Best Ebook Readers For The Reading Enthusiast (2020 Update)

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The best E-readers also known as ebook readers have obvious benefits.

When you’re an avid book reader, you know how boring it is to be sitting around with a pile of books. Thankfully this issue is solved by an ebook reader.

E-readers have been improved continuously since their launch to meet the needs of any book lover.

The new ebook reader apk is waterproof, lightweight, and user friendly!

Today’s models have come a long way, and in this detailed guide, we ‘re sharing the best ebook readers available today.

Are you ready to move into the ebook reader software world? Read on for more!

Which Is The Best Ebook Reader?

Users are different in several respects, and they should expect different e-reader experiences.

Usability, pixels, screen size, battery life, sharing support, networking, and adjustable brightness are the most important features you should be looking for, though.

For you, the best ebook reader depends on what features you ‘re most interested in.

If you came to this post just wondering if you are supposed to buy a Kobo vs. Kindle, you are in for a treat. And, we’ve got more detailed details on ebook readers online than just those two.

Check out our reviews of the most common e-readers, with comprehensive details about each type, and why you should buy them (or shouldn’t!).

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What Screen Type And How Big Should Your Ebook Reader Be?

Primary ebook readers view text using monochrome, E Ink screens. E Ink looks a lot like paper, and when reading for long periods, it is gentle on your eyes. It’s not backlit on the least expensive models, so you’ll need illumination to see the text just as you’d do with a printed book. Yet most ebook readers online now have edge illumination that enables you to see in the dark. 

You can vary the intensity of the brightness from barely out there to flashlight-bright for each model. You can read in the dark on the lowest settings as your partner sleeps peacefully beside you.

As the optimum display size for E Ink readers, the industry seems to have decided on six inches; that is what you can see on most of Amazon’s Kindles, say. However, there are exceptions: Kobo’s Forma is considerably larger, at 8 inches. And if you want clarity, you ‘re in luck: 300 pixels per inch seems to be the new standard among the most recent readers of ebooks.

Manufacturers also improve the efficiency of these E Ink displays. A few years ago, page refreshments were slow; with each page turn the entire screen blinks black, and some early ebook readers had text contrast problems, which made reading difficult. That’s all history. The new readers have clean, simple text, and use caching schemes that rarely refresh the entire page; much of the time, the letters just fade out and back in. The page refreshes itself much quicker than before.

Touch displays, meanwhile, have an inherent advantage: On-screen keys make it easy to take notes or scan the text of your book. Maneuvering a huge online bookshop on a touch-screen computer is also much simpler.

So E Ink is perfect for reading books, but tablet screens deliver another bevy of advantages. Their colour screens mean you can read much more than books: these are just two examples of magazines and comic books. Best of all, even lower-cost tablets such as the Fire 7 can access the internet, download content from Netflix, Hulu, or other websites, play music, and run applications.

How To Choose The Best E-Reader For PC?

Let’s begin with your budget because that’s the easiest way to make this call. The $90 Kindle is a good recommendation if you are running tight right now. The lighting is nice enough for a couple of conditions, and there is nothing to sneeze at with its battery life.

When money isn’t a choice, then you’ll be choosing between the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis, and that’s kind of hard. If you want to create your devices with a tougher plastic which still feels solid, then you probably have the Paperwhite in mind. Kindle Paperwhite provides the same water resistance as that of the Oasis. Further, it is also similar in many other ways.

Yet if you’re sick of menu futzing and changing brightness, you ‘re definitely after the Kindle Oasis. The monitor responds automatically to ambient lighting conditions, possibly the best unique overall feature because its shiny, non-symmetrical nature is a little controversial in our office.

Will You Read On The Beach?

If you like reading in the bath, by the pool or on the beach, you might want to consider buying an ebook reader app that’s waterproof. You have several choices. The Amazon Kindle Oasis, the new Kindle Paperwhite, the Kobo Forma, and the Kobo Libra H2O are all classified to some degree to withstand submergence in water. The Kindle Oasis also has page turn keys, so that when your hands are wet, you can quickly flip between pages.

What Kind Of Wireless Connection Is Needed?

