Complete Shopping Guide For Best High Chair 2020


Babies start sitting upright to eat at as early as six months old. It is about time they start embracing soft foods in their diet, which is when this time about highchairs are essential. A highchair makes feeding infants for kids and consuming children, even more comfortable. Here we are going to list the best high chair for your kid.

A highchair is an elevated piece of baby furniture that lets children and babies feed at the same height as the rest of the family. They are useful and beneficial because they are healthy, and they make things much simpler for a parent to function. The guide below has been made to help you understand what you expect from a highchair and how to pick the correct model.

The correct high chair will continue to make you all love feeding a hungry kid. Yet choosing the right high chair may seem daunting with too many apps, models, and materials accessible— not to mention budget constraints.

The bottom line is that you want a durable, reliable high chair that can handle heavy usage, spills, and daily clean-up. You may want to decide that you prefer a high chair that is meant exclusively for home use, or a multi-purpose style that you may carry on the go. You would choose a chair that can be customized as your child develops from a baby to school age.

Check examples at a retailer to ensure the high chair purchase suits the needs. Mid-priced high chairs are a decent deal and will offer the perfect combination of practical functionality. Using our highchair purchasing guide to refine your quest and identify the protection features and style aspects that are essential and you.

Key facts Of The Best High Chair

When first developed highchairs, they transformed what it meant to be a new parent feeding a little infant. Many are designed to develop along with your kids so that they can be used for a long time.

Security in a highchair is one of the most critical things to remember. Be sure that what you buy has a good quality protective belt to hold your kid in the chair.

A chair with an adjustable seat and backrest would allow you to use the highchair for both feeding your baby and as a place to rest and relax after the meal.

Best High Chairs In The U.S. Market

We compiled the list below of the top five high chairs that are actually on the U.S. market. That comes with various features, but both are designed with protection and comfort in mind. When your baby is now sitting alone to nurse and has begun consuming easy foods such as porridge and purees, the items below will be beneficial.

Jovvy Nook High Chair

Joovy’s Nook High Chair comes with a flexible swing-open tray that can be placed at four customizable locations to make every baby’s feeding healthy and comfortable. The quick to scrub, dishwasher-safe tray, and wipe-down leatherette seat make sure the feeding area for your baby is still hygienic. This lightweight chair can be folded and opened with one hand, and the carry handle allows it easy and convenient to take with you.

Another fantastic feature of this chair is the non-scratch floor pads, as they allow you to position it on any surface–even scratch-prone hardwood floors–without worrying about damage. It has an ultra-tight five-point brace that holds the child secure at all moments and can accommodate kids up to 50 pounds. This chair folds up very little, so it’s the ideal highchair to carry with you to restaurants, on vacations, and to the houses of friends and relatives.

Peg Perego High Chair

Peg Perego is an Italian company that has produced high-quality highchairs for several years now that American parents always enjoyed. The convenient, reclining seat allows the use of this highchair for eating as well as for snoozing and relaxing post-meal. Anything is customizable and customizable in this chair. You may set this chair up to make feeding comfortably easy with nine different height configurations, and the three separate footrest configurations make feeding fun for babies too.

This chair’s eco-friendly leather design is simple to wash and maintain hygiene, can be quickly separated from the frame, and the detachable tray can be put in the dishwasher. Another excellent safety aspect of this high chair is that the pedals lock in place automatically. Combined with the five-point protective belt and passive support chain, this lightweight, a completely adjustable highchair are one of the best devices on the market and the highest-end ones.

Flair High Chair

The Boon Flair Highchair is no-frills, but the price is exceptionally high. It’s specially built for its stand base to sit under tables, taking the baby like no other into the family dining room. Many highchairs mean your kid is slightly back from the rest of the family when feeding because of their height, but this chair takes them straight into the action. However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it skimps on protection. To hold your child healthy at all times, it has a five-point protective belt.

The base is equipped with six urethane casters that help secure the floors from scuffs and stains, and a tray cover that is quickly extracted that make washing simpler. It is also quick to clean the restraint belts and buckles using a gentle soap and warm water. The placement of the pneumatic height helps you to monitor the height of this chair like you might for an office or barber’s chair, and setting the correct food and feeding height is comfortable. This chair is built to accommodate kids up to age four and weigh up to 50 pounds.

