Massage Therapy : Handheld Massager Best Buying Guide

Massage therapy is the best way to accomplish and improve health and wellbeing by relieving stress. It helps in lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, relieving muscle aches and pains, and encouraging relaxation.

These are the health benefits associated with massage therapy.
Most individuals do not have the money or time to visit a massage therapist weekly. You can solve this impounding issue by purchasing an affordable handheld massager that can serve the same purpose as a professional massager.

These devices are designed to help relieve pain from almost every area of a body. The handheld device accomplishes pain relief by applying mild pressure on knotted muscles to destress them. So, buying a handheld massage is an excellent choice, but it is tough to determine which one is the best choice among them. Some perform better than other models, while others may lack essential features for pain relief. It can be not very clear.


This comprehensive buying guide provides you with some handy knowledge about handheld massagers with a complete guide to help and decide which Massager is the right one according to your requirement.
There are various types of Massager available online at to choose from.

Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager Machine with 28 Vibration modes

  • High performance 28 vibration patterns and 8 intense speed strength to tailor your massage experience
  • It is extremely quiet when working. The product is light weight and also easy to hold
  • Has soft bendable silicon head use in your tires feet, legs, neck, back and shoulder, makes you feel comfortable and relaxes sore and tired muscles.
  • It can give you an excellent massage

HealthSense (India) Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Manipol Full Body Massager for Pain Relief

  • Relax your aching muscles and while you relax
  • Target those excess fat pockets to effectively reduce weight and improve stamina.
  • With 4 unique massage heads, each targeting different strain prone areas.
  • The massager delivers a customized massage experience.
  • Suitable for usage on waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs, buttocks, calf and feet.

AGARO MARVEL Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads

  • Electric massage technology helps in relaxation
  • Pain relief via deep tissue stimulation
  • 8 detachable massage heads for a holistic body massage
  • 5 Vibration Modes & 6 speed settings I Finger-touch button operation
  • Cloth Mesh cover to avoid tangling of body hair during massage
  • Compact Handheld Design

IRIS Handheld Percussion Massager with Removable Handle and Infrared Heat Energy King Massager

  • The application areas of the massager are the back, along the spine and all of the legs.
  • The massager is guided to the area of the body to be massaged using one or both hands for a penetrating tapping massage.
  • Two different massage attachments – a soft attachment and a nub attachment.
  • The massage intensity is continuously adjustable.
  • The infrared heat function can be switched on for even greater relaxation and cosy warmth.

D Dayons Body Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle, Body Relaxation Handheld Percussion Massager for Pain Relief Handheld Electric Portable Machine

  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Help reduce common muscle and joint pain.
  • Helps relieve muscle pain, swelling, soreness,tension.
  • Accelerates warmup of muscles before exercise.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release.
  • Helps release trigger points and assists the break up of scar tissue.

Sisliya Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager – Handheld Electric Body Massager Sports Drill Portable Super Quiet Brushless Motor

  • Spherical head: suitable for large muscle groups
  • Flat head: suitable for massage and relaxation of whole body muscles
  • U head: suitable for spine massage
  • Spiral head: applicable to impact deep tissue meridians

WellNEX Massage Gun for Muscles Deep Tissue,Percussion Massager and Muscle Massager Handheld,Hypervolt Massage Device

  • Battery Capacity : 2600Mah(LG Battery Cells)/ 56Wh
  • Battery Endurance : 1~4.5 hours
  • Power : 18-95w
  • Frequency : 25hz 36hz 46hz
  • Torque Pressure : 0~5.1kg/cm
  • Intelligent Mode: 10 Mins Smart Timing

You must understand the utility of the massagers. So let’s start the discussion.

