4 Best Sites for Finding Guitar Chords Online

With this article, we will try to put across few of the top resources which you can use to find guitar chords for songs which you wish to learn to play. Many people decide that they need a certain way to get relaxed and get rid of all the stress with something that ain’t connected with the computer.

You may remember playing your old guitar and may have wished to learn how to play it. Practicing it everyday will make you master the songs that you wish to play. Once you are able to play one song, you will certainly wonder how many other songs you can learn with only three chords or four.

So, if you wish to get off from your computer and decide to take a much-needed break from the internet, then we have accumulated the best resource to find guitar chords for songs that you wish to play. Mentioned here are few of the best websites which catalogs correct chords for few of the most popular songs.

1. Chordie – A Great Resouce Of Correct & Inaccurate Chords


In our opinion, Chordie is one of the most extensive collections of guitar chords and tabs which have encountered with. You will hardly stumble upon a song which doesn’t have corresponding Chordie listing. At Chordie, you can search either for songs or for artist listings which are duly organized in the alphabetical collection. So, in case you don’t know the title of the song, you can still search and find guitar chords by the name of the artist instead.

Chordie also has a huge community of music-loving guitar players, and they spend a considerable time to figure out the chords to music which then they list them on Chordie. You can also find the chords listed in this website as quite accurate, and you can learn to play any favorite song you wish.

In case you can’t find a guitar chord for any song which you are looking for at anywhere, then we suggest that you try Chordie and it remains to be the last resort as at least half the time you will certainly find chords posted by members which can be totally wrong.

2. Ultimate Guitar – The Ultimate Collection


Even though we have started with Chordie and if you are quite frustrated with inaccurate songs, then you can certainly find the Ultimate Guitar as a great resource. The first thing that you will notice is its clean and cool layout. It also has music reviews along with reviews, articles as well as interviews. You can also find a forum which is a community of guitar playing music lovers.

It has a huge community where you can discover the guitar chords for songs and also immerse yourself into the music world as you start learning to play new songs.

Its Top 100 section remains to be the highlight of this site, where you can find few of the best songs which you hear on the radio and wish to learn to play them.

Another best feature about this site is that you can also find tabs along with the chords, well in most cases. Many guitar players like tabs as it shows which string and which fret to play for each strum.

3. E-Chords – A Great Online Application To Learn Guitar Chords


E-Chords remains to be our second favorite spot for popular guitar chords. Its functionality will certainly leave you impressed. From its main page, you can search for songs by artists, albums, song titles, composed and even using just a section of the lyrics which is quite useful in case you don’t remember the title of the song.

This site isn’t with a large community as a great online application that it is, which helps you to learn to play any song in different formats with which you are comfortable with. Its best part of this site is that you can customize the display of the song along with associated chords with just a mouse click.

The displayed guitar chords for songs are quite alluring to look, and the lyrics are mentioned with the require chord which is listed above them. Its menu bar on the left provides all sort of great features such as auto-scroll which is quite useful when you are playing a song, and you wish to scroll down the lyrics. Other features are also useful such as the ability to increase or decrease the font size, even hide chords, etc.

You will most probably find this resource the best source for its convenience and ease of use.

4. Heartwood Guitar Instruction – Chords To Learn Guitar


Even when this resource doesn’t have any giant library full of thousands of guitar chords for songs, it still is a great resource to learn to play the guitar with hundreds of best classic songs which includes the chords that you will require to learn to play them. Its due to the hard work of Rob Hampton from Seattle who has created this impressive and useful online resource. In order to find chords, you have to click on Chord Charts mentioned on his main site. You will find hundreds of classic songs which are duly listed in alphabetic fashion.

The chords are listed in nice structure with strum and rhythm information which are noted throughout in few spots. While it chord lists is fun to learn to play, you will certainly find the guitar lessons from Rob who has written them up, a great resource. He offers guitar lessons without any cost on his blog. In this blog, you can also find tips and techniques to know about how to strum, tune your guitar, fingerpicking and much more which often comes with images along with detailed and easy instructions.

With this, we end our listing of top resources to find guitar chords for songs that you wish to learn. You may have your own resource, or different website which you find is also good. That you can suggest to us in the comment section. Try out these websites and also let us know how useful they were for you.