Looking For The Electric Cycle? Here Is The List Of 10 Electric Cycles For You (2020 Update)

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An electric cycle is very high on trend these days not only because of the modernisation but also because of the modernised features which have been offered by it. Popular with the name of an e-bike, the electric cycle in India, is nothing less than a gift of technology and developments to mankind. 

With the world moving towards the concept of digitization, it would not be a surprise to see that the things of our daily needs witnessing a tinge of it, too. Most or basically all of us have witnessed cycling as a major part of our childhood. But, the basic difference between a cycle and an electric cycle is that a cycle comes with pedals. However, when it comes to an electric cycle, you do not need to put an effort into pedalling in order to reach your destination. However, one thing which is common between a normal cycle and an electric cycle is that both are very efficient in functioning and do not cause harm to the environment by indulging in environmental pollution. 

But, if you feel like exercising and thus sweating out your calories, you can take up cycling, no one will be stopping you for that. But if you decide to keep up with the changing trends and thus indulge in getting yourself an electric cycle, here are some options which you can explore:

1. Omobikes Model E.0 Electric Cycle 

Since its formation, Omobikes is an Indian origin company that has very consistently been very mainstream among the peer group. Notwithstanding, as far as by and large wide base, it is still very a long way from being called as extraordinary as in comparison to other electric cycles in India. Therefore, with a view to change this situation and reinforce with a good comeback in the market, Omobikes has come up with the all-new Omobikes Model E.0. 

As far as the matter of sturdiness is concerned, the electric bicycle is considered as one of the best battery cycles in India, in the view of its carbon steel outline. Because of this frame, the bike likewise gauges substantially less than numerous other electric bikes in India. 

With the ability to run, Omobikes has furnished their bike with a 15Ah of battery. Under monetary conditions, this battery unit can offer a mileage of 40km/charge, which, as we would like to think, is all that anyone could need. 

Alongside a 250W engine, the e-bicycle additionally includes a solitary speed gearbox for carrying out the various kinds of transmission responsibilities. As this framework is very uncomplicated and pretty simple, you can control it like an expert, regardless of whether you are just a beginner with the cycle.

Important leads of the bike:

  • The battery is 15Ah lithium-ion one which takes a time period of 4 hours to charge 
  • The seat is very cozy and adjustable 
  • It also has an LED headlight as well as a horn 
  • The cycle is water-resistant also
  • The design is very gorgeous 

2. Gozero One (Best Electric Cycle) 

If you have a craze for electric cycles and are a diehard of the features that are possessed by it but do not want to spend a hefty amount purchasing it, GoZero one should be an option for you. Coming with an LCD display, this cycle keeps you updated with the speed you are moving. Along with this, it also depicts the distance which has been covered and the PAS levels, too. The display panel can be used as a battery indicator also, which marks the level of the efficiency of the bike. 

The battery is worth 400W and is both portable as well as removable. On requirement, the battery can be removed and carried for further assistance too. The motor is of 250W and is known to produce torque of 32Nm. Apart from this, the bike also has as many as 2 mechanical disc units. These help in applying friction so as to stop the moving cycle. 

The bike also gives you a good run even if the roads are full of hurdles and comfort. 

Important leads of the bike: 

  • The affordable price tag is a good pick 
  • The battery is also strong enough 
  • The mileage provided is also good 
  • The built is also very strong
  • The bike is prone to carry a good amount of weight on itself too

3. Egnite Alloy Body Magnet Pedal Assist Bicycle 

Pure EV is a quite well-known name in the portion of bikes and electric cycles in India. Be that as it may, because of the ongoing climb of rivalry in the market, its reputation has been tried to be targeted and thus diminished. 

Along these lines, with the motive to recapture their regard as well as to establish in the market, Pure EV has propelled its new model Egnite with various restrictive highlights. 

First of all, the e-bicycle includes a 250W motor, which is very ground-breaking and proficient. Accordingly, with the 36V battery, the bike can accomplish a top speed of 25km/h serenely. Alongside this, Pure EV Egnite can likewise furnish you with a mileage of 80km/charge, which is incredible for both days by day driving as well as far sighted biking and hiking trips. 