An ever-on cellular radio helps you to buy and download books free of charge from anywhere, over the air (aside of course from the book itself). Many devices offer Wi-Fi as their base level wireless connection at a much lower cost with 3 G cellular service accessible only as part of a more costly package.

Wi-Fi will work for you as long as you do not mind waiting until you are at home or close to a hotspot to search for new books. To buy a new book when, say, on a long train trip or lounging at the beach, a small few may still choose to pay for 3G!

The capacity for internal storage is not much of a concern. Most of every ebook reader download you can buy today can store more than 1,000 books, with some space for thousands of more titles to offer. And if you have more books than that, each of the significant vendors provides cloud storage, allowing you to download books to your device whenever you need them, assuming you are connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot (or anywhere you have a cell signal, if you have a 3G-capable model).

What About The Books?

Things get a little complicated here, so bear with us for a moment. There is no single universal ebook format;, when you choose an ebook reader for PC windows 7, you make a frontal decision about which ecosystem you are going to support.

You have some more flexibility with free, public domain books, but it’s more complicated. Google, for example, offers more than one million free books in the accessible open ePub format, which many public libraries now use to lend books. Kindles don’t support ePub, though. Amazon has launched its own public library that loans tie-in, which varies from one branch to the next. 

Amazon also has the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows you to borrow a book a month from a collection of over one million books, but only if you pay the Amazon Prime service $99 a year. It also gives you unrestricted access to the Prime Reading library at Amazon.

The ebook stores themselves aren’t the same thing to make it even more chaotic. Selection of books, sizes, and prices vary from store to store. The perfect way to spend a little time browsing ebook stores before you commit to a computer is through this thicket of digital underbrush. You can access online ebook stores by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo to see which carries most of the books, magazines, and newspapers you want to read. And, if you are going to borrow ebooks from the library, search your local branch to see what format is in use and then make sure it is supported by the reader you want. If Overdrive is used, then Kobo is your best bet.

What About Ebook Apps?

One saving grace is that many of the significant vendors of ebook readers have developed a complete ecosystem of apps around their format of choice. For instance, you can start reading a book at home on your Kindle Paperwhite; then, when waiting in line at the grocery store, you can fire the Kindle app from your iPhone and pick up exactly where you left off in the same book except on your computer.

The size of the app ecosystem varies according to format. Both the Apple iPad and iPhone run iBooks, a lightweight app that looks fantastic, but digital books don’t have quite the same book range as Amazon. Amazon also provides iPad apps along with versions for iPhone, Ios, and other devices; it also has a Cloud Reader that operates on the iPad with a direct connection to the Kindle Store, and some vendors make PC and Mac apps, too.

In short, if you are planning to read digital books on multiple gadgets, be sure to read our product reviews and note the list of supported devices provided by each manufacturer.

It is one place where nothing but positive news exists: costs around the board have dropped considerably. Although tablets are quite a different consumer electronics category with higher prices you have plenty of decent choices for less than $200, all of which is still nice to read. And on the other end, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is pricey, but for devoted bookworms, it is a successful purchase.

Keeping that in mind, these are our favorite ebook readers, which you can purchase today. Check out our 13 Paperwhite Tips Every Reader Needs to Know if you have a Paperwhite. And if you prefer reading on a color screen, head over to our top tablet choices.

What To Look For In An E-Reader?

Before you go out and buy the cheapest Kindle on Amazon, let’s take a second to review some features from an e-reader that you may like.

  • File Compatibility: The Kindle Paperwhite only fits with a limited range of file formats, requiring users to purchase eBooks from the Amazon store. For most people, that’s great, but it’s terrible news for those purchasing eBooks from non-Amazon outlets. If you want an e-reader that is compatible with other file formats, such as EPUB, then your best bet is a Kobo ereader.
  • Size: If you feel constrained by the small size of most readers, choose a larger model, such as the Kobo Format.
  • Book Borrowing: All the ereaders in this article work for book borrowing with local libraries. That said, Kindle Paperwhites provides the most extensive collection of lending books.
  • Bluetooth: Audiobooks have built-in Bluetooth for Kindle Paperwhite computers. It’s a useful feature, but it’s not a huge selling point. This being said, Kindles can quickly move between eBooks and Audiobooks without losing your position, which is a point of sale.
  • Water Resistance: Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Forma have an official IPX8 water resistance ranking, making them a smart choice for bookworms for bath or poolside. These devices are capable of handling an hour of immersion in 6-foot water.
  • Lit Screens: Each E-Reader in this article has back-lit or side-lit screens for reading at night and outdoor.

