Best 3 Google Chromecast Alternatives

The Google Chromecast in undoubtedly a great invention as it takes the media streaming services to a whole new level. It is a simple HDMI–enabled device for media streaming which allows you to stream content to your TV from your smartphones or tablets without any requirement of cables.

This tool from Google is a mere 3-inch device that can be plugged directly into your TV and it pairs with any of your mobile devices via WiFi connection, providing you the ability to stream videos to your TV. It is a cheap device which also allows you to stream content from various third-party services like Netflix or Hulu, and others using Chromecast apps.

But still, there are several issues with this device and its availability along with various limitations which make us look for its alternative. Here we have discussed three different Chromecast alternatives for you.

Amazon Fire TV



Amazon has left quite a successful trail when it comes to media streaming devices with its all new Amazon Fire TV. This handy device puts Amazon at one of the most efficient and effective streaming devices along with a variety of wonderful features. This device not only allows you to stream videos to your TV but also allows you to play games on your TV. It is one of the easiest means to watch Netflix, YouTube and hundreds of games on your TV.

Amazon Fire TV provides various features like playing games on TV which make it a wonderful Chromecast alternative. Its other features consist of movies, TV episodes, and many other popular online streaming services.

Apple TV



When it comes to Apple and iTunes users, Apple TV makes a perfect case to opt for in case of streaming content to your various devices. It allows you to stream any content on your TV from iTunes. Apple TV also allows you to rent from a huge collection of movies and TV shows that are available on Apple iTunes.

When it comes to Apple users, Apple TV is certainly better for them over Chromecast as the users can access and view their content on Apple TV directly from their content on iTunes. Its Airplay also allows you to play games via your iPad or iPhone.

Samsung Allshare Cast



This media streaming device allows you to stream movies and other media files via your smartphone or other devices. You can also stream various presentations in a workplace set up. This device also requires supported Samsung device, whether it is Galaxy smartphone or any other Samsung tablet. By using standard HDMI cable or with a WiFi connection, you can stream your media via these mediums.

Samsung Allshare cast is a perfect choice for those who own Samsung devices which are compatible with this device. This device also provides you the ability to stream presentations to a TV too.

With this, we end our list of top 3 Chromecast alternatives. In case you use any of these devices, then do let us know about your experience. Also, don’t forget to leave your views and suggestions in the comment section below.