Hair Trimmer : Things to Consider While Buying

Hair trimmer is a must-have for a neat and trimmed look to help you achieve great heights in life. Whether you’re going for a job interview or you’re going for a date night, your well-groomed look can provide a great impression on you. However, going to a salon every time to get your beard trimmed is not always a convenient option.

A good trimmer at home will help you keep up with your grooming routine in a convenient way. The importance of a shaver can never be stressed enough. Whether you want to maintain your stubble look or you want to shape your beard regularly, a shaver has got you covered.

With online shopping, you can buy high-quality shavers from the comfort of your home. From electric trimmers and battery trimmers to corded trimmers and cordless shavers, you can buy different types of shavers from online stores. Trusted brands like Syska, Philips, Nova, Panasonic and have an extensive range of shavers to choose from.

Wahl 08655-024 Peanut Beared Corded Clipper (White)

  • Designed for professionals, the enhanced self-sharpening precision 
  • Durable blades are made of stainless steel,  making it long lasting
  • Cut off any hair smoothly, quickly and precisel

Rating : ★★★★

Wahl Professional 08466-424 Super Taper Professional Corded Clipper

  • Cable Length: 2.4 m, Variable cutting length adjustment. Drive: Oscillating armature motor, ~ 6,000 rpm
  • Chrome-plated precision blade set. Adjusts taper and texture without changing blades 1-3.5Mm

Rating : ★★★★

Havells Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Zoom Wheel – BT9003 (Blue)

  • Capture trim technology ensures 2x faster cutting in 1 stroke
  • Micro USB rechargeable beard trimmer, takes 90 minutes for full charge
  • customize your beard length from 0.5 mm to 10 mm with a step size of 0.5 mm

Rating : ★★★★

Havells GS6451 4-in-1 Grooming Kit (Brown)

  • 2 year Guarantee
  • Cutting length range is 0.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7mm
  • Cord and Cordless rechargable kit and be charged in 90 minutes

Rating : ★★★★

Groomiist Professional Series Cordless Hair & Beard Trimmer SST-312 (Black)

  • Low Vibration, 2 Hours Charge Time, 100 Minutes of Cordless Usage.
  • Cordless Operation, 500mAh Lithium Battery, Light Weight, Low Noise.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Rating : ★★★

Philips QP2526/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs and extra blade (Lime Green)

  • Rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of constant performance
  • Each blade lasts up to 4 months
  • Includes 2 OneBlade replacement blades, rechargeable handle and 3 trimming combs (1,3 and 5mm)
  • 2 year warranty

Rating : ★★★★

Things to Consider When Buying Hair Trimmer


If you’ve earlier bought a cheap pair of Hair Trimmer, you’ll know that doing so was a false economy. These clippers are inferior to good quality brand-named ones. They are made of cheap plastic, have an average to the weak motor, and a blade does not smoothly cut your hair. They last more than 12 to 18 months, consider yourself lucky then! The Front Runners or the leading manufacturers of hair clippers –

  • Wahl
  • Havells
  • Groomiist

Other brands also produce half-decent clippers, but you really can’t go wrong with the above three brands. With brands, you get the reassurance of a substantial, reliable service – every time. A branded clipper gives you years of trusted service!


Quality differs with every clipper as every clipper is different. Before actual buying question yourself about:

  • What is the clipper made of?
  • Is it cheap plastic or valox which a toughened hard-wearing plastic resin?
  • Will the blades to stay sharp and durable?
  • How about the power of the motor?

Do always check out customer reviews on a product. has a vast system of providing real customer feedback on the product it sells. Reviews will soon help you to be a winner or a dud. People power!

The Motor

  • The power and size is generally what sorts the top of the range models from the poor imitations.
  • As long as you have a right blade in the clipper, a good, powerful motor will cut smoothly and cleanly without even grabbing or pulling them.
  • Prices are usually based on the quality of the blades and the motor.
  • You should pay attention to while purchasing. Cheaper motors will burn out quickly and provide less power to the cutting blades.
  • Blades need to be sharp a0nd robust, which will last you at least a few years without dropping in performance.
  • Check what material they are made of and if you can quickly get replacement blades.
  • Blades can get damaged if you drop the clipper and it’s always handy to have a spare one to hand.

Ease of Use

  • The right hair clipper depends on previous experience of using them.
  • For someone requiring to buy a clipper for their use or the family, there are good quality, mid-range priced models that may do an excellent job.
  • Using clippers for a while now then, or you are an industry professional who cuts hair regularly, then the professional hair clipper will be all you need and has been a long time favourite over the years.


  • Having suitable accessories for your clipper is a must, and will extend their life.
  • All pro-clippers and standard ‘home-use’ clippers should include the following when you purchase them:
  • Blade guard – to keep blades sharper for longer
  • Clipper grease
  • Comb attachments depending on the model
  • Instruction manual
  • Product warranty