Best Ebook Readers Available In The Market

Following are some of the best ebook readers available in the market:

Amazon Kindle Oasis (ebook Readers)

Amazon states that the Kindle Oasis will last on a single charge for up to six weeks, but you’ll probably need to plug it in after a week or two of use (depending on your settings). It’s still more than good enough for most people and, considering how small the system is; it’s impressive it can go so far. There are also built-in ambient light sensors that adapt to your environment, so you don’t have to change the screen regularly.

E-books are relatively lightweight, so it is generally not as necessary for an ebook reader as a tablet or smartphone to store internally. The Kindle Oasis provides 8 GB of storage, which is enough for thousands of books. Still, there’s a 32 GB option that might be preferable for those who enjoy listening to Audible audiobooks via Bluetooth earbuds. You can have library books on your Kindle, too. Overdrive has a simple interface that lets you send e-books over the internet to your Kindle no necessary plug-in. You can also highlight and share passages from your favorite books on social media, look up the meaning of words, and get context for fictional and non-fictional characters.

Kobo Ebook Reader Libra

If you are searching for an e-book reader that can access a more extensive library, then dump the Kindle and go for the Kobo Libra H2O. Kobo’s ebook reader has a large 7-inch E Ink display for 300-pixel-per-inch (PPI) resolution, so your books will still look crisp and real. Since the e-book reader displays cast blue light that can keep you awake at night, Kobo’s ComfortLight Pro helps reduce the exposure to blue light. The monitor takes on a dry, yellow hue when it’s all lit, which minimizes the effect of blue light when you’re reading at night.

Thanks to an IPX8 rating, the Libra H2O is also completely waterproof. That means you can read about your investment in the bath or at the beach without worrying. You will only need to recharge your battery every few weeks, depending on your read preferences; it can even last between charges for as long as one month. 

The Kobo Libra H2O can handle several e-book formats, so you can download books from Google Play, your public library, or elsewhere. OverDrive library borrowing is built straight into the Kobo store, so it has never been easier to get library books on your e-book reader. Due to an outstanding 8 GB of room, you can add thousands of books to the Libra H2O too.

If you are deeply ingrained in Amazon’s Kindle ebook scheme or enjoy listening to audiobooks, you would always prefer the Kindle Oasis (see the above entry). But if you’re not, you might find the Kobo Libra H2O a better e-book reader to you. It’s cheaper, stifles blue light, embraces more types of e-books, and has built-in borrowing from your library.

Kindle Paperwhite, ebook readers in the market

First off, the Kindle Paperwhite offers a beautiful, high-resolution display with a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch the same as its predecessor. The bezel that was raised got replaced with one that was flush with the display. The change made the new Paperwhite a little sleeker and increased slightly thinner. This 6 “e-book reader is lightweight as well as it is easy to hold while reading with one hand. There are no turn-buttons on the page, sadly, but you won’t be bothered if you prefer to use the touchscreen instead.

There are some new features, too, that make the Paperwhite even more attractive. It has an IPX8 certification, which means you can use it without concern in the pool or shower. There’s also Bluetooth compatibility, which means you can pair the Kindle headphones and listen to your favourite Audible books. The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is available in configurations with 8 GB and 32 GB storage. As far as battery life goes, the Paperwhite will last on a single charge for several weeks.

While the simplicity of the Paperwhite might be so dull, it is uninspired; for most people, it is still the best Kindle. Keep in mind; you can get a cheaper edition-the original Kindle that was refreshed in 2019. The price gap between it and the Paperwhite is so low that we suggest shelling it out. On the right sidebar, you can read more detail about it.

Kobo Clara HD | One of the best ebook readers!

