Dictionary Software: Best Free Offline for PC

Dictionary Software works on a PC without an internet connection in an era where our life is so much reliant on the internet in recent generations that we are online while on the move, that is, on the smartphones.

What happens when there is no internet connection, or there is a disturbance in the network? We are in a fix all of a sudden and feel utterly dependent in such situations. Most of the applications presently rely on an existing internet network, and so is the problem with most of the Dictionary Software.

While tons of Dictionaries are available online that can be downloaded for PC, most of them either require an internet connection or a fee attached to them. Even though you may take a free dictionary, it may not maintain the full range of features and lack most of the words. In such circumstances having a fully featured dictionary on your PC, which can be accessed offline and is free of cost too, is an outstanding choice for many.

We have gathered the best offline dictionary for PC, which will help that quick word search. They will accommodate you with an instant solution without any internet or Wi-Fi relationship and support you with a complete database with almost all the words you can think of. So letís get goingÖ

Wordweb Free Dictionary

Wordweb is one of the excellent dictionary software available in recent times, which is free of charge. You can download the extended version without any value that offers a massive database of source words about 15000 in number. Not just that, using its translator service is equally convenient as it provides you with the word translation in only a short click, even when you are offline.

The Dictionary Software remains in the system files and can be started from any of the computer programs. For MS Word, Wordweb is embedded in it by default and can be accessed with just one click from the Word file itself. Wordweb defines the words you are looking for and displays synonyms, similar expressions, and the phrase’s source.

Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary is an open software for desktop. It is as easy to use as it is to connect. It contributes an exhaustive compilation (similar to 61) of dictionaries, including word options for languages like English, French, Polish and Spanish, simultaneously with glossaries, dictionaries and thesauruses. Being a compilation of virtually all the information that you need relevant to a word, this program presents you with an all-round clarification for your inquiries. It helps you obtain your information for a word search in just one lookup from all the 61 dictionaries.

This dictionary offers an uncomplicated, distributed and user-friendly interface and helps compare various dictionary descriptions sleekly. Ultimate Dictionary also establishes the dictionaries effortlessly using the administration tools to add, omit, or even rearrange dictionaries. Moreover, it also recognizes the format used by the Stardict Dictionary.

TheSageís English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage is an exhaustive and 100% free professional Dictionary and Thesaurus available offline for PC users. It consists of a giant dictionary that includes over 210,000-word meanings and a comprehensive dictionary that contributes more than 140,000 bonds among definitions that include synonyms, hypernyms, holonyms, hyponyms etc.

Its interface includes tabs that allow you to find numerous words concurrently using relevant and outstanding search devices, viz. wildcards and more. You can also recover the history of the terms that you have looked up for. The best component about the software is that it omits into the Windows context list that helps you find definitions from practically any source from the PC.


Lingopad is an offline dictionary available for Windows PC and is perfect for those resembling a fabulous German to English glossary. It also contributes many other dictionaries in various French, Turkish, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Arabic and Japanese.

This Dictionary Software allows you to import your own set of terminologies, specify your own, build word stocks, edit them, and use them alongside the current dictionaries. Itís free of cost to download with no concealed charges. Using the exploration functionality, you can watch for the start, middle, or the last character of a word, resemble up for collocation and study at the freshly searched terms index. You can hold a hotkey on the PC to look up a tagged or a copied word. However, if you require to search for info on Wikipedia or Google, there are direct links.

Artha Dictionary

Artha is a multi-platform Thesaurus in English that is administered free of cost and is possible for only offline use. The program is developed on WordNet, a substantial lexical database of English created at the University of Princeton. Every word you examine on this software will pull up potentially related stories that incorporate synonyms, antonyms, similar phrases, entails, domain words, derivatives, attributes, causes, hypernyms, etc., sense-mapping.

Arha continues in the system plate of the computer after you have downloaded it. It helps you search words from any of the open windows by arranging the text and compressing the previously fixed hot-key. You can choose to have Artha advertise a passive alert while practising the hot-key, or you can also arrange to have the program explain a balloon tip that will support you immediately continue with your current performance.

Everest Dictionary

Everest allows events for all chief European languages and also supports you find the terms using the index. The application comes attributed to a speech aid that will enable you to pronounce the words correctly and the responsive feature. Moreover, it also allows to customize names, initiates spontaneous look upon double-clicking the term, demonstrates a Back button that supports you to proceed back to the earlier interpretation, displays one random new word on a small pane for learning purpose, empowers you to customize word colours, gives you test your knowledge, interprets different languages, allows you to increase the dictionary, share and translate them to the buddies, and even compare your favoured websites.

Aard Dictionary

Aard Dictionary is an open-source and free cross-platform offline dictionary that offers word solutions in multiple languages. It comes with a dictionary module that allows you to look up search terms in the dictionary and a quick exploration from Wikipedia even while you are offline. You require to download the software just once, and you are fixed.

Aard offers a broad range of dictionaries in many languages on the website, including a Wikipedia index in various languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and many more. Other databases submitted by the program are Wikiquote, WordNet, Wiktionary, etc.


tinySpell is higher as a spellchecker than a conventional dictionary and is independent of cost. This program can be advantageous for those who refer to a dictionary to check the exact spelling instead of a spellchecker. It is a convenient tool for all as it also comes with an American to English Dictionary featuring over 110,000 terms.

It can retain a lookout on your typing skills in progress and inform you whenever it obtains a word that has been misspelt. Not just that, it also encompasses a quick spelling check on the text that is being replicated to the clipboard and can likewise get auto-installed in the taskbar information section for easy grasp.


Stardict is an open-source, free cross-platform offline global dictionary that accommodates over 100 free dictionaries currently. While you have access to this massive database of dictionaries for free, you have to install each of these dictionaries after downloading the Stardict dictionary’s crust.

It has grown up with fresh, engaging ideas, like Fuzz’s query that reminds you of how to spell a word correctly when you cannot recall the same. It gives you the matching results closest to the name you entered after figuring out the relationship amid two terms relating to the Levenshtein Edit Distance tool. You need to add “/” before your entered phrase and then hit the Enter button to develop a fuzzy query.