Top 10 Best Free MP3 Download Sites

Music is a lifeline for many. It brings peace, harmony, and jubilation. It defines a persona, mood, and mental state. Music has remained to be favorite time pass of people of all ages. From teenagers to youth and aged ones, Music is an integral part of their daily lives. With the advent of music CDs, it revolutionized the music industry. But now buying music CDs is outdated as the internet is replacing the medium for music. Now you can buy your favorite music online from iTunes or digital stores like Amazon. However, not all people want to pay for the music they want to listen. This scenario has led to rise of free MP3 download sites which are in service in huge numbers.

There are lots of such sites and if your Google it, you can see an overwhelming amount of such sites where you can download your favorite tracks for free. However, going through these sites can be a hassle as it contains unnecessary, annoying ads along with redirection to unwanted sites. Many have broken links, and some have bad mp3 quality. So when it comes to finding good mp3 downloading sites, it can be a tiring process.

Also, one should visit secure sites where your device is safe from malware or virus and make sure you visit genuine source in order to download your music.

With various options of sites to choose from, there are a lot of sites which provide best songs which are available in the market. You will be overwhelmed with the number of songs that these sites have, and they provide any song that your search for, even those whose trailer just came out in the market or those which have short preview.

But as soon as your visit these sites, it would be a bad experience for you to watch the song which is only available to the premium user or the audio version which is only available for download is only converted version of the trailer song.

This aspect of these websites can be quite frustrating and leaves a bad experience. It can be a total waste of time and even cost your precious data which often leads to bad impressions on the minds of the people who have browsed these sites. Experiencing these sites can be a headache. If your wish to download a specific song which is out there as a trailer or which is part of the movie trailer, it can make you download the song which you won’t be able due to the fact that you have to go through these music downloading sites where you won’t get the desired songs.

So, here we present to you top 10 best free MP3 download sites which will help you download your favorite songs without any hassle.

1. MP3 Raid

MP3Raid is certainly the best site in our list. However, this site was down for few days, but rest assured that you will have great experience to download your favorite songs for free. The host links of this website are licensed. So, you never have to bother to download from this site. They offer your songs from all genre’s of music to download and you also get trending as well as top 100 music list to download.

There are a great amount of latest lists as well as the amount of playlist which are available for you to download via this site. You can also choose to download all the favorite songs from latest hits and latest Bollywood songs that you wish.

2. MP3Fusion

This site remains to be the favorite one and considered to be among the best free mp3 downloading site which is out there. If you wish to listen to your songs online, you can do so and even download that mp3 for free. It has almost all genre’s music and allows you to filet with “last 200 search”, “Top 100 download”. The greatest feature of this website is the “search bar” through which you can find your favorite songs. This makes finding the songs quite easy and hassle-free.

This site consists of both the best genre of songs lists as well as downloading option right at your side which you can access easily. It makes this website a favorite destination for free mp3 downloading sites.

Zing MP3

There are many sites which you may have never heard of. One such site is Zing MP3. It is currently the ninth largest website in Vietnam and also the fourth largest free mp3 downloading site in the world. At present, it gets over 60 million visits per month, as per recent statistics. Zing is targeted towards Southeast Asian and Vietnamese audiences. But it does have major US-driven hits which are on offer.

Zing currently resides at mp3.zing.vn and it combines videos along with lyrics as well as downloads into one interface. It has become a growing trend among free mp3 download sites along with YouTube to MP3 and download interfaces which are now gaining popularity.


If you wish to check one of the most popular free mp3 downloading sites, then there is a Pakistani owned website. In case you wish to find Pakistani, Indian (Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood) as well as Hollywood songs then this website is the perfect destination. It is considered to be the best site for Hindi or Bollywood songs. It has various categories like Bollywood, Remix songs, Ghazals, Bhangra, Pop Song, Artists, Weddings and much more.

Apart from this great collection and being a free downloading site, there are no annoying pop-up ads which can certainly ruin your downloading experience. This website is undoubtedly the best downloading sites for Bollywood songs and other songs which are available on a massive scale.

This site has gained popularity in India, Pakistan and Gulf countries. It has millions of hits per month, making it a top destination for Hindi songs. Its songs of various genres provide great options to the listeners, and they can download their favorite songs with ease.


If you are Bollywood music fanatic, then there is another one of the best mp3 download sites which you can check out. This website is majorly based on Bollywood music as well as other Hindi and Punjabi songs, and it allows you to download your favorite tracks for free. It has a great collection of songs, and it remains to be a good downloading site for Bollywood songs and offers much more. It also provides lyrics as well as albums to download from.

If you are Bollywood song lovers and want an exclusive collection of its songs, then this site is the right spot for you. Give this site a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


This website was placed to among the best free mp3 downloading sites by us in 2017. It provides a blog like experience which also allows you to download mp3 for free. You will love its interface as well as its well-structured filters.

It remains to be among the top 5 lists of best free mp3 downloading sites of the year 2017. On this site, you can choose any of the songs that your wish to download and can find even the latest release. It is the best site for recent releases and songs which are hard to find.


When it comes to finding your favorite tracks, this site comes at the top owing to the fact that this site is owned by one of the biggest music directories in the world among all the free mp3 downloading sites. It constitutes of a community which allows you to get connected with people who have similar taste in music as well as interest.

This feature allows the site to get more traffic for the availability of songs from various genres that people often enjoy to listen. It also provides a great medium to interact with people who have the same taste in music as of yours which makes you feel like a sense of belongingness.


Many of us are familiar with this site. At some time, it remained to be among our best site when it came to free mp3 download. It remains to be one of the most popular mp3 download sites. At its homepage, you can get the top 100 music list. It also has a useful search tool which helps you to find your favorite songs within few seconds.

It is one of our favorite site for downloading songs as this site has always created a certain place for most of the song lovers who wish to listen to great quality songs especially the latest releases. You must try out this site as it is among our best free downloading site. Hope this site helps you find nice songs for free.


MP3juices.cc has been becoming one of the largest mp3 download sites in the world. This US-based website provides lots of free mp3s, and it combines that this functionality with YouTube videos. It represents a new generation of sites which provide free mp3 download, especially as YouTube to MP3 converters growing popularity.

As per recent statistics, this site is deemed to become one of the 500 biggest sits in the US. At present, it has over 60 million visitors a month. This massive amount of traffic is due to the fact that it combines YouTube viewer with easy and simple MP3 downloads. It is similar to what YouTube has been doing. However, this site brings a whole different experience into one site. It delivers tons of downloads, and with the overloads of ads on the site, it has been making big bucks.


emp3z.com remains to be one of the growing mp3 music download services present on the web. This site is currently getting 27 million visitors a month. By this trend, it is supposed to surpass 50 million a month traffic volume.

Its rise has been meteoric. This site was recently launched, and it is growing at an astounding rate of 50% per month. Even in India, this website provides a mix of Western pop as well as Bollywood music. It has enabled super-fast downloads in the US as well as other countries. This site focuses mainly on free mp3s, making it one of the favorite mp3 downloading sites.

With this, we end our list of top 10 best free mp3 download sites for you to visit in order to find your favorite songs and download their mp3s. If we missed any major site, then do let us know. Also, state your comment on the review in the section below.