Graco High Chair

Over several years Graco has created high-quality and well-liked infant toys and items for the American consumer. Their6-in-1 Convertible High Chair is genuinely the fantasy of a parent in terms of both versatility and longevity. This highchair is built on rising with your infant, and the seat is wide enough to hold two children together–perfect for families of twins or two babies/toddlers of a similar era. The six height changes and reclining seats allow this ideal highchair for eating naps as well as post-meal.

The disposable tray can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher, and the adjustable rear seat cover can ensure that your child is safely seated at the table when dining. It is a larger chair weighing in at 32 pounds, but keep in mind that it is concurrently designed to seat two people. It measures 29x 2.. 5x 41 inches, but it still folds up to a convenient scale. You should always take this chair with you on the go (in the cab, in the back of the truck, etc.), so you’re not going to want large stretches to hold.

Elite High Chair

The SmartClean Triple Elite from Innovation is a fantastic3-in-1 highchair that can also be used as a booster seat and as a chair for the child. This chair was designed with quick cleaning and washing in mind and transitions with minimal effort on your part between the three separate seating configurations. The five-point brace guarantees that your little guy or girl is still comfortable and protected when in this chair and the extra-soft padding material and footrest for their little feet make feeding time a delight for both parent and infant.

Another useful aspect of this chair is the entirely rotatable wheels. We rotate 360 degrees, and this chair can be conveniently pushed around the kitchen (or around your home). It is a reasonably small highchair with a weight of only 15 pounds and a weight measuring 21.5 x 15 x 34.5 inches. Bear in mind, however, that this is not a foldable chair, and if you’re going to carry it with you somewhere before you get there, you have to disassemble it and reassemble it. Nevertheless, the method is relatively simple and also quite easy.

Everything To Know About High Chairs

You ought to learn some crucial details regarding certain items before choosing a highchair. There’s a multitude of choices out there, and deciding what you need isn’t always that easy. Here are some of the issues most often posed by parents and customers.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Use A High Chair

By paying particular attention to the specific developmental timetable for your infant, you will assess the best timing for installing a highchair. Kids only take drinks like milk and formula for the first three months. It’s enough at the moment to hold your kid while nursing. They may continue to stay straight when they start growing and stand up when feeding (including consuming soft/solid foods). It begins roughly around six months, but all babies are different in this respect.

Giving them items like porridge and fruit/vegetables combined with it would allow them to sit down when feeding. A highchair is honestly the only way to go at this point. They help you feed your baby properly while teaching them vital feeding skills and habits.

Advantages Of Using A High Chair

Initially, you may feel like you don’t even need a highchair. But if your infant hits the age when he or she stands straight and consumes solid foods, you’ll be glad to get more. They are also socially significant, as they involved kids with the rest of the family in eating routines and helped establish an eating routine

Highchairs distributed in the United States also have protection at the center. Most are even designed to be flexible so that you and your kid can achieve the perfect height. You remove the pressure off your backs and limbs this way. It will be used for many years based on the kind of highchair you choose when your baby develops.

How Long Can A Baby Use These High Chairs?

So long as an infant begins eating solid foods, a highchair is a must. Most versions are produced during the first three years of existence to suit the babies. Many decent highchairs will handle up to 33 pounds or more.

Highchairs can also be identified and can still be utilized by children during their early childhood years. Few seats have parts that can be hidden to fit children as young as ten years old. They seem to cost more, but they can be significant investments depending on how much benefit you’ll get from them.

Regulations For High Chairs 

All goods for children (and goods in general), irrespective of their intent, are supervised by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). They are ensuring that suppliers and retailers comply with the Consumer Product Protection Act. When it comes to high chairs, they ensure that such products adhere to the requirements on reliability, protection, functionality, and materials.

In the U.S., saleable highchairs are subject to CPSC inspection and approval. It ensures that it will follow the requirements established by that agency for a child’s product to be lawfully salable in the US.  Keep in mind that goods marketed somewhere across the globe often have specific (usually not as stringent) requirements, so learn what you are getting before you place your baby in it.

Essential Features Of A High Chair

The two must-have features of a high chair are comfort and protection. The seat should have adequate comfort and should preferably be machine washable. A safety belt or brace should be sturdy and safe.

A “leg separator” is the best form of a brace as this stops babies from falling down the chair. It’s always a smart idea to search for templates with footrests, to offer your baby extra help. Adjustable trays and detachable tables allow it even easier to vacuum. You should also ensure the legs are solid and sturdy to prevent sliding around.

