Masks at Workplace : Best Buying Guide

Masks are regarded as personal protective equipment (PPE) which is worn on the face. They are used to remove impurities from the air through various means like filters, cartridges, or canisters.

If you want to start a white-washing or varnish or paint job at home or a workplace, choosing the right type of mask is very important to protect yourself from the potential and dangerous dust and droplets of chemicals, for example, lead or dust coming from sanding and woodworking. It is essential to have so that you may breathe easy.

There are various types of masks available in the market for medical as well as job work-related purposes. Choosing the model with optimum safety is a very brain-teasing task. You can even buy these masks online at

Grin Health N95 Anti Pollution Mask with Valve & Activated Carbon 5 Layer Protective Filters

  • nti pollution 5 layers filter media inside!
  • 2 grey layer of non-woven melt-blow polypropylene
  • white color 2 layers of AirSaftyHEPA +1 Activated Carbon.
  • Activated carbon layer provide extra features.
  • Provide extra respiratory protection, absorb &
  • Remove potentially harmful molecules.

ASR SURGICAL Anti Pollution mask for Men Women n95 with inbuilt Filter air Masks Reusable Valve St Of 1

  • Pollution mask for kids with 2 filters.
  • 99% filtration of bacteria. N95 anti-pollution mask
  • Washable, adjustable ear bands and nose clip seals nose and mouth area effectively.
  • Extremely soft, comfortable
  • Lightweight, stretchable and reusable mask
  • Washable
  • Valve fitted in mask provides seamless outflow

Sabaira Mask Protect + N95 Washable – Reusable, Anti Dust/Pollution and Anti Bacterial Shield with 4 Layered Ply Protected Mask


RiderShine,Reusable,Washable,CE FDA ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED,N95 Anti pollution mask

  • Made In Indian With Breathable Valve
  • Reusable Washable Long Lasting product
  • High performance fibres
  • Premium performance for breathability, absorbency, wicking,
  • Durability and abrasion resistance
  • Ultimate protection from wind, dust, cold, pollution, sun and UV-rays
  • Washable

Mediweave KN95 Face Mask

  • Face Mask: Disposable, Single-use, Breathable and Light
  • High Elastic Ear Loop Help Fit Different Users
  • At Least 95% Filtration Efficiency
  • Help to protect you from dust and weather, dust, pollen and smoke,
  • Reliable Face Masks
  • Made of dust-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating
  • Soft and comfortable

Srxes Reusable 5 Layer Filter N95 Respirator Mask For Chemicals, Anti Air Pollution Face Mask Respirator, Medical Masks

  • Masks Are Not Washable But They Are Reusable., Breathable And Light ;
  • High Elastic Ear Loop Help Fit Different Users ;at Least 95% Filtration Efficiency.
  • Air Filter Mask & respiratory mask N95
  • Reliable Face Mask For Pollution
  • Made Of Dust-proof, Non-toxic, Non-irritating, Soft And Comfortable.

This guide will help you ascertain your needs and types of masks required for different purposes, including single and multi-user options.

Types of Masks

Two main categories of the respirator mask :-

Disposable and Reusable

  • Disposable masks are commonly known as particulate marks or dust masks.
  • They are available in half-face cover styles.
  • They are used for protection from airborne particles.
  • Reusable masks are available in the half-face as well as full-face cover styles.
  • It protects against airborne particulates, gases, fumes and vapours.

Mostly everyone is looking to buy a mask that is relevant because of a specific job. This may not be as simple; it seems like dust involved in sanding or painting in and around the house. Professional labourers and contractors need masks for high-risk situations of their jobs, including handling of toxic vaporizing chemicals or materials like hazardous paints containing lead and asbestos.

Dust masks are so designed that they reduce the exposure to every solid particle such as silica, dirt, and pollen. Dust masks are not disposable and filtering face cover pieces. Dust masks never offer protection against dust, hazardous gases or fuming vapours. A mask not having a valve in the front portion and is made of paper in place of non-woven polypropylene fibre, and it’s not a mask, we are talking hers. Simple activities like mowing, gardening, sweeping and dusting can be done using it…

When is a mask necessary?

Paint and Odor

  • They are designed to block fumes and ideally exposure to common chemicals in household paints.
  • Suitable for drywall installation, rust removal, light sanding, and fibreglass installation.

Sanding and Fiberglass

  • Heavy-duty sanding and working with fibreglass dust,
  • Fibreglass mask is much more preferable.
  • Help protect materials like pressboard which are considered against the health and can irritate the throat and lungs when inhaled.


  • A molded mask consists of P100 classification by NIOSH.
  • Each respirator is the best in the category.
  • Used while working on heating vents or ducts, popcorn ceilings, automotive brake linings or pipe insulation.


  • An asbestos mask should have a P100 classification by NIOSH.
  • P100 respirator filters, also known as HEPA filters, tend to block a minimum of 99.97% of all the airborne dust and suspended particles and are very much resistant to oil particles.
  • Generally, removing asbestos is performed by work professionals.

Gas and Vapors

  • These prevent us from smoke and help protect against harmful gasses and vapours that are found in chemical-filled and vapour containing industrial environments.
  • Gas and vapour masks always require specially-fitted cartridges.
  • Generally do not filter out the whole of the airborne particles.


  • Combination masks are beneficial as they offer their services in a wide range of tasks.
  • They are one of the excellent masks to be worn in solvents, spray paint, gasses and vapours.
  • Many models have protection against fibreglass and sand particles.
  • The biggest drawback is that combination-style masks can be a bit cumbersome and need specific mask cartridge types for proper functioning.

Respirator Ratings

A disposable respirator mask with its ratings visible. Respirators are rated by NIOSH, a dedicated division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The mask ratings are as follows:

  • R Rating oil-resistant
    • R95 at least 95% airborne particles
  • N Ratings Masks are not oil-resistant
    • N95 at least 95% airborne particles
    • N99 at least 99% airborne particles
    • N100 at least 99.7% airborne particles
  • P Ratings Masks are oil-proof
    • P95 at least 95% airborne particles
    • P99 at least 99% airborne particles
    • P100 at least 99.7% airborne particles

Choosing Right Size Mask

  • Choosing the right mask for a task or job is very much essential. If mask s not fits your face size, it won’t offer you adequate protection from the hazardous particles.
  • While using a full-face heavy-duty model you must use the following tips to pick a mask that’s the right size and fits in well.
  • Always check that the mask covers both nose and mouth when positioned over the face.
  • Ensure a secure fit. A mask with loose-fitting is equal to no cover.
  • Try an adjustable mask. The adjustments, like nose clips and tying ribbons, can provide a more comfortable fit.