To make it a standout amongst other electric cycles in India, Pure EV has introduced their bike with a two-plate brake unit. These brakes are known to be very proficient and, along these lines, can stop your vehicle very quickly. It does not matter whether you are riding at a higher speed. 

In addition to all of this, there is one more thing which the Pure EV is blessed with. It is none other than the suspension framework. This framework comprises an XC30 fork, which works wonders even if it is being tested on the dangerous street conditions.

Important leads of the bike:

  • The bike is made up of a material which is pure aluminium alloy 
  • There are telescopic suspension forks placed at the front of the electric cycle 
  • The structure is tough 
  • The braking system is reflexive and very good 
  • The suspension system of the e-bike is efficient too 
  • The bike can be used both on the uneven surfaces as well as the hurdle-less roads  
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4. Battre Electric Cycle 

Another name that perfectly comes across in the list of the best electric cycles in the country is the BattRE Electric Cycle. This particular cycle is both being produced as well as introduced in the market by BattRE. Famous for giving a smooth riding experience, this cycle utilizes a 250W engine and 21-speed gearbox. 

Both of these parts which this electric cycle comprises are very effective and, alongside the battery, can assist it with achieving a mileage of 80km per charge. But when it comes to environmental efficiency as well as the eco-friendliness and the mileage, the weight of the rider has a very important role to play. The lighter the rider is, the more distance this electric cycle is likely to cover with the utmost ease. 

To stop the vehicle in a moment, BattRE furnishes two circle brakes with their cycle, which is, in a single word, outstanding. Be that as it may, for dealing with the suspension obligations, the e-bicycle gets the regular good old hardtail suspension framework. 

By and by, in the event that you are just going to utilize this bike for everyday driving, at that point you would not confront any troubles whatsoever. Like many other electric cycles which are on the run, this one, too, accompanies two wide and strong tires. Because of their size and example, these tires can give magnificent hold and steadiness on practically any street. 

Important leads of the bike: 

  • The bike comes along with the disc brakes 
  • The 21-speed gear system comes to use in this electric cycle 
  • The double wall rim is of 26 inches 
  • The frame is very strong 
  • A top speed of as much as 25 kms per hour is attainable 
  • No license requirement in order to get your hands on this bicycle 
  • The system for braking is quite good 

5. Elektron Hybrid Bicycle, The Electric Cycle

When it comes to talking about the best electric cycles in India, the Elektron Hybris Bicycle does not stand a single chance to miss out. This is a  Chandigarh-based e-bicycle organization with the name of Elektron. They began with their profession of bike manufacturing in 2016, and from that point forward, they have propelled various astonishing items. Among these, the Elektron Hybrid bike is considered by numerous individuals as truly outstanding in the business. 

In regard to appearance, the Electron HB looks practically like an ordinary MTB yet sneaks up all of a sudden. Like their other e-bicycles, Elektron has utilized a similar aluminum combination material to assemble this cycle, which makes it both durable as well as lightweight. Hence, on the off chance that you keep up this cycle appropriately and concentrate on it, at that point it will keep going for a long time. This means the value of depreciation is very less and can be avoided with the help of some constant efforts. 

Known to be the best electric cycle in India, the Elektron HB accompanies a stature of 104cm, a width of 40cm, and a length of 175cm. Along these lines, any individual, with normal tallness, can ride this bike easily. For braking, the Elektron HB comes with two plate brakes, which are very phenomenal right now value go in India. To give you ideal riding experience, Elektron has likewise included a hardtail suspension framework and two wide tires. 

Other than shielding you from little knocks, the tires can likewise offer a brilliant hold and equalization on any street. Therefore, other than city streets, you can likewise utilize this cycle on harsh surfaces without confronting any challenges.