Shopping Criteria

Trying to settle on a new highchair may be maddening for new parents, and there are some vital buying considerations to remember before digging in that will help you with your decision. Keep in mind the below to get the right chair for you and your child:


That is the first thing to remember while seeing highchairs. The classic (normally collapsible) model is straightforward and simple. Many versions also have height-adjustable and reclining chairs. There are also classic versions in the seat which have an egg-type design for babies to curl around their legs.

Another choice is to go for an evolved chair, which will adjust based on the child’s age and development rate. These high chairs are rendered functional even while your child is rising. They appear to have interchangeable pieces, and, depending on the case, they may be turned into regular table chairs too. There are now several highchairs with wheels on the bottom to make them simple to move.

Age Of Use

Highchairs are designed with different ages in mind or age ranges. Baby high chairs are built for infants aged six months and over. You need to ensure that the weight restrictions of a highchair are met as your baby grows and evolves. Many highchairs can accommodate children up to age three.

There are highchairs that go with babies before they’re a wholly grown boy. These highchairs are unique because they feature removable parts and are 100 percent adjustable. You may also quickly set various seat heights, and when appropriate, detach the brace and tray. At a certain point, these models end up functioning just like a regular chair.


It is one of most critical features. You will also make sure that a highchair is safe and lies flat to the ground when the infant is inside. The weight restrictions and dimensions are two items that you need also be mindful of.

Highchairs carry up to 15 to 20 kg of weight. Evolutionary models may also be identified which assist children during their growth stages.

Don’t fail to glance at the seat belt or brace that comes with the highchair. The most popular versions have a five-point harness, comparable to those found in car seats. These make sure your baby is unable to slip out of or escape the harness inadvertently.

Always Be Sure About The Harness

Be sure the belt fastener is easy to use, so your kid can’t. If you’re having trouble using it, you may be inclined not to use it while your child is in the position, which is a mistake. While ASTM International’s new safety requirement does not include a five-point harness (a waist and crotch restriction with shoulder straps), the qualification consists of a three-point harness (waist and crotch restriction).

You might change a five-point harness to a three-point harness on certain chairs, but we’re not suggesting it. Five-point harnesses are better as they may deter a child from rising or leaning in a high chair, which could crash or tip the chair.

Adjustable seat heights make it easier to place the high chair at the stage of the dining room table so that the kid can feel like the rest of the kids, or at a height that fits best with a caregiver. Note while your baby is seated in the chair, it is not possible to change the height.


Several people struggle to evaluate the highchair’s components correctly. Others are constructed of timber, rubber, and metal. For starters, wood highchairs are sturdy and look fantastic in nearly every space or home.

Thanks to their power, metal chairs are also becoming increasingly popular. Aluminum is a lightweight substance and is robust. Some highchairs are constructed from cardboard and are simple to store and disinfect.

Design And measurements

You will always think about how much space you need to spare in your kitchen and dining room until you get a chair. You can determine for yourself that a compact, foldable chair is more practical than a fixed one. You should often weigh how much you’ll carry it on the go with you, rendering portability a vital function.

Families with larger homes can prefer folding chairs because they are easy to set up in different areas. There are highchairs to match every home decor as far as the theme goes. Some versions show cartoons and mad patterns/colors, while others are more subtle and sleeker.

Affirmed Is Best 

A confirmation sticker shows that the maker has satisfied security guidelines set by ASTM International (once American Society for Testing and Materials), and that it partakes in an affirmation program managed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. JPMA confirmation can give some degree of affirmation that the item fulfills security guidelines. However, it isn’t an assurance that it does.


You probably won’t comprehend what high seat will best suit your youngster until you attempt it. Keep your receipt or pressing slip. On the off chance that you get a high seat as a blessing, ask that a blessing receipt be incorporated. Some high seats require gathering and can accompany a more significant number of parts than you may expect, or can be dubious about assembling. In case you’re not convenient, you should purchase a high seat that comes wholly gathered.

For new parents, it is necessary to agree on a highchair. You will improve your existence and become valuable contributions to the existence of your baby as he or she develops. Purchasing baby products is also not inexpensive, so obviously, parents are careful when buying something that is not required. However, a highchair is one of the items you’ll be pleased you’ve invested the money in.

You can wind up using it for far longer than you initially figured you would, depending on the configuration you chose. As for every baby product, always ensure that the interests of your infant are at the front and middle, and only make every cosmetic choice afterward.

Hope this guide of highchair has helped you.