Geyser : A Perfect Guide to Buy a Water Heater

Geyser, commonly known as water heater, is a household name and a regular necessity of today’s world. Starting from brushing your teeth in the cold wintry morning to the night time warm bath tub soaking, a quality geyser is a must for non-stop supply of hot water.

Thus, buying a geyser is a crucial decision that one has to make to meets demands of his or her household. In this respect useful information on geysers has been provided by this byuying guide.

But, before starting with the buyer’s guide, checkout the models available online at to decide for the best one.

GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater, 100 L (Orange)

  • Come with 5 years warranty
  • COLOUR: orange
  • Solar water heaters are manufactured with 2 mm thick gi sheet with epoxy coating

V-Guard Victo Plus 10 L

  • Digital display and easy to operate temperature control knob
  • 4 star rating from BEE for energy efficiency
  • High pressure withstanding upto 8 bar- suitable for high-rise buildings


  • shock-safe plug
  • FeroglasTM Technology with Single Weld Line Design
  • Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element
  • Temperature Sensing LED Knob

AO Smith HSE-SES 25-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater,Ivory White

  • Inner Tank Material: Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank
  • 2X Corrosion Resistance
  • Outer Body Material: ABS
  • Product Dimensions: 44.4 Cms X 44.4 Cms X 37.1 Cms

HAVELLS Adonia Digital 25 L Water Heater (White)

  • Adonia Digital water heater
  • 25 Ltr Storage
  • Suitable for High Rise Buildings:Yes
  • Pressure (Bar):8 Bar
  • Power Consumption (in Watt):2000. 

Primary Features

Heating Technology

  • Effect of operational costs and maintenance of the geyser
  • Have electric heating elements
  • Heats up with electricity when passed through it
  • Gas-based water heaters where temperature rises instantly using LPG or propane which is comparatively cheaper and has instant heating feature too

Storage Capacity

  • Geysers may or may not have the facility to store heated water like in case of 3-5 Litre tanks
  • Small water heaters are energy efficient as well as prevent wastage of water
  • Storage water heaters can store 10-15 litres (average)
  • Places where water freezes in winters, instant water heaters with 2-3 litre capacities are the best.
Storage capacitiesFamily Size
10-15 litres3-4 members
3-4 litressingles or a couple

Wattage/Power Consumption

  • Usually need 1500 to 2000 Watts A/C power
  • Some may need 2500 Watts or 3000 Watts
  • To work faster , a large amount of electricity is consumed within short periods of time

Secondary Features


  • Control the degree of hotness of water to be heated, as desired by the user
  • Cut-off feature should be present to show the presence of hot water
  • Some may have the feature to choose heating element power help to indicate time required for heating
  • Functionality differ season to season due to the initial temperature of the water

Build and Material

  • Should have rust-proof build
  • Strong storage cylinder type
  • Mostly come with enamelled steel containers having Titanium, Polymer, or Glass coating
  • Good Insulation is offered through Steel-based alloys and glass
  • These are less corrosive
  • They retain original structure and surface for longer service years
  • Magnesium rods should be checked for less corrosive nature
  • Some geyser models even work better in low-electricity supplies as copper is the best conductors of heat

Size and Body Design

Generally geysers are cylindrical in shape but now-a-days new upcoming models do have horizontal or cube shapes too.

Top Categories of Geysers

Geysers TypeProsCons
Storage GeyserCapacities of 7-10 litres to 25-45 litres
Families of 3-5 members
Create problems for small bathrooms
Consume more electricity
Gas GeyserNo electricity needed
Fits for kitchens
Can be partnered with washing machines for live hot water supply
Safety recommendations must be followed
Prone to mishaps due to gas leakage
Active surveillance must be done at the time of operation
CO emission is a major concern
Instant GeyserPower friendly
Good for bathing and washing clothes
Best for small family or singles
Fits into kitchens where hot water is needed instantly
Best for places where no storage required
Active surveillance is must during operations
Lower cut-off temperatures (~ 50˚ C)
Caters only one or two people
Solar Water HeatersWater is heated by solar radiations
Heat the highest amounts within few minutes
Almost zero electricity requirements
Heavier than others
Initial installation cost is very high
Active surveillance required during heating
Become non-operational during monsoons and winter

Safety Precautions to be Considered

  • Copper chambers should not be preferred for homes
  • In long run, water pressure damages the copper chambers of the geyser
  • Gas heaters with LPG cylinder, has to be taken care of
  • LPG cylinder must be installed outside the bathroom with leak proof gas connection
  • Proper ventilation for CO emission must be prioritized
  • Electric geysers with a bulb indicator for 60˚C cut-off should be there to avoid overheating
  • Opt for BIS/ISI mark geyser
  • Consider the size, height and electric connection of the bathroom before buying
  • Check for manufacturer’s warranty information

Safety Instructions during Geyser Utility Time

  • Children should be kept away from the geyser when it’s switched on.
  • Only Geyser should be switched on.
  • No other electrical appliance in the bathroom should be switched on along with the geyser.
  • To avoid high electricity consumption, sediments must be removed thru flushing.
  • Detailed safety recommendations given in the user manual must be followed.