LEO Privacy – The Best Applocker for Androids

LEO Privacy a 5MB Android App that is one of the best apps that can keep your messages, apps and almost everything safe from people that are waiting to thrash your privacy.

These days one of the major issues with mobile devices is privacy, you cannot give your phone to anybody, as they can see your entire day to day life with it. LEO Privacy comes to the rescue, as it makes it possible to lock apps with a passcode or PIN. Once your app is closed nobody can open it without entering the passcode. Heavenly isn’t it?

LEO Privacy not only locks apps but it also makes your mobile device faster, hence running your phone is much smoother than before.

Download LEO Privacyfrom your Google Play Store and on the first run it will ask you to set a passcode. Remember this passcode or pattern that you select as it will be used whenever you open a locked app.

After that, you will be redirected to the main app screen which will be empty with no apps locked till now. The next tab Protection will tell you that ou Privacy Level is Dangerous. You can then enable guest mode to lock those apps that you don’t want people to open without your permission.

LEO Privacy will pop-up a message when a user opens an app that has been set to lock. Once this pop-up message comes user need to enter the passcode and then they can access the app.

This app locker not only secures your apps + games but also your images and SMS. You can set up their Private SMS feature to hide messages.

App locker for Android

Not only you can hide things with this app but also keep kids away from purchasing the high-priced game, which is why I like this app a lot.

Finally, I would recommend this app to every Android owner as its need of the hour to secure your apps from prying eyes. You content locked in a proper way is all you need in this cruel world.

Few Pros and Cons

Pros – It doesn’t change anything on your Android device. It locks your apps when your device sleeps. Straightforward and pleasant interface. Fun app lock covers that makes thing spicier.

Cons – App manager seems a good feature but at times it looks of no use and if a new user starts using this app a quick demo or instructions can help a lot.


But, it’s brilliant and don’t wait further to check anymore App locking apps, you need this right now.

My Rating: 4.8/5