Important leads of the bike: 

  • Ensures security from the thieves as well as safety from explosion with the help of an in-built battery system 
  • With the variably fair economic conditions, the bike help to attain a speed of 25 kms per hour
  • Ideal for any person who is in between 4’9’’ to 6 feet tall
  • Only one colour variant is available for this electric cycle 
  • Is inclusive of the wide tyres which help in making a proper grip on roads full of hurdles and also ensures a tight grip 

6. Lightspeed Dryft – Futuristic Electric Bicycle 

The concept of owning an electric cycle has taken the people by toll at a very large scale. This is not only because today is the trend of these kinds of cycles, but also because, these cycles have a lot to offer in exchange for the price at which they are being offered. LightSpeed is an Ahmedabad-based organization, which has been offering e-bicycles at a moderate cost in India since 2017. The organization presently has 3 e-bicycles under their portfolio, among which, the LightSpeed Dryft is the most recent one yet. 

Considered as extraordinary compared to other electric cycles in India by numerous riders, LightSpeed accompanies a steel outline, which is very solid. Be that as it may, in view of being made with unadulterated steel, the bicycle is additionally very substantial. In this way, in the event that you are an amateur, you may encounter some adjusting issues while riding the cycle on harsh surfaces. 

The bicycle accompanies a 250W engine incredible engine, which draws the force for offering its administrations from a 10.4Ah battery unit. Together, as a beast power, this battery and engine can help the rider in a very smooth riding experience which he/she would like to take on a regular basis. 

In regard of its appearance, the bike looks precisely like a conventional MTB cycle. The main thing, which can assist you with differentiating between them, is its jug molded battery unit.

Important leads of the bike: 

  • The frame of the electric cycle might come across as heavy for many 
  • The pedal of this bicycle is very easy to use and function 
  • A single-speed gearbox plays an important role in the easy operation of the cycle 
  • The handlebars are of the correct length which comfort the rider while riding. Also, this ensures a proper procedure while riding. 

7. Coppernicus T3 E-bike (The Electric Cycle)

With many companies and brands targeting the very base of the customers, it’s definitely time for the metropolitan based startups to step up their game as well. The Bangalore-based e-bicycle organization, Coppernicus, has been able to mark a niche for itself in the context of the electric cycles. In any case, for reasons unknown, they despite everything have not picked up that much hype as well as prominence in the Indian market. In this way, to change this image for the last time, the organization has as of late opted for the introduction of the Copernicus T3 in the market amongst its competitors. 

Like a couple of others on our rundown of the best electric cycle in India, Coppernicus T3, as well, includes a very solid outline that is made up of aluminum. This edge gives the much-required rigidity to the cycle, which causes it to withstand a great deal of knocks and vibrations easily. Concerning its appearance, the Coppernicus T3 likewise looks very crisp and in vogue. In any case, it accompanies a forceful riding stance, which isn’t proper for city riding. 

In order to deal with the suspension obligations, Coppernicus has introduced its bicycle with Suntour XCM suspension forks that are placed at the front of the bike. In spite of being very old fashioned, this framework can make a respectable showing on both city streets just as surfaces which are uneven and not very smooth.

Important leads of the bike:

  • The price of the bike is a little high when compared to its competitor models 
  • The frame which is made up of aluminium is a robust one 
  • The bike also comes up with the kind of tyres that are ultra-wide. This enhances the look and also works well in order to maintain the grip as well as the balance while riding
  • The disc brakes are equipped for an urgent and a quick response 
  • The saddle is pretty narrow 

8. Swagtron Swagcycle Eb-5 Folding Electric Cycle 

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is one of those battery cycles in India which is liked by many. This has been designed and brought up in the market by Swagtron. The 250W engine of this bike in India is known to generate a torque of maximum limit 30Nm. The battery is 36V. In order to charge it completely, the bike needs an approximate time of 3.5 hours. A mileage of 24 km per charge can be generated by this electric cycle in India. This is a good pick for day to day usage. 

