Best Multi-effects Pedals Definitely Worth Considering

Best Multi-effects Pedals for guitarists empowers you to obtain a stack of various effects in one single unit. It gives them very attractive to guitarists regarding saving space and those who might be looking to incorporate a gathering that’s grown a little out of control.

Once upon a time, pedals were seen as a more inferior option to having unique stompboxes despite the best multi-effects. That’s grown hugely. Likewise, those of you with the best guitar effects gathering might be looking to add something special to your setup, and if so, an able multi-effects is worth contemplating.

Regardless of whether you’re commencing from scratch with your conclusions or you’re a seasoned pedal-head, giant leaps progressing in multi-effects technology have seen these units increase in popularity, which means we now have a more extensive opportunity to play with.

Line 6 Helix

  • Type: Amp modeller/multi-effects pedal
  • Effects: 70
  • Amp models: 41 guitar, 7 bass
  • Connections: Standard guitar input, standard aux input, XLR mic input, standard main outputs (L/mono, R), XLR main outputs (L/mono, R), standard stereo phones output, 4x standard send, 4x standard return, s/pdif digital in, s/pdif digital out, AES/EBU and L6 Link out, Variax, MIDI in, MIDI out/thru, USB, 2x expression pedal, Ext amp, CV
  • Power requirements: Mains power (IEC lead)

The dual-DSP-powered Helix consolidates amp and effects models in a large, rugged floor pedal. An extensive 1,024 preset locations onboard the Helix are classified into eight setlists that comprise 32 banks with four presets each. Every preset can have up to four stereo signals.

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

  • Type: Amp modeller/multi-effects pedal
  • Effects: 116
  • Connections: Input jack, main output (L/MONO, R) jacks, SEND1 jack, RETURN1 jack, SEND2 jack, RETURN2 jack: 1/4-inch phone type – Sub output (L, R) connectors: XLR type
  • Phones jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type – CTL4, 5/EXP2 jack, CTL6, 7/EXP3 jack, AMP CTL1
  • 2 jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • USB port: USB B type – DC IN jack – MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors
  • Power: AC adaptor
  • Impressive amp models
  • Huge range of effects
  • Rock-solid build quality
  • Not beginner-friendly

After the DD-500, RV-500 and MD-500 units’ success, Boss’s GT-1000 floorboard consolidates all three. Smooth and modern, it’s a formidably strong beast. To the back, there’s the conventional array of inputs and outputs, including USB recording out and an input for an extra expression pedal plus jacks to insert one stereo external pedal or two mono pedals and a nifty send for amp channel-switching.

Fractal FM3 Multi-effects Pedals

  • Type: Amp modeller/multi-effects pedal
  • Amp models: 265+
  • Connections: 2x XLR Out, 2x ¼” input, 2x ¼” output, USB in/out, ¼” FX send/return, 2x ¼” pedal inputs, MIDI in/out, ¼” phones out, FASLINK input
  • Power requirements: Mains power (IEC lead)
  • Built like a tank
  • Very portable
  • Nearly endless amp/effect options
  • Only 3 footswitches

The FM3 is an effects processor, all-in-one amp modeller, and foot controller that gets its cues from the highly Axe-FX III. Highlighting the latest ARES amp modelling technology, the FM3 brings you closer than ever to the sound and quality of a real tube amp, with over 265 distinct amp models possible.

Mooer GE200 Multi-Effects Pedal

Multi-effects Pedals
  • Type: All-in-one amp & cab modeller, effects processor, drum machine and looper
  • Effects: 70
  • Amp models: 55 amp models & 26 speaker IR models
  • Connections: Input jack, stereo output jack, control jack, USB, headphones
  • Power requirements: 9V DC
  • Easy to use
  • Great sounds
  • Support for third party IRs
  • Not a lot

The Chinese brand Mooer has gradually built itself a reputation for beating the sweet spot between price and review. What began as a brand endeavouring low-cost versions of enduring over-sized name pedals has got to them as a genuine contender at the low-to-mid-range.

Line 6 HX Stomp

  • Type: Amp modeller/multi-effects pedal
  • Effects: 300
  • Amp models: 41 guitar, 7 bass
  • Connections: 2x input, 2x output, 2x send/return, USB, MIDI in, MIDI out/through, headphones, TRS expression in
  • Power requirements: 9V power supply, 3,000mA
  • Helix effects in pedalboard-friendly size
  • Integrates with MIDI systems
  • Not as easy to setup as big Helix models

The HX Stomp comprises 300 effects, including the Helix, M Series and legacy Line 6 patches, and the amp, cab and mic alternatives of the full-fat Helix. It even helps loading impulse responses, so if you have modelled your amps or acquired commercial IRs, they can be loaded as well.

