5 Best Live Streaming Software of 2017

Best Live Streaming Software

Talking about the recent craze in videos and games, live streaming is the latest addition. Back in the days, the idea of watching people playing video games was considered to be senseless as something of a fantasy. Things have changed drastically since then. Now, a lot of people are earning a substantial amount through live streaming of games via sites like Twitch.

So, you may be inclined to get into this game but what do you require? You may be thinking that you need complex software, a 4K monitor or a personal computer with impressive and highly powerful graphic card. Well, thatís not the case in reality. All you required is a decent computer with a good internet connection along with a suitable live streaming software. In this article, we showcase the best live streaming software that you can use to broadcast videos to live feed on YouTube, Twitch and various other social sites.

1. Telestream Wirecast

Wirecast is a premium video streaming software and switcher from the house of Telestream. Using this software, you can easily record videos as well as setup scenes. You can also stream to your favorite platform. Its latest version, the Wirecast 7 comes with various redesigned features along with improvements to this software which makes it work better on PC. It also has advanced gaming functionalities. With its ability to stream games up to 1440p at 60 fps, it will certainly make the gamers happy. It is perfect for Twitch and other sites which can stream gameplay.

This is software also provides you the ability to capture via webcam, camera, along with a microphone, computer screen as well as pre-made videos, to name a few. Wirecast 7 is one of the best live streaming software, but it isnít the cheapest option. It starts at $495, and you are provided with the choice to pick the version which meets your requirements and budget. However, its robust features and functionalities justify its price.

2. Game Show

Owing to its large panels of functions and features, this live streaming software has earned the reputation of a non-expensive as well as user-friendly software. It comes with prepared templates which you can use for streaming. This software also allows you to create your own logo and design. Hence, it helps you in becoming a brand. It also comes with a multi-scale layout system which you can use to build your spectator screen.

This software also offers some features which are used by pro-streamers. It is not a payable feature as it comes with the software itself.

Another impressive feature of this software is its playlist automation which allows you to keep away from various third-party music sites along with software in order to listen to your favorite music as well as your chat. This feature makes Game Show a unique offering with respect to daily usage and makes it a great and powerful streaming tool.

3. Ustream Producer

Ustream is one of the best and largest streaming service providers which provide free-ad supported live streaming along with its premium versions which start at $99 per month. It has a desktop application namely, Ustream Producer is a best live streaming software which allows you to stream in full HD just like you can do with Ustreamís website. It provides the ability to manage audio as well as video sources. It comes with drag and drop video and audio functionality. You can pop out a chat room in the stream or a social stream. You can also start as well as stop recording as per your wish. You can also record your desktop through screencasting. You can easily update your status as well as syndicate to your social media accounts.

You can also use the Ustream Producer to broadcast using Picture in Picture (PIP) and create multiple transitions. It also allows you to add background music, create opening slates, and incorporate pre-recorded video clips with your live camera shots.

4. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

It is a free, open source and reliable software for the purpose of streaming of games as well as live video content on the internet. This software allows you to record your videos through webcam, along with the current games which is playing as well as a section of the desktop and even the entire screen. It is also capable of live streaming which allows you to share your videos to different online services like YouTube, Twitch and even a customer server address. It also has a simple as well as an intuitive interface allowing you to add various sources along with creating your own profile. You can even add your own hotkeys in order in order to start as well as stop the recording using a single key.

5. XSplit

This software is a desktop application which specifically designed in order to make the broadcasting of the videos both easy and fun. It comes with an in-built live output which allows it to broadcast via the internet, whether it is video game streaming, conferences, tournament broadcasting, etc. It is paid program which available in three licenses. Each comes with different features which include Skype video capture, No Stream watermark, LAN broadcasting, etc.

By simply adding a webcam, you can easily broadcast your events. This is one of the best live streaming software which allows you to send any update across different social networks within the app along with URL as well as full details of the location of the live broadcast. With it inbuilt video projector feature, you can easily connect your computer to the projector and utilize it to deliver presentations at work.


With the advancement of technology, live broadcasting has become both popular as well as straightforward. With the help of live streaming software, the broadcast has become easier and affordable. It is no longer limited to local as well as national TV stations. The users can start with a free but powerful streaming software to get started. In case the user wants more functionalities as well as advanced features such as 4K video broadcasting, he can use the above-mentioned streaming software.

With this, we end our article on top 5 live streaming software of 2017. Feel free to express your opinions about these software and share your comments.