to Halo regarding action and gameplay then this game is the one which matches with Halo, a game you can play on Android phone. This game appears like Halo for the mobile platform and presents as one of the most explosive action games. It is a sci-fi First Person Shooter (FPS) games which provide gorgeous graphics, impeccable action and an engaging multiplayer with around 7 different modes to keep you occupied. You can also go for a 12-player multiplayer battle. You can also use vehicles with your team and bring casualties on you enemies.

4. 8 Ball Pool (Free)


In case you are not into brutal games and shooting, then this game is the best to deal to have a calm and cool experience while remaining occupied especially if you are a fan of billiards. This game remains to be among the most popular games which are available on Android along with Facebook and various other platforms. This game allows you to play online with your friends via the internet. If you are quite skilled in this game, then you can also play against other players from around the world.

5. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption (Free)


Here, in this game, you assemble a team of mighty heroes in order to fight against gigantic and scary monsters or can even go against a player in the battle arena. It is a massive multiplayer game filled with various characters and monsters. You can select your characterís class and can become a sorcerer or even a mighty warrior. You start an interesting journey while completing various quests with your friends or you can play solo too. This game provides a vivid multiplayer experience which is connected via the Internet throughout the world.

Local-Multiplayer Android Games (single device)

1. 2 Player Reactor (Free)


This game is a simple multiplayer game which you can enjoy on your Android device with your friend. In case you wish to play any game with you loved ones then this game is worth a try. It contains various mini-games that include trivia games, quick reaction games, and others to name a few. You have to be quite quick to react and tap the buttons before the other player can do so. The quickest player will definitely emerge out victories in this addictive game.

2. Chain Reaction (Free)


This addictive game will take your enough time, and yet it remains to be quite simple game. You can enjoy this game with up to 8 persons. This game is about placing colored orbs in such a way that it destroy other playerís orbs. The person who loses all of their orbs will be the loser. You have to put the orbs in empty spaces and then make them explode. The players can take turns while placing their orbs on the board.

3. Fruit Ninja (Free)


This stunning game will bring the great skills of ninjas to your own Android phone which also has impressive offline multiplayer mode too. In this game, you have to go against your friends in a fruit slashing competition. The player who ends up slashing the most fruits and makes different combos will win. In this game, the player has to get the highest score in a limited time. As the timer end, the winner will be the one who has the highest score.

4. Glow Hockey (Free)


If you ever played Air Hockey with your friends and family members, then you will certainly love this game. It is a best air hockey game experience which you can get on any device. Itís almost like playing the real things but all you have to do us swipe your finger instead of your entire arm or body. Here, two players go against each other, and their objective is to get as many goals as you can to win the game.

5. Badland (Free)


This game remains to be among the best platforming adventures you can ever play, and the part of the game which makes it better, is that it is an offline multiplayer game. This game can be played competitively in a split screen mode against another player. In the head to head mode, you have to defeat your friend by clearing the entire stage as fast as possible. The co-op mode allows you and your friend in clearing the same stages and progress the game together for co-op fun.

Bluetooth Multiplayer Android Games

1. Virtua Tennis Challenge (Paid $4.99)


In this game, you can have an interesting match of tennis by connecting your Android device to your friendís device via Bluetooth. This game remains to among the best tennis games which are available for Android. You can also play with the official rules of tennis while playing against your friends. You also donít require a court or ball as both of you can also use your devices to settle the score against each other. You can also play in various court settings, adjust and modify your shots with separate variety and even partner up with other players to play a 2 player vs 2 player game which is quite exciting and even competitive.

2. Sea Battle (Free)


If you have played Battleship games in your childhood or wish to give it another try, then you donít have to by any new set as you can play this game on your Android device in the form of this game, Sea Battle. This game provides best multiplayer experience on the Android with easy controls and gameplay. You have to position your ships as per the map and then the player opposite to you have to shoot them down. The person who destroys all the ships of the opposing team, wins. This game requires a good extent of tactics and strategy.

3. Volleyball Hangout (Free)


In case tennis ainít your favorite sport then you may certainly love this cute volleyball game on your Android phone. This game is a quite simple volleyball game which allows you to play against your friends in a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. You can go against your friends in this exciting volleyball game. In this game, you have to position your worm and then hit the ball. This game is quite addictive and helps you when you need to kill some time.

4. The King of Fighters 1997 (Paid – $2.99)


This game is the one which made 3 vs 3 fighting mode quite popular around all the arcades in the world. This game remains to be among the best fighting games ever created. It consists of stunning graphics of its time with a great gameplay and a large number of characters from other game all combined in a single tournament. This game is still an arcade game to its very core, and you can fight with your friends in a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. All of the hidden characters come unlocked in this Android version.

