Family Zoo: The Story Review

There are numerous Android games that have grabbed the attention of the players around the world. But when it comes to best ones, there are only few which stands out the rest. If you want to enjoy building your own zoo on your smartphone, then try Family Zoo: The Story. It is a great game, a mixture of zoo management game along with a match-3 puzzle game

In this game, you get to build your own zoo. You can play with a variety of animals and also solve match 3 puzzles. It is a game with great creativity and allows you to show your management skills along with puzzle solving abilities. You can switch between any challenge of match 3 levels. You can also allow a new furry friend into your zoo which you have built yourselves.

Family Zoo was one of the best game in the neighbourhood. Now the city plans to create a huge supermarket instead. You can solve casual match three puzzles in order to earn tickets as well as materials. With these, you can restore your zoo and then decorate it with animal habitats along with surrounding gardens.

You can work and meet with new and old friends. With them, you can make a great place for animals to live. Major game features are.

  1. Swap between match 3 levels along with creating a zoo.
  2. A great range of challenging match 3 puzzles.
  3. Select from numerous decorations to create a unique family zoo.
  4. Interact and display few of the best animals.
  5. Develop your zoo with a wide range of businesses such as stands and cafes. Use different attractions to attract visitors and earn coins.
  6. Complete different quests to earn more rewards and advance in the story.
  7. Create friendships with different people with characters who will help you in saving the zoo.
  8. Have fun with exploding watermelons and other sorts of wacky boosters.

Few of the game’s cheats, tips along with tricks strategy guide are mentioned below.

  1. Make various boosters.

By matching four or more fruit, you can get a booster-type fruit. These explosive boosters then can be detonated by either double tapping on them or by means of matching them with other fruit. The number of fruits initially chained determines the power of a booster. So, if you create a booster with seven fruits, then it will be more powerful.

These boosters can be used to clear objectives and also to blow up big pieces of the board at a time. One of the best is Crazy Orange. Every booster explosion that you plan will charge up the meter which is present at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can then use Crazy Orange once the meter is full. If you match Crazy Orange with any particular fruit, then every single fruit of that type will be removed off the board.

  1. Prioritize objectives

Since each level you play in any match-3 puzzle mode comes with a certain objective, you have to fulfill them. In some levels, you may be asked to match a particular type of fruit while in some you will have to remove grass by means of matching on the correct tiles. In some levels, you have to explode a given number of boosters. Whichever objective you are asked to clear, you should try to prioritize it. You should save your moves and try to make the most out of them which will have maximum efficiency.

  1. Spend all lives

In order to renovate your zoo with success, you will require tickets. In that case, you should play the match-3 puzzle levels in case you have maximum lives. You have to play them anyway as future tasks require more tickets. In that case, you should spend your lives to earn these tickets. Spend them all in one go which allows you to start regenerating them as you move on to take care of other matters in hand such as zoo renovations which you can do at the time. Try to use your lives to earn more tickets. Your zoo management skills will be tested with the renovations you make. Make sure you use your lives efficiently.

  1. Keep a To Do list

In this game, you have to restore the zoo to its previous great glory, and for that, you will require tickets. Eventually, you will be able to unlock “Enclosures” in the To Do list. These tasks involve restoration of animal closures. However, it won’t matter which tasks you prioritize. First, you have to do them at one point or another. Restoration of animal enclosures is important to renovate your zoo and make it more attractive.

  1. Play smart with boosters

This part is about zoo building part of the game which is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is you need to spend tickets to touch up different parts of the zoo and make them attractive. The hardest part is getting the tickets by means of playing match-3 puzzle levels.

As we have mentioned before, the most important tip for fast and successful clearing of levels, you have to use the booster fruits as much as you can. These boosters not only preserve your moves but give a great help when it comes to deal with level’s objectives. If you are collecting a particular kind of fruit, then blow them all up. If you have to clear grass, blow them. In case you are stuck with a problem, or you are in doubt, then you can use these boosters. Try to save as many moves as you can and try to go for big chains as much as you can and blow anything up which requires you to clear the level. This game is a lot about utilizing the boosters with efficiency to clear the levels.


So, these are the top tricks, strategies, and tips which you can use in the Family Zoo: The Story.

With all these great features, you can spend quality time to create your own zoo while enjoying solving puzzles. Use various features to clear objectives and use your management skills to create an attractive zoo.

Try this game today and enjoy the inherent features and exciting puzzles. Experience great zoo management features and create a place for animals which attract visitors.

So, does our review of this phenomenal game seems right? Let us know about your views in the comment section below.