The Kobo Clara HD boasts a stunning 300 PPI screen and 8 GB storage, just as the Kindle Paperwhite does. The battery is large enough from a single charge that you should get around a month of reading. It also offers the same innovatively lit ComfortLight Pro as the more costly Kobo models. This feature makes use of red and orange LEDs to illuminate the screen without the need for blue light, which can cause sleeping problems. Only the most expensive models in the Kindle range will find this feature, and it’s a big plus for Kobo ‘s devices as it makes reading a bit more natural at night.

Kindle Fire Edition (ebook Readers)

If you want to get an all-in-one unit to reduce clutter in the New Year, check out the Amazon Fire HD 10. A full-function tablet also helps you to read the Kindle app by downloading it. This is the best Ereader for magazines and other publications with broad photos with a 10.1-inch high-definition screen, but of course, you can also enjoy books on it.

Since the Fire serves as a center of entertainment, with your videos and movies, you can keep your reading materials side by side, and web surfing is a breeze with the extra-speed processor. And because it uses an LCD screen instead of E Ink technology, the backdrop and print can be switched between shades of black, white, and gray inside the device, although it is much harder to read in direct sunlight. We have found the black background, and the white form is ideal for reading at night. Built-in Dolby Atmos speakers make Audible books a comfortable fit, and Amazon Alexa is included, so if you wish, you can order your book to be read out loud.

Kindle Kids Edition

This Kindle edition blends standard Amazon hardware with software and parental controls making it one of the best ereaders for children, but still well designed for adults. Everything contains a child-friendly case in blue, green, or a choice between two styles and a two-year warranty, but it’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited ‘s free year-long membership that makes this a genuinely new offer.

Okay, let’s get to the nitty-gritty now. The front light allows children to read in the dark, and Audible audiobooks include Bluetooth. So you may want to stick with chapter books rather than picture-heavy titles or graphic novels because of its smaller, 6-inch screen. That said, it has an essential safety function that parents can appreciate: you can track the activities of your child using a parent dashboard that can be accessed online or by mobile, set time limits, or even disable the system. Don’t skip these other devices that will keep your children safe too.

The Ipad Most Popular Ebook Reader India

I know, it doesn’t have an E Ink screen, but perhaps the basic iPad is a better option for you than a dedicated e-reader. It’s a full-featured phone, perfect for surfing the web or downloading content, and its built-in Books app has the same excellent features you’ll find on a Kindle Paperwhite (including temperature controls). The iPad can work with every sort of file, and you can also download the Kindle app to get to your Kindle library and search the Kindle eBook store.

Android tablets also make ereaders tremendous and cost much less than the iPad. If you are going down this path, then we’re recommending the inexpensive Samsung Galaxy Tab A that will work for all file types and will work directly with the Kindle app and book store. Another device that sells for under $100 is the Amazon Fire tablet, but it doesn’t work native to EPUB files.

How Do Companies Test Kindle, One of the best ebook readers in the market?

In addition to assessing the scale, weight reported battery life, and design choices of the e-readers, we use our light meter to check their brightness. The reading experience on the computer often plays an enormous role in those ratings. For example, we look at the interface’s intuitive nature, the size of the library available, and how well the special features (such as web browsers or dictionaries) operate. 

We also monitor how many hours we spend reading on the Kindle and the percentage of battery life that remains, and measure it against the company’s predictions.

And then we read and read and read, of course. At home, on the subway, in the park, and everywhere else that changes the lighting. We are even dropping waterproof Kindles into our makeshift dunk tank and watching them survive it surprised the first time, and now it’s becoming something we’re expecting. Finally, we ‘re checking to see if something Amazon has improved about how Kindles operates with public libraries. It’s the one thing that we like about rivals.

E-readers are great for those bookworms who blast through paperbacks and need a more convenient way to get new reads quickly. But as with everything else you buy, when deciding on the best e-reader for you, you’ll need to look at all the features of the item. The help narrows down the choices; top e-readers were researched and evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Institute to find out the best overall models. We look at the ease of operation, readability in bright or dark lit rooms, size, battery life, storage space, speed when using (switching on, downloading books and page turns), and fingerprint resistance.

Current e-readers use e-ink, but use LCDs more like a “tablet” like e-readers. Some styles feature a hybrid that provides both. E-ink models have a more paper-like experience with users reporting less eye strain and are usually lighter with longer battery life, comparatively. Aside from reading books, e-readers with LCD screens would have more features.