Live Wallpapers Windows 10: Imagination & Experience

Live Wallpapers Windows 10 provide you with so much beyond your imagination and experience. You definitely over think before adding app or widget as the user is under constant fear to overload the OS and OS crashes.

Windows 10 is still evolving still it provides users with a lot of options to amazingly customize the desktop. From interesting widgets to fun stickers, Live Wallpapers Windows 10 permits you to spice up the desktop with lots of loving improvements.

Here’s a list of the best live wallpapers for a user friendly experience and smart looking Windows 10 desktop.

Rainmeter : A free and open-source tool providing a range of skins/themes to desktop that can further be customized and viewed with all the valuable information.

Features of Rainmeter

  • Skins actually small-sized widgets
  • Openly move around desktop
  • Uses minimum hardware resources
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above
  • Build and remodel own applications
  • Easy to learn language
  • Themes capture notes and to-do lists, manage media player on interface
  • Tracks system resources for battery usage, memory, emails
  • Price : Free and open source

Wallpaper Engine : The most popular live wallpaper providers to brightens up computer display within seconds, you can use it to adorn computer screen with short engaging videos, live graphics, or audio wallpapers. Software provides all while keeping the gaming or app performances free of errors.

Features of Wallpaper Engine

  • Supports multiple monitors
  • 2D and 3D animations, videos, websites,
  • Provides hotkeys for applications
  • Integration of software completely with Steam
  • Provides quality and performance with fullscreen/enlarges applications
  • Pause when device is not on charge
  • Supports MP4 for workshop videos
  • Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP for images
  • Supports AVI, MP4, WMV, or MV4 for local videos
  • Allows to add wallpapers, search/filter wallpapers
  • Price: Free

Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper : It instantly jazz up desktop screen with a lovely appeal. It provides a relaxing feeling to the eyes with variants of fish swimming around in the 3D background.

Features of Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper

  • Has added details such as bubbles, or swinging corals
  • Allows to select type of bubbles you wish
  • Offers to personalize the backdrop
  • Lets to choose from varied lighting effects
  • Price: Free

Sim Aquarium 3 : While looking for captivating 3D graphics on desktop screen, then wallpaper is perfect choice. It provides interactive virtual fish tank on desktop.

Features of Sim Aquarium 3

  • Provides to customize aquarium with sound effects, bubbles, etc.
  • Allows bring in audio files for fantastic aquarium
  • Provides elaborated 3D coral reef backgrounds and 30 super intricate fish variants with elaborated swimming actions and looks
  • Facilitates full link with the fish and the surrounding
  • Supporting 3D glasses and displays
  • Offers state-of-the-art effects, luminosity or intricate water surface
  • Four variants of soundscapes feature
  • Price: Free

RainWallpaper : Free live wallpaper organizer which automatically sets up animated skin on desktop with the launch. Alternatively, select range of wallpapers on the interface.

Features of Rain Wallpaper

  • Equipped with net & responsive interface
  • Lag-free and never weigh downs computer resources
  • Has integrated wallpaper editor to allow smooth build live images from existing images
  • Have sound and handled by clicking effects of the mouse
  • Supports varied superior quality video formats like MP4, WebM, or WMV, and HTML files
  • Straightforward, user-friendly software to improve desktop’s appearance
  • Supports multiple monitors with aspect ratios & Integrated resolutions
  • Price: Free

Chameleon Wallpaper App : Adapt the color of its surroundings for live wallpaper does the same to give stunning live wallpaper, it can adjusts the color of the background to point the mouse around.

Features Chameleon Wallpaper App

  • Ability to pick up more than single color, especially most popular having bright hues.
  • Seamlessly implements chosen colors to wallpapers
  • Highly optimized to consumes minimum battery
  • Captures colors with double tap reducing the need for battery usage
  • Widget picks up camera colors for seamless performance of animations
  • Zero shadow mode, display camera preview to understand the capturing of colors
  • Price: Free

Hologram Girl from Blade Runner 2049 : Inspired by the movie Blade Runner, live wallpaper makes it unique. It gives desktop background touch of science fiction in a mesmerizing manner.