The frame is of aluminium alloy which ensures a high level of durability as well as strongness, so much so, that this e-bike can be used in the transportation of heavy cargoes as well. The dimensions of this bike are 49inches*22 inches*35 inches, the length, width as well as the height being respectively. Hence, even if you have a relatively short height, you’ll have a comfortable ride while cycling this e-bike. 

Important leads of the bike: 

  • The braking system is normal, not very good
  • The weight of the bike is light 
  • Longevity is not a problem with this e-bike 
  • This bike is interestingly foldable as well as portable 

9. Roulik Inizio E-bike 

For all the professional cyclists looking for electric cycles in the country, the Roulik Inizio is the correct one. This e-bike has a 21-speed gearbox which keeps the pedalling process of the bike in good action. Having the pedal assist, this e-bike helps in delivering a good cycling experience. There are some other considerable features in the bike as well namely, the throttle function, the cruise control as well as the e-brake. 

There are as many as 2 disc units which are powerful enough to stop your moving bike on the spot as and when required. The frame is made of aluminium so you need not worry about the degree of power of this bike. The bike can suffer a major degree of damages without affecting the functioning of the bike at all. However, a little maintenance of the bike will help you in ensuring a wider functioning and smooth movement of the bike. The measurement of this bike is almost 26 inches. So, any child above 15 years in age can ride the bike well. 

Important leads of the bike: 

  • The price of this electric cycle is a little high
  • Has some really amazing features
  • 5 feet is the minimum height required in order to pedal this bike 
  • The engine is powerful 
  • A maximum speed of 25 km per hour can be attained 
bike under 70,000

10. Being Human Bh27 Electric cycle 

Being Human is one such brand which needs no introduction in particular for itself. Be it because of the quality of the products being offered or the Bollywood star connection which it actually comes from. But not many are aware that apart from merchandise, the Being Human brand comes up with the designing as well as the manufacturing of the electric cycles as well. 

The Being Human BH27 E-cycle is an e-bike which should be amongst your explorable options. Talking about the appearance, the BH27 looks impeccable. It accompanies a moderate yet smooth structure, which, while driving, looks very lovely and very sophisticated. The makers have likewise worked superbly with the wires as they look totally concealed when looking from a separation. 

Something else, which makes it a decent electric cycle in India as far as appearance, is its wheels. On account of being made with magnesium material, these compound wheels look totally beautiful to do it in the day or at night. 

In the same way as other e cycles in India on this rundown, BH27 has additionally been composed of steel material as well. In this manner, while physically utilizing, the e-bicycle may feel somewhat substantial to certain individuals. In any case, when you utilize the throttle or pedal help, everything will feel good and windy. 

For dealing with suspension obligations, Being Human has included a front fork with their e-cycle. It offers exceptional assistance in practically any condition, particularly on the lopsided streets and surfaces. 

To make your riding experience considerably progressive and all the more enjoyable, Being Human additionally designs their bike with two wide tires. Other than causing you to feel good, these tires additionally give extraordinary grasp and solidness on any sort of street.

Important leads of the bike: 

  • There are 4 colour options available to choose from
  • The seat is adjustable as per the comfort of the rider 
  • The battery requires a time period of 3-4 hours to get fully charged
  • The design is sleek and quite stylish
  • The handle has a sporty look and also benefits the riding posture of the rider
  • However, some people may find the weight of the bike heavy and the cruise control mode in the bike stands a miss

As customers, when you have to shed out money from your own pocket becomes a thing of concern if you do not receive the desired product and results, later on. Many people in India are still unfamiliar with the concept of electric cycles. But this does not mean that they should remain that way. A little research and knowledge does not harm anyone, be it in any context.  

If you have a thing for cycling and wish to opt for an e-bike as well, there are many choices for you. You got to make the right choice as per your need. There is absolutely no obligation on you to make a choice from the e-bike options that are mentioned above. There are some more electric cycle options as well: 

  • Elektron Cycles – M5X – Electric Fat Bicycle 
  • LightSpeed Glyd 2019 – Your Futuristic Electric Bike 

We hope this article was helpful and you found the best electric cycle for yourself.