Top 6 Free Antivirus for Mac OS X of 2018

Mac are pretty secure, still to keep yourself away from the new age virus, malware and trojans, it’s advised to download at least a free antivirus software for Mac OS X. (As there paid options as well).

As itsalways better to keep safe while you access the internet, the following five free antivirus software for Mac OS X will provide you sufficient security and privacy.

All of these aretested by our team and we are pretty satisfied with the results. There are two ways to download antivirus for Mac, one is by the App store and the other is by downloading software from direct Antivirus manufacturer’s website.

I, personally choose to download Antivirus direct from the software company’s site, due to certain benefits. These benefits are basically the control part, you get to handle the software more effectively and you can even get good support from the software’s web support.

Still you can use any method to download free antivirus for Mac OS X and remember to update the software now and then.

ClamXav- does not slow the machine but has a poor protection rate of less than 40%, which means less malware are detected.

Norton AntiVirus by Symantec – This free antivirus for Mac from Symantec is called iAntivirus and the paid version is known by Norton Antivirus. With increasing threats every year Antivirus software for Mac are getting popular. There are many benefits of this antivirus from Symantec, but its a bit bulky. It runs many background processes and it can slow down your Mac.Still it’s effective and it updates once a day to get recent virus info.

Update – Norton has ended support for iAntivirus from September 2015. Still it can downloaded for free.

Bitdefender -another trusted name, having tons of features and user interface is quite easy to use. One of the most successful antivirus software on Mac platform. With two exceptionally great tools likeAdware Removal Tool for Mac andVirus scanner for Mac, Bitdefender has provided good options for users to try.

Kaspersky – Kaspersky has made its mark with unique and fast scanning speed. The robust interface gives user a better feel than any other software in this list.

Avira -One of best software in antivirus business, with all-round protection, this antivirus is worth a try.

AvastAvast is something you might want to use, although it is famous, but in a budget. It has some exceptional features that are yet to come in any other competitors software. It functions in almost all the areas like web pages, downloads, Java files, email threads and attachment scanning each system thoroughly and swiftly. The company is working from past 25 years and have a real service and significant user base. So, it’s reliable and has self-explanatory interfaces for ease of access.

If you are using any of these free antiviruses for Mac,then do tell us your experience with them.