5. Warlings (Free)


The small warlings are out to get some blood, and they wonít rest until they manage to have it enough. This game revolves around a funny warfare which is mixed with humor as well as jokes in the gameplay. The Warlings try to destroy the enemy, and they also have a huge range of weapons to select from. There are 6 separate battlefields where you can compete against the enemy team. All you have to do is come along with friends and then fight against the enemy in an exciting battle.

Wifi Multiplayer Android Games

1. BombSquad (Free)


This game is a mixture of various mini-games which you can play with at most 8 players locally over a WiFi connection. All you have to do is connect other Android devices through Wifi and start it. You have to create teams of various players and then have to play against each other in a serene, tough and explosive game with all the exciting graphic along with an addictive gameplay in an offer to everyone.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies (Free)


You have to team up with at most 4 other players via Wifi and then send the zombies where they originated from. The Call of Duty franchise is quite iconic, and it comes on the Android platform with new a new title. It is the game which puts you in a sensitive and tough spot with the undead. You have to bring your own team of soldiers and then try to help the city from the massive zombie outbreak. You have to use powerful weapons and require your friends to take on the attack of zombies.

3. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light (Paid $3.99)


This game is different when it comes to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider games. This game is a perfect mixture of RPG along with shooter games where you venture into the adventure-filled world of Lara Croft. In this game, you can easily team up with your friends and embark a journey of treasure hunting along with monster shooting and as usual, tomb raiding. You have to solve various puzzles and also fight with various powerful bosses. This game is a top-down approach along with intuitive control scheme which makes the gameplay, quite smoother.

4. NBA JAM (Paid $5.99)


This game remains to be among the best games from EA sports. This game is about top basketball action along with fun. It is an arcade basketball game which is more fun than being competitive. You can play with your friends via Wifi and play 2 vs 2 game. You can slam dunk, make flying moves to defeat your enemy in order to win the match.

5. Real Steel (Free)


In this game, like in the movie of the same name, you have to assemble and train your mechanical boxing robot to defeat others. It is an action packed game about mechanical fighting in the ring. You can also collect various types of robots and even the champions from the movie are also available. You can go competing with other players in a Wifi match.

Compete With Facebook friends

1. Uno and Friends (Free)


It is a classic card game with a whole new level for Android platform. It takes the entire process of buying cards and getting your friends together as you have to play this great card game with your Facebook buddies. The rules of the game are still the same whoever you can also try out different modes for the more unique experience. You can also participate in different tournaments or go against your Facebook friends in this game.

2. Ruzzle Free (Free)


Ruzzle is a word game similar to Scrabble. It is hybrid of Scrabble with a twist. The impressive thing about this particular game is that you can play with your Facebook friends online. You have a complete board filled with various letters and then you have to make words by swiping on the letters. You can swipe as you want but make sure that it results in a word formation. The complexity of the word provides more points. The player who gather most points, wins the game.

3. GT Racing 2 (Free)


Multiplayer games wonít be fun in case there are no racing games to play. If you wish to play a realistic car racing game, then give a try to GT Racing 2 and enjoy the rest of the game. It provides great visuals along with authentic and real driving experience of the cars. You can also compete with your Facebook friends in a multiplayer mode. It provides a variety of cars from which you can choose along with great tracks and even a better soundtrack which makes the gameplay quite exciting for the players.

4. Words with Friends (Free)


This game is an exact copy of none other than the classic Scrabble. The gameplay is quite similar in various ways. However, there are few differences, but they are only minor ones. This game is about multiplayer mode. You have to challenge your Facebook friends in the word battle where you have to take turns creating words on board. The person who succeed in attaining more points, wins.

5. Family Feud & Friends (Free)


In case you wish to test your knowledge against Facebook friends of yours, then this a popular quiz show. This game is based on testing your own knowledge. You have to answer the questions and then collect points. You can challenge your Facebook friends to get to know about which friend is more knowledgeable than you. It feels like playing in the actual show while not leaving the couch. You can play this while lying in your bed.

With this, we end our collection of top multiplayer games that you can play on your Android device. These different games will provide you rich gaming experience along with exciting competition with your friends. You can also enjoy different scenarios and gaming type to experience new challenges. You can also challenge your friends or even play with them together.

Well, try these games which you like and mention your views and suggestions along with the games that you liked, in the comment section below.