Features of Hologram from Blade Runner 2049

  • Works smoothly with OS
  • Never slows down computer performance
  • Wallpaper appears only while coming on the desktop.
  • Wallpaper pauses on its own while switching from the desktop to the browser or opening a folder
  • Price: Free

Fences : The software is not just about wallpapers organizing computer. It permits to neatly arrange the shortcuts and icons on the desktop.

Features of the Fences

  • Creates scalable highlighted portions on desktop to manage shortcuts and icons on PC
  • Allows to simply double click on the title bar of the app
  • Clutter gets cleared up by-default for creating more space
  • Provides option to create more pages in the app to fit in more icons
  • Cleans up desktop instantly in a double-click
  • Allows to set rules to organize the icons
  • Behaves as a portal to any folder on computer
  • Swiftly personalize transparency, backdrop colors, and the labels
  • Price: 30-Days free trial available, Paid Plans start from $12.45

DeskScapes : Software transforms mundane desktop to a live backdrop with photos, videos with latest effects.

Features of the DeskScapes

  • Enables to animate and modify desktop wallpaper
  • Picks from wide built-in library with range of images & video files
  • Create animated wallpapers using “.Dream” layout
  • Offers 60plus special effects with various coloring options
  • Improves appearance of background
  • Sports responsive and user-friendly interface
  • Design a wonderful look desktop layout of own, effortlessly
  • Option to select from 60 effects to be added to the wallpaper, colors to the complete image or only a few colors
  • Use easy slider to add new colors to the wallpapers
  • Support multiple monitors is a significant feature
  • Price: 30-day free trial available, Paid Plans start from $6.23.

Reddit Wallpaper Changer : Lightweight software is based on C# with specifically designed for Windows to scan new and crisp desktop wallpapers. Enter into subs to scan and frequently to change the wallpaper.

Features of Reddit Wallpaper Changer

  • Leverages the interface of the popular community network
  • Change desktop wallpaper automatically, based on pre-defined parameters
  • Wallpapers setting depends on the pre-defined interval
  • Provides multiple sub-reddits, sorting options for new posts, filtering options for Images
  • Displays wallpaper history, various shortcut widgets for apps
  • Alerts for wallpaper changes
  • Price: Free

Widgets HD : It is step ahead for returning the cool gadgets to Windows 10 like they were in Windows 7. Highlight of the app is attractive pattern to transform desktop with a quick movement of mouse.

Features of Widgets HD

  • Select from a collection of applications and themes
  • Change desktop based on needs
  • Select from alternative applications from the native shop
  • Utilize crucial widgets to check weather, check on dates, time
  • Offers themes, dictionary, speed test for internet, slideshows
  • Price: Free

Windows 10 Settings : With Windows 10, built-in feature is provided for live wallpapers for no need for hunting around for the sites providing free wallpapers. It permits easy creation of dynamic wallpapers from saved photos.

Features of Windows 10 Settings :

  • Use photos, wallpapers, and images to create a slideshow
  • Use cloud stored images and wallpapers i.e., Google Drive Photos
  • The wallpapers appear on device to sync with Windows
  • Right-click on the desktop to select Personalized option from the list
  • Tap Slideshow option from the dropdown for selecting the folder.
  • Fix and save the settings of a time gap, if needed between two slides.
  • Price: Free


Selection of wallpapers for Windows 10 desktop is a easy-pizzy as OS help in supporting dynamic wallpapers. It contains a range of custom image libraries and slideshows to instantaneously bring life to the desktop. Transforming into live wallpapers with the support of third-party apps is also gone easy nowadays. It is up to the user to select one from the list to customize the live wallpaper based on favourites.