Keyboards : Suitable to Perform Special Operations

Keyboards are essential piece of computer hardware that is used to insert all sorts of characters into the system. In a typical keyboard, each button usually corresponds to a single character or symbol; however, a combination of keypunches is required to produce the desired style.

Although the interpretation of keypunches in modern keyboards is now made by dedicated software, they inherited their core layout from century-old keypunches and teleprinter devices.

Today, there are a variety of keyboards available in the market suitable for different uses. While most keyboard posses arrow keys, letters, symbols, few have additional features such as multimedia keys, power button, palm rests, etc. Apart from typing numbers and symbols, keyboards can also be used to perform particular operations.

Below, we have compiled a list of all the significant types of keyboard, many of which you may not know.

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Laptop-Sized Keyboard

Laptop sized keyboards are characterized by short key distance and reduced number of keys. A typically integrated laptop keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad but can have extended feature keys that control volume, brightness, and the power button with universal QWERTY keyboard setup.

Chorded Keyboard

Ever played a chord on guitar? The same principle applies to chorded keyboards which allows to enter characters with a limited number of keys. While using it, a combination is entered to produce the desired character. Keyboards can be used with one hand.

Flexible Keyboard

Flexible keyboards are a combination of standard and laptop keyboards. It is combo pack of functionality and purpose. It features many keys and a short key distance built from silicone making it resistant to dust and water. Travelers who spent time outdoors and in hospitals and clinics where regular cleaning is mandatory use them regularly. These keyboards do need a hard, plain surface to function correctly. USB cables are required to establish a connection with system. These might get damaged while folding as it might damage internal wiring and circuits.

Thumb-Sized Keyboard

Thumb-sizKd keyboards, found in mobile phones, handheld PCs that have limited typing space and lack built-in keyboards. These have fewer keys and require combo punches to create characters and symbols. Numeric keypads have mathematical numeric characters (0-9) and symbols to perform arithmetic operations.


Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard is like any other standard keyboard having few additional features like LED screens, multimedia keys, and palm rest.l; Illuminated keys are a key component of these keyboards. It is slightly smaller and comfortable than regular ones. It reduces fatigue and injuries to the wrist during prolonged hours of play.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are unique keyboard using pressure pads leaving separate keys. When a marked area on the membrane is pressed, an electric signal passes through it to the underlying circuit. Inexpensiveness and dirt resistant quality is making it lead the market. But, achieving typing accuracy with a membrane keyboard is difficult.

Chiclet Keyboard

Chiclet keyboard cross-section of thickness of bottom layers is exaggerated. It is named after a famous American chewing gum brand. It slightly elevated and small square keys with rounded corners. Keys are attached to the membrane with low-travel scissor switches. These keyboards are used in personal computers, remote controls, and calculators.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are help to keep human health such as muscle strain, back pain, and wrist related injuries. It has V-shaped which allows both hands to stay at a natural position when typing. It has two versions : split and handheld keyboards. In split one, keys are divided into groups and positioned at a different angle, giving flexibility. Another model of split has adjustable-split keyboard which is customizable and splits into pieces.
Handheld keyboards have a comfortable design like a game console which are fast and provide freedom while working to anywhere.

Virtual Keyboard

With the rise of the iPad devices and smart touch technology, virtual keyboard gives virtual interface allowing users to input symbols and characters. Used in desktops and smartphones, they do have input method for impaired users or bi-linguals. and can be used in emulation software. It has totally replaced keyboard and mouse.