Top 10 Best Journalism Schools in the USA

In case you are looking for making a career in journalism, bachelorís degree from top college or university can help you a lot. Considered to be the second worst occupation in the US, this career offers huge challenges and requires patience. According to a group of data geeks, College Factual, there are top 10 best colleges and universities where you can pursue this career by getting a bachelorís degree from there.

Point to be noted that this list only consists of bachelorís degree, not masterís degrees.

1. Emerson College


When it comes to journalism program in Emerson, it is quite a dynamic school which teaches its students about the use of words, audio, video and web to create great final products. The students that graduate with the journalism degree has must better-beginning salaries. The perfect location in Boston also provides the students with opportunities especially on campus once they graduate. Its other popular programs are film, marketing, and digital communication.

2. The University of Texas-Austin

The University of Texas-Austin is quite popular and boats to be an affordable public university. With popular major in Journalism, this school also offers good supporting majors like Communication and Media Studies along with Digital Communication. Its faculty and graduates have collected 18 Pulitzer Prize.

3. Northwestern University

Journalism is considered to be the most popular graduate program at Northwestern. Its program provides a hands-on residency program which allows students to get with media outlets across the country and provides real-world experience in the field of Journalism.

4. New York University


Ranked at 13 nationwide, the university provides you with solid program regardless of major. The students in journalism program are required to major in another field of study. If you are only focusing on reporting, you might want to skip this place. However, if you are searching for good education in a big city, then NYU can be added to your list of potential colleges.

5. University of Southern California

This Los Angeles-based university is quite known for its weather and great students along with its Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. This school recently unveiled Wallis Annenberg Hall, which is a state-of-the-art building. It has 20,000 sq. ft. digital newsroom. Its graduates are among the highest paid professionals in the field of Journalism.

6. University of Maryland

With its popular media and journalism department, University of Maryland offers students with the specialization in broadcast or multi-platform journalism along with special focus on sports journalism. This public college is an affordable option and ranks higher when it comes to overall quality.

7. Boston University

This university provides its students with specialization within the journalism program. It offers focus area in the field of broadcast journalism, magazine journalism along with online journalism and straight journalism. BU boasts the number 11 spot when it comes to best colleges in Massachusetts which provide wonderful experience outside the major.

8. University of Missouri-Columbia

This large public university provides great value to its students. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of journalism. It also put a strong emphasis on new ideas when it comes to multidisciplinary approach.

9. Syracuse University

It offers 8 different undergraduate programs in the field of communications. Those students who are interested in journalism can easily choose between major in broadcast and digital journalism. It also provides option in newspaper and online journalism.

10. George Washington University

Situated in the midst of Washington, D.C, this university provides its students a front row seat to the breaking stories coming from the nationís capital. Its Journalism and Mass Communication program prepares the students for great careers in the field of journalism and also helps them in understanding the extent of mediaís impact on our daily lives.