Kneading Massager

Kneading massage is a massage technique that involves compressing soft tissues (skin and muscle tissues) against each other or underlying bones. Above mentioned kind of massage is done by using airbags in massagers. Airbag and rubber kneading pads which squeeze your limbs or muscles through air compression. This type of massage has the following benefits:
• Stimulate the venous and lymphatic flow
• Increase mobility of fibrous tissues
• Helps interchange of tissue fluids
• Helps prepare soft tissue for exercise
• Helps the removal of waste products
• Increase length and strength of connective tissues

Tapping Massager

Tapping massage involves rhythmic pounding, tapping, or patting. Tapping is very much efficient in revitalizing sore and tired muscles, and this is also the most common massage for athletes. Benefits of tapping massage are:
• It relaxes and softens tired muscles

• Promotes mental and physical rejuvenation
• Reduces tension related headaches
• Strengthens the immune system


Vibratory Massager

Vibration is the most commonly available form of massage, providing you with a gentle wave to body parts or muscles. Vibrational massage offers the following benefits:
• Stimulate muscle tone
• Stimulate the local circulation
• Provides the feeling of wellbeing
• Aids peristalsis

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating massage is much more useful than a traditional heating massage because, in infrared heating, the heat waves penetrate deeper, inside the muscles and body as compared to conventional heat bags, and hot water. Benefits of infrared heating massage in general, are:
• It offers faster relief from pain and muscle spasm
• Infrared heating promotes superficial healing and repair
• It promotes tissue extensibility and reduces stiffness

Electric Pulse

Electric Pulse massagers use three different ways or technologies to reduce pain and treat muscle injuries and spasm.

TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation)

The electrical impulses can decrease the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which in turn help relieve pain and relax muscles. They might stimulate the production of endorphins, which are considered natural painkillers of the body.

EMS (electric muscle stimulator)

EMS unit causes muscle contractions just similar to those obtained by exercise. The EMS units are correctly used to prevent atrophied muscles and for retraining muscles, just like in a case where an individual who has been paralyzed or partially paralyzed. Besides, EMS is used for many applications like increased circulatory action, range of motion improvement, and prevention of blood clots.

IFT (interferential therapy)

IFT interfere with the transmission of messages generating in the location of the pain at the spinal cord level. The interferential wave touched low impedance when crossing the skin to enter the underlying tissue because of the frequency. The deep tissue penetration can be adjusted more to stimulate parasympathetic nerve fibres for increased blood flow.


The high-frequency range between 0.8 to 3.0 MHz, these waves pass through the skin and causes vibration of local tissue. This vibration causes deep heating locally, also heating these waves increase regional blood flow, increase tissue relaxation and result in scar tissue breakdown. Ultrasound can be used to achieve phonophoresis. This is exclusively a non-invasive way of administering medications to tissues under the skin where the ultrasonic energy forces the drug through the skin.
Benefits of ultrasonic massage therapy are:
• Wound healing
• Fracture healing
• Pain relief
• Healing of chronic ulcer
• Improvement of scar tissue

Jadestone Therapy

Produce an infrared heatwave to break in the muscle ache by going deep into it. Jadestone also has healing properties, and it relaxes the nervous system and also aid in the removal of the toxin. Benefits of Jadestone Therapy includes:
· It offers faster relief from pain and muscle spasm
· It increases healing and repair
· It promotes tissue extensibility and reduces stiffness
· It helps in the removal of waste products


Here are some tips for self-massage
• Use a foam roller to massage legs. Rolling over the foam roller will help you to exert more pressure, and it’s much less hard on hands and thumbs.
• Use massage gel with ultrasonic massagers to massage body parts in a smooth circular motion
• Relax – Sit in a comfortable position before the massage
• Use massage lotion or massage balm rather than oil. Oil doesn’t get absorbed quickly, and it’s difficult to wipe off when you finished massaging.
• Concentrate on trigger points which are called the “knots” in the muscle tissue, and they feel harder than healthy muscles and are tender to touch. Massaging these areas can help reduce pain
• Warm the flesh, perhaps by rubbing in the bath. Warm muscles tend to loosen up much earlier than colder ones, so massaging in a friendly environment such as a bath can help.

All body pains are not the same; pain in different body parts occurs due to various reasons, the cure for each type of pain is different. So, we are providing you with the overview, but you must consult your physician before adopting any of these techniques as mentioned above for relevant results.