Best Linux Distros 2016

Linux as we know is the biggest operating system running behind any computer and mobile device. Its one most used systems of web servers and it has tons of uses.

Today, in this article we will look into some of the best linux distros available to public. These distros have one thing in common they are secure and highly advanced. You just need to know how to use a distro and rest can be done easily.

Many big websites, including this is running on a linux distribution, let’s begin with most useful linux distributions used in the market right now.

General Use – 

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu/etc –  This is the most popular general use distributions of software.

Fedora – This is a popular general use distributions which distributes in two ways first is new version software and second uses new software before other distributions uses them.

openSUSE – A stable, general-use distribution originated from Slackware that excels in enterprise environments. It includes few different defaults.

Debian – Another stable general-use distribution having large selection of softwares. It is often used as base of many other distributions.

Linux Mint – A highly customized distribution that includes many features of out-of-the-box and codecs.

Mandriva Linux – A general-use distribution which uses custom themes and system tools.

PCLinuxOS – A general-use distribution that combines technologies from different distributions.

Linpus Linus – A general-use distribution based on Red Hat which includes specialized themes and apps for more easier user experience.

PinGuy OS – A Ubuntu based general-use distribution that comes with number of customizations for an easier out-of-the-box experience.


Arch Linux – A minimal general-use distribution  which gives you the freedom to install only what you want or need. Most of its customizations are done manually in text files.

Puppy Linux – This is a very small distribution which works great for older systems or those that need drop of power for their tasks. This require very low amount of resources.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux – This commercial solution is based on Fedora.  It works great for enterprise system, both desktop and server.


CentOS – A free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for stable enterprise system.

Specialised Purpose

Joli OS – This distribution is useful for netbooks and can work with different cloud services.

ArtistX – A specialized distribution which contains every single multimedia application for Linux.

GParted – This is made especially for partitioning hard drives. This comes as a LiveCD only and contains GParted partitioning software and a console.

Parted Magic – This distribution is specifically used for partitioning your hard drives. It also includes various other features that makes it a rescue disc.

Backtrack Linux – A well-known specialized distribution  for network penetration testing and security auditing. It includes all kinds of software and patches to do the job.

For Mac & Windows Users

PearOS – A general-use distribution that resembles to Apple’s Mac OS X look.

ZorinOS – A general-use distribution that have Windows look and feel. This is preferable for those who wants windows interface or need an easier transition from Windows to Linux.

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