Top 7 Best GBA Emulator for PC in 2018

In case you wish to try old school GBA games and looking for a reliable GBA emulators then you have arrived at the right destination. We provide a great list of GBA emulators which work on your PC without any problem. Mentioned below are the top 7 GBA emulators which are available in the market for your PC.

1. Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)


Visual Boy Advance also known as VBA has become one of the first and completely functional GBA emulators present in the market. It has remained available for free. It has a long history of success. However, back in 2004, the VBA emulator was developed by different developers, not by the VBA developers. The VBA-M is a recent version which continues the legacy of VBA and comes with different new features which make it more entertaining for the gamers. This emulator is compatible with GameBoy, CameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance roms. It supports full save feature and can increase the pace of the gameplay by pressing a single button. You can easily export all different saved files and then play them in other emulators as well.

The Joystick support provides you great entertainment, and its fullscreen mode allows you to stretch the games to a full-screen mode.

2. No$GBA


No Cash GBA emulator or No$GBA is also a great emulator for GBA systems. It also comes with connectivity with other No$GBA emulators via which you can easily enjoy multiplayer games. The best thing about this emulator along with effective GBA emulation and online connectivity is the feature it doubles as Nintendo DS emulator. You can easily play all Nintendo DS games with this emulator on your PC. In case you are looking out for a multi-functional emulator, then this emulator is a perfect choice.

3. BoycottAdvance


This emulator remains to be a simple GBA emulator with great ease of use which is present in the market. This is considered as among the best GBA emulators. Boycott Advance is quite simple and needs BIOS support to enjoy GBA roms on your PC. It also supports full sound emulation providing a great experience while playing favorite GBA titles. Its Save/Load state allows you to save and also load games at any state you wish to play and never lose the progress in any game. It also supports Joystick.

4. BatGBA


This GBA emulator is quite lightweight and provides hassle free output. Using this emulator, you can easily play any GBA roms on your PC. It has remained available for over a decade and performs great. There are no frame drops or any problem which allows you to enjoy all these games on your PC without any sort of issues and problems. You will also require an original BIOS file to play almost all games. These files are available on the Internet can be found from anywhere by simply searching it on Google.

5. Higan


This is a great emulator present for GBA and other Nintendo systems. It is not just an average emulator for the PC, but it allows you to play NES, SNES, and GBC games too. Various Nintendo systems are supported by this emulator so you can easily play games from different consoles mentioned above, on your PC. It supports NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), GB (GameBoy), which makes it great emulators as it supports all these various systems with a single emulator.

6. DreamGBA


This is a lightweight GBA emulator which allows you to play favourite GBA games without any issues, especially when compared with all the other emulators for GBA. It is a simple emulator which executes its work but doesnt come with any extra feature. However, in case you are searching for more powerful emulator, it is better to skip this emulator.

7. RascalBoy Advance


It is another GBA emulator which is quite simple with easy functionalities. Its latest multiplayer plugin has made this emulator a great choice. At present, you can connect 4 different RascalBoy emulators together online for experiencing multiplayer games. Its online connectivity and ability to play almost any GBA titles make it a great choice. If you wish to play games with your friends then this is the perfect fit.

With this, we end our list of emulators to play classic Nintendo GBA games on your PC. In case you have any suggestion or views that you wish to express then mention it in the comment section below.