Eventide H9

Multi-effects Pedals
  • Type: Multi-effects pedal with app control
  • Effects: 9 included (additional available to purchase)
  • Connections: 2x input, 2x output, expression, USB, MIDI in, MIDI out/thru
  • Power requirements: 9V power supply, 500mA
  • Effects are in a class of their own
  • Flexible way to get Eventide sounds
  • App-based editing works well
  • Only runs certain effects at one time

The H9 is a pedal that can control all of Eventide’s stompbox effects. All of the effect algorithms (including their incorporated presets) are available for purchase. Still, several come already built in – you get Chorus, and Tremolo/Pan from the ModFactor, H910/H949 and Crystals from the PitchFactor, Tape Echo Vintage Delay from the TimeFactor, and Shimmer and Hall from Space – and algorithms are being refreshed regularly.

Boss MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher

  • Type: Multi-effects pedal and switching unit
  • Effects: 112
  • Connections: Input, 3x send/returns, 2x outputs, control out, 2x expression/control ins, USB, MIDI out
  • Power requirements: 9V power supply, 280mA
  • Excellent pedalboard integration
  • Near-limitless sonic opportunities
  • Screen is a little small

Boss’s MS-3 is an intelligent pedalboard solution that provides you programmable loops for three pedals and a manager of built-in effects – 112, to be precise. The MS-3 can switch your amp channels, adjust external influences and blend with MIDI-equipped pedals. Then there’s the built-in tuner, noise suppressor and global EQ. It’s as if Boss glanced at everything players could need from a pedalboard controller and pressed it into one compact unit.

HeadRush Pedalboard

  • Type: Amp modeller/multi-effects pedal
  • Amp models: 33
  • Effects: 42
  • Connections: Standard guitar input, mini-jack stereo aux input, standard main outputs (L/Mono, R), XLR main outputs (L/Mono, R), standard stereo phones output, standard
  • Send (L/Mono, R), standard Return (L/Mono, R), MIDI in, MIDI out/thru, USB, expression pedal
  • Power requirements: Mains power (IEC lead)
  • Excellent amp modelling
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Functions as an audio interface
  • Limited models/routing options

If you desire the best multi-effects pedal that’s packed with features, the HeadRush Pedalboard is the one. Its quad-core processor-powered DSP program facilitates a more functional and more guitarist-friendly user interface, reverb/delay tail spill-over within presets, the capability to load custom/third-party impulse responses, a looper with 20 minutes of record time, and more.

Zoom G5n

Multi-effects Pedals
  • Type: Amp modeller and multi-effects
  • Effects: 68
  • Amp models: 10
  • Connections: Input jack, stereo output jack, 3.5mm aux in, control jack, USB
  • Power requirements: 9V DC
  • Broad range of effects
  • Great value
  • Ideal for beginners
  • MIDI connectivity would be ace

The slightly older among us will recognise the classic Zoom 505 unit from the ’90s. With that, Zoom advanced, cost-effective multi-effects companies to a new generation, and that heritage is apparent in the Zoom G5n.
Packing in 68 digital impressions, 10 amp and cabinet emulators and a stereo looper with 80 seconds of looping time, the Zoom G5n is a reliable alternative for amateurs or anyone contemplating increasing their opportunities. The USB audio interface is a pleasant addition, although we’d have fancied having the option to sync the device with MIDI. For this price, however, that’s a trivial gripe.

Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp

  • Type: Compact multi-effects pedal with amp models
  • Amp models: 22
  • Effects: 100+
  • Connections: 2x input, 2x output, USB
  • Power requirements: 9V power supply, 200mA
  • Compact size
  • Surprisingly intuitive interface
  • Ace modulations, delays and reverbs
  • Power supply isn’t included

Following a raft of contemporary updates, the MS-50G now boasts over 100 effects and 22 amp models, six of which can be used concurrently in any order. Attach a chromatic tuner into the comparison, and you’re looking at a pedal for all terms. The very playable amp models cover the recommended options: three Fenders (’65 Twin Reverb, ’65 Deluxe Reverb, Tweed Bassman), a Vox AC30 and a Marshall Plexi. You also receive a Two-Rock Emerald 50, while a Diezel Herbert and Engl Invader cover the high-gain faction of things.


As you go up the spectrum, you’ll start to notice extra features and functionality like loopers, hardened chassis designs and additional connectivity. It’s not unusual now for multi-effects to connect with apps on your smart device, where you can go in for deep editing of parameters and settings. As ever though, the advice is simple. Work out what you’ll realistically require, desire or use. Be precise on the budget. Don’t be confused by extra bells and whistles – unless that’s what you desire.