The Best Free To Play Video Games


Team Fortress 2

Many people might consider this game to be outdated, but in our opinion it still has a lot of life left.

Unlike other FPSís games, Team Fortress 2 really shakes things up. Each class is tailored to a specific playstyle, so it becomes about more than who shoots first.

If you play as the spy you gain the ability to move around invisible. In other FPS games that might seem OP, but when your revolver Is the weakest gun then it balances out.

Still, the Spy has other tricks up his sleeve Ė And a knife.

A knife which instantly kills a target upon stabbing them in the back. This means that you can sneak behind enemy lines, disguise yourself as one of them, and murder them before they realize youíre there.

The spy is just one way to play though! Thereís also the Engineer, who is perfect for the more laid back player. If you want to watch TV on the side well you can, just sit back and let your turrets do the work.

Or perhaps you want to get in there and take on an army of scrubs by yourself. Well you can do that too, just choose the Heavy or Soldier!

And itís entirely free, unless of course you want to buy a hat which does nothing but look cool. Still, youíll probably cave and grab a hat eventually.


Let me preface this by stating that although Hearthstone is free, you can buy in game card packs. These packs act like Pokemon cards in the sense that theyíre addictive. Trust us, if youíre not careful youíll end up spending more money than you would on a pay to play game.

That aside though, it is possible to unlock every card you need by simply playing the game, and as far as online card games go this is debatably the best.

Each card you play has a unique ability, and thereís so many to learn that you will never get bored. Build your own deck and test it against your friends, or go on solo adventures for rare cards!

Plus, itís made by Blizzard, making it a must have if youíre a fan of World of Warcraft Ė The entire game is littered with Warcraft references. You can even play as Jaina Proudmoore!

League of Legends

This is one of the first truly free to play games created that wasnít awful.

It didnít take long for companies to catch on that they could make a ton of cash through in game cosmetic changes though! Unfortunately many of the skins released back in the day are unavailable, unless you buy a LoL account.

Itís unlikely that youíre a gamer who has not heard of League of Legends. But in case youíre one of the few, the concept is quite simple.

Two teams consisting of Marksmen, Tanks, Mages and more battle it out to siege towers and ultimately, destroy the enemy teams base. That being said, thereís a lot of hidden complexity to the game that isnít always easy to spot. Donít be surprised if someone yells at you for seemingly no reason when youíre starting out. Perhaps you thought you did fine, but chances are that your teammates have been playing for longer and have a keener eye for mistakes. Which is why theyíre cussing you out using all caps in the chat.

This is not a forgiving game. If you have a thin skin then youíll probably uninstall it fairly quickly.

If however, you have a group of friends who want to play then youíre guaranteed to have hours of fun. Just get through the learning curve and you will see why League of Legends is so highly rated.