10 Best Genealogy Websites to Find Your Ancestors Online

Most of us wonder about our family history. We would like to know about origins of our family over the centuries. For that, we can turn to genealogy websites, which are quite unique and can provide your long coveted answers.

There are numerous free websites present on the Internet which have valuable information by which you can do a free ancestry search about your family.

In this article, we provide you a list of top best free genealogy websites are the perfect place for anyone who wishes to know their history. These sites offer valuable tools, guides along with access to databases filled with historical data.

10. KindredTrails.com


When we talk about this website, it is one of the typical genealogy website distinguished by two factors. First thing is that there are numerous links to Ancestory.com on almost each page of this site. It seems like an epidemic with genealogy sites. The second thing is that like other ancestry sites, this site is also quite link-oriented one. It does make it on our top 10 list because of its well-defined architecture, and there are links which are quite organized. Along with this, the links mentioned in this website, are quite useful and valuable.

9. Access Genealogy.com


This website is ranked above from many typical ancestry sites. Its home page is quite clean and well structured. On its left side, you can find likes to few of the most unique research related sources such as charts, links to old letters along with Military records and Native American records to name a few. One of the most alluring resources it has is the transcribed cemetery records. There are researchers present in every state of US that will take you through the oldest cemeteries and provide names with birthdates, death date, and family members. These records can keep you occupied for hours.

8. The Olive Tree


This is another private researchers’ website which consists of a collection of resources and links to historical data. The thing that keeps this site apart is that it is apparent a great deal of research went into the presented links.

The most important links on this site are the ship passenger lists where you can find the names of your ancestors who might have immigrated to the US many years ago. Another important resource is for anyone who has just started in genealogy is the “guide for beginners” that takes you through every step of searching your ancestors and provides specific resources which you should check out first to carry out the research.

7. GeneaBios


In case you are interested in the life story of someone who may have lived a hundred years ago then this biography database should be your first step to search for them. You can go through the database alphabetically or do a free ancestry search using a particular name.

This database provides a long list of biographies which are written up by genealogy researchers that have carried out an exhaustive investigation and provide their findings. You can read about who built the old stone tavern in the midst of the town or any other detail.

6. Family Tree Searcher


This family tree searcher is one of the websites which is created by a private researcher. This site is quite unique as some of its resources are interactive quizzes that allow you to customize your own research method.

Another useful quiz is the “free advice” quiz which questions you a series of question about the information you are looking for and then ends in providing you a customized research plan with other free resources which will definitely help you out.

5. Genealogy Today


Out of all the privately created websites, this site is one of those you should bookmark and then use for all of your research requirements. It offers links to usual resources such as census data or death records.

What makes this site quite unique is that it provides sources such as funeral cards, criminal records or even business cards. Many researchers know that the most successful results normally comes from unorthodox methods.

4. U.S. National Archives


If you reside in the US and you are a historical researcher, then this site should be on the top of your resource lust. Most of other websites generally end up linking to these resources, so it is better to start from here.

You can find census information along with military records, immigration records. It also consists of articles and other information on different historical researching methods and techniques.

3. U.K. National Archives


The UK also has a great resource of historical data in the form of its own National Archives website. Its main page provides links to data like births, marriage and even deaths, census records, and other relevant records. European history is quite lengthy, and these resources are thorough and archived to thousand years before.

You can also find valuable guides and articles on how to research family and military history.

2. US GenWeb Project


Being one of the largest and important resources for historical data to US genealogy researchers, this USGenWeb project remains to be one of the most comprehensive resources.

This project is created by historical enthusiasts who volunteer both their time and energy to offer free information for other researchers around the country. With just one click on the State where you are searching for data, you can directly to State’s GenWeb site where there are numerous free resources for your community along with local history.

1. WorldGenWeb Project


Once you get occupied in genealogical research, the most captivating thing which seems apparent is that the hobby knows no borders. You can stumble upon expert researchers in almost every country around the globe, and you can find the best research available that brings numerous global enthusiasts together is this project. This offer researchers the safest place where they can easily focus on useful resources to carry out their own research. You can click on the country as per your choice and then you can eventually drill down to specific community and other free genealogy websites from where you can find different free ancestry search tools to discover more ancestral information.