Which is the best free screen recorder software for Windows?

So, you want to record your computerscreen? Let me tell you that it iseasy and you can make money with the videos you make.

Screen recorders can help you make videos of anything you are doing on your computer screen. This way you can make fabulous instructional videos.

The perfect example of using screen recorder is done by the most popular YouTube channel named as PewDiePie.

Do you know the most subscribed channel on YouTube is PewDiePie that has over 39 million subscribers, as of September 2015?

You will be surprised to know how much money does he make, and he only play games.

He play games, record his screen while he plays and makes funny sounds and gestures. Moreover, he makes millions of dollars monthly through his video channel. All this is because of his ability to record screen.

Today, many videos on YouTube are seen explaining different things from makeup tips to using software, from learning to code to designing on Photoshop and much more. To record, those particular tasks screen recorders are used.

For my research, I tested fourscreen recorder that are – Icecream Screen Recorder, Ezvid, CamStudio, Jing.

And according to me the best free screen recorder for Windows is CamStudio.Because of its easy of use and features.


The prominent features of CamStudio are:

  • Hide your cursor from screen.
  • It create AVI Video files and can also convert .avi into SWF compressed files for the web.
  • Get sound from Multiple Sources.
  • Add Screen Captions.
  • You can use a webcam to make “picture-in-picture” videos.
  • Add Custom Cursors.
  • Record the whole screen or just a Section.
  • Comprehensive Built-in help file, just press the Help button if you get stuck somewhere.

What all can you ask from a Free Streaming Video Desktop Recording Software.

Let me know, if you have come across any issues while using CamStudio, drop your comments below. Moreover, start making videos on your PC as your YouTube channel is yet to be seen and made popular.