Top 10 Best Kodi Skins in 2018

best kodi skins

In this article, I have made a list of all the best Kodi skins I have used on my personal TV and before jumping in let’s learn a few basic things about this popular media player. Kodi which was known as XMBC remains among the most powerful, open source and a free media player which works well with different devices like Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. It allows the user to play their favourite movies, music, TV shows and even enables you to record live TV.

But the real power of Kodi is the presence of its Add-ons & Skins which considerably enhances the viewing experience by providing whatever you need in the best possible manner.

Here in this article, we will show you how to improve your favourite media playerís appearance with the assistance of freely available skins. Mentioned here are few of the best Kodi skins present on the internet.

1. Aeon Nox


Aeon Nex is among the most recommended Kodi Skin after Confluence which is default skin of Kodi. It easily works with almost all the devices as it is quite lightweight and doesnít lead the system to hang. Itís a great combination of easy customization along with beauty. It comes with a modern look even retaining the classic Aeon feel.

Author: BigNoid

2. Amber


Amber is also another lightweight Kodi skin which provides a lot of features and runs quite smoothly on almost all devices. It allows you to customize the home shelf, either vertically or horizontally. Its other important features consist of a custom home menu and home self along with add custom background.

Author: Pecinko

3. Black Glass Nova


This skin is quite easy to use. It boasts about its different features as well as customization options. Few of its important features are Ė customized home items, skin widgets, Artwork downloader, clear logo etc. It also appears best on Full HD TV screens.

Author: Tgx

4. Mimic


This feature-rich kin has the touch of ReFocus and Aeon Nox. It has a clear and impressive approach while working well with all devices. It is available in many colors and allows the user to customize home items. It also has touch support with extra fan art and even TV shows logos.

Author: bryanbrazil

5. ReFocus


This Kodi skin is designed beautifully and comes with great features. It also provides a lot of customization options along with allowing the user to customize home items, touch support, skin widgets and much more.

Author: Jeroen

6. Eminence


This skin is quite sleek in appearance and works quite fast. However, it doesnít have a large number of features, yet its feel and look make up for that. In case you arenít looking for more customization option and wish to opt for a smooth experience, then this skin is the right one to opt for.

Author: jurialmunkey

7. Nebula


Nebula is among the simplest yet feature rich skin. It provides loads of customization options and works quite well with HD TV screens. It also offers custom home items, touch support, etc. It may not look appealing considering its design. However, it is able to do the tasks in an efficient way.

Author: Tgx

8. Xperience 1080


This is a full width (1920×1080) panel based Kodi skin. It comes with features like custom home items, TV show logos, horizontal home menu and much more. Its partial touch support remains to be its only drawback.

Author: Piers

9. Transparency


This skin is well-known as fanart skin. Few of its features include custom home items, vertical home menu, and other features. It is quite known because of it’s easy to use aspect.

Author: ronie

10. Ace


This skin is another feature-rich and lightweight skin. It comes with a lot of customization and has almost every feature you can imagine. The only drawback of this skin is that it doesnít support Live TV/PVR.

Author: MarcosQui

With this, we put an end to list of top 10 Best Kodi skins that you can try. In case you have your own personal favorite skin which isnít mentioned in this list, then do let us know by posting about the skin in our comment section below.