Best Interior Design Schools in US

If you are thinking a career in interior design, then you should get an education in it from few of the best interior design schools in the country. As per many states, you won’t be allowed to label yourself as interior design unless and until you have a license or education in this field.

These interior design schools teach quite a unique set of skills. Their programs are focussed on the creative side of design along with providing strong technical, business and most importantly, management skills to their students.

Most of these programs provide Bachelor’s degrees (BAs) while other giving Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFAs) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees.

In case you are thinking of being an interior designer, then you will definitely find this list of best interior design schools in the US as quite useful. No matter if you wish to work on the residential or commercial design, the following programs will definitely craft you a great future career.

Best Interior Design Schools

Here is the list of top rated schools, the creamy layer. These programs are highly competitive, so you have to take caution whenever you apply to any of them. Make sure to apply to schools that have higher admission rates.

1. New York School of Interior Design


This school is the only school that specializes in education in interior design. It is considered to be the best graduate school for learning interior design which also comes with strong and solid faculty along with great networking and post-graduate opportunities. 92% graduates of this school successfully land a job within six months of obtaining their degree.

If you are not ready to commit to a full degree program or you don’t wish to apply due to lack of preparation, then you can also enroll in any of its non-degree certificate programs and start building a portfolio.

It offers a degree of BA and BFA.

2. Parsons The New School for Design

In case you are looking for a school that has vastly developed networks in industry and commerce then, it will be better to apply to this school especially if you want an education in commercial design. If you aren’t sure about what to focus on, you can still search your field of interest with is 25 graduates and undergraduate programs offered by this institution.

This institution puts special focus on collaborative work which means that you get an opportunity to finish group projects. Since being an interior designer, one has to work with various type of professionals to finish your job.

This school offers BFA degree.

3. Pratt Institute


If you are looking for a program that provides a job within few months of getting the degree, then you should definitely check this institute. 93% of its seniors found jobs just after graduation. If you wish to continue with a graduate degree, then you can carry on your education in this institute as around 100% of its students were accepted to at least one program.

Like other best schools, the Pratt Institute also boats to be a best-rated graduate program for interior design.

Degree offered is BFA.

4. Rhode Island School of Design

Considered among the most famous arts and design schools in the country, RISD is situated in Providence, RI, which has huge numbers of artists in the country. Its interior design program is also known as “interior studies” or “interior architecture” at RISD.

This institute is particularly famous for educating its students with practical along with coursework. If you are interested to go to graduate school, then you should definitely apply RISD as its grad program is highly-ranked when it comes to interior design.

Degree offered by this institute is BFA.

5. Savannah College of Art and Design


The Savannah College of Art and Design is the best school when it comes to art and design programs, not just the interior design program. This school makes sure that the student gets artistic and creative resources on its campus. Its interior design programs are based in Hong Kong, Atlanta, and Lacoste.

It offers the degree of BFA.

6. Cornell University

With being the only Ivy League school, Cornell provides an interior design program. Its programs come with special and targeted focus on the design decisions’ impact on the environment.

It provides BS degree.

7. Drexel University

The interior design program at this University provides the study of interior design along with art and art history study. It allows its students to explore the behavioral field of interior design with aesthetic aspects.

It provides a degree of BS.

8. Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

This institute is quite famous for its fashion design programs, but it also provides strong interior design program. With the largest program in NYC, it has over 400 students. In case you study in FIT, you will most probably get the opportunity to work with experts and professionals in NY along with architects and interior designers.

It provides a degree of BFA.

9. Syracuse University

Called as “Environmental and Interior Design,” this program of Syracuse University is broader than other programs in this list. The interior design students get an education in liberal arts along with studio courses in fine arts. This program is the best fit for the students who wish to focus on design along with experience in standard liberal arts.

The degrees offered are BFA or BID (Bachelor of Industrial Design)

10. University of Cincinnati – School of Architecture and Interior Design

This school’s program put stress on physical, social needs of people, psychological aspect. This five-year-long program is longer than a standard program of four years. It also requires one and a half years of experience in cooperative education. Around 70% of its students succeed to land a job within three months of their graduation.

It offered the degree of BS.