Top 3 Best Evernote Alternative

Most of us have to keep track of various things and events in our daily life and note taking is almost a routine task for us. No matter what your profession is, keeping notes of important meetings, ideas and private information is a daily affair.For such tasks, Evernote has established itself as most trusted note taking tool.

With its sync feature, you can keep the notes on different devices and various platforms. Its productive features make managing tasks, assignments, and other information simplified by efficient notes.

You can also store images, online articles, and other notes in it. Few of the below-mentioned points are the reasons for you to go for Evernote alternative are as follows:

a. One can’t take notes on Linux powered system as Evernote is not available for it.
b. If you don’t wish to download huge files, then skip Evernote.
c. Evernote may not fit your requirement in some cases.

With all these features you may think that it’s the only choice you should make. Well, in case you want to try some other note taking the app, then mentioned below is a list of top 3 Evernote alternative.

1. Simplenote

Boasting about its simple interface, Simplenote is a freeware which we recommend to you if you have to take only text notes. Even with this limitation, you can share your notes and synchronize them on different devices on multiple platforms. You can also synchronize through third party software like Notational Velocity or nVault.

This note taking freeware was developed by WordPress.com creator, Automattic. It supports a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Macintosh, and Kindle.

2. Google Keep

With its minimalist design, Google keep has a very simple interface, but it’s packed with a variety of features. Its grid-based arrangement is easy to use. Other major features are color codes and list-based notes, sharing notes with multiple users, notes reminder and much more. Available free on Google Play Store, its integration with other Google services makes it an excellent choice of Evernote alternative.

3. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote or Microsoft note is another impressive Evernote alternative when it comes to keeping your notes on multiple devices. Major features include the ability to save web clippings as notes, converting emails into notebooks, uploading images, etc. In addition to this, you can always make checklist-based notes.

Microsoft OneNote also provides support to third-party applications like Zapier, Chegg, etc.

Available for free of cost, it can run on different platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPad, etc. If you are looking for clean interface and synchronization of your notes with Microsoft Office 365, then this is the best bet.

Hope you will like our list of top 3 best Evernote alternative. Try any of these softwares and let us know about your reviews and experience. Kindly mention them in the comment section below.