Top 10 Best Business Management Software in 2017

In today’s world, the businesses have various complex processes to handle with. It takes a huge amount of time and resources to manage various aspects of the business. Whether it is information, client’s detail, customer support, or employees record, the entire business landscape is filled with complicated data which needs to be handled with care and in an organized fashion. To assist in their operation, business management software plays an important role.

The business management application is a software or compilation of computer programs which are used by businesses to perform different business functions and manage the information. These applications are quite helpful in boosting the productivity, to measure productivity and allows the business function to perform accurately.

Most of the business software is generally developed according to the requirements of a specific business and therefore it cannot be transferred to various other business environment, unless the nature of other business and its operations are similar. Owing to unique requirements of every business, off-the-shelf software is not able to completely solve the company’s issues. Even though there is a huge requirement of an on-the-shelf software solution, due to time and monetary issues, a substantial level of customization is duly required. However, few exception does exist which depends on the business in consideration and via research, it is determined if the business should go for the off-the-shelf solution.

Most of the business applications these days are interactive, i.e., they come with graphical user interface and allows the user to ask the query, modify and input data and get the final results in an instant. They are allowed to run reports within few seconds. In some cases, business applications run in batch mode, that is, they are set to run on basis of predetermined time or event and the user doesn’t have to initiate or even monitor them.

Considering these factors and business application types, there are many business management software and applications which are a perfect fit for today’s businesses and sort out the issues that they face. Here we are going to discuss top 10 business management applications from which you can choose for your business.

BP Logix Process Director

This software is a compliance management solution which provides workflow along with business process management or BPM compliance, all within a single solution. This software is perfectly suited according to the requirements of financial businesses, healthcare, government and another type of regulated industry segments. It has cloud-based as well as on-premise deployments which are available for interested businesses.

It comes with form builder tool which allows the user to create as well as modify electronic forms in conjunction with data validation features. These forms are then duly signed electronically by the user for various purposes like compliance and security. The users can also obtain modifiable and parallel business processes as per their requirements.

It allows the user to place checks at different step of his processes to assist him in maintaining the compliance with governmental and organizational regulations. This solution also allows the users to manage audits as well as track and report any sort of changes made to auditable forms and also maintain an audit log in case of specific events or actions taken. This software provides multi-factor authentication along with form data encryption. This business management software is the best solution for businesses dealing with regulatory authorities as explained earlier.

Wylie Systems

This software provides a cloud-based business management solution which is specifically designed for small businesses which provide sales management along with finance management, inventory control as well as point of sale (POS) and client management functionalities, all within a single sit. This solution is perfectly suited for weight loss clinics as well as medical spas.

This solution features customer management which allows the users to create progress reports along with booking multiple appointments and ability to send email campaigns. The users can also measure the performance of all of their marketing efforts by means of tracking referral sources.

This business management software also provides sales management which enables the users to record different types of transactions like online sales and POS purchases. It also allows the users to manage online as well as credit card payments and also record card information securely for repeat sales.

With the assistance of its inventory management module, the users can track the history of their orders and can also set automated re-order triggers in case their stock levels are low. This system also integrates via Bluetooth along with coded scanners for the purposeful use in process of obtaining and counting inventory.


This solution provides cloud-based, scalable project management along with collaboration platform. Its important features include social collaboration tools which in turns allow the user to organize their projects via a single dashboard. The users can easily assign tasks, set and track deadlines as well as schedules. The users can also prioritize assignments along with many features.

It allows the users to track project profess via the tools like Gannt charts which provide the users a certain way to visualize the project plans on a real-time basis. The users can easily edit tasks as well as adjust schedules. Team leaders can also view and manage their team’s work with the assistance of detailed task lists, spreadsheets, along with timesheets or via the Activity Stream of the platform,

This business management software provides integration with document management solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box and also comes with the ability to import files from any Microsoft Project. This system is perfectly designed to provide support to teams of various sizes and can easily meet the requirements of most industries.


This cloud-based business management solution is best suited for small to midsize businesses present in different industries.

It provides a suite of standard CRM or customer relationship management functions which can be easily configured to incorporate as well automate the different and unique process along with the workflows of the company by means of creating a single and integrated system.

Modules come with salesforce and marketing automation along with lead and opportunity management account as well as contact management and customer support. It also comes with task, case and campaign management.

Every module of this software can be easily modified, providing a unique and customized model for each business. Along with custom database, this software provides custom notifications as well as approvals and permissions, coupled with custom reporting and analytics.


This is a field service solution which easily works to organize as well as manage service requests, billing along with reports and customer relationships.

It comes with multiple features in order to support field service-oriented business which includes integration with QuickBooks for the purpose of accounting along with offline mode, which provides the technicians the ability to continue using this solution in different areas without any presence of internet or cell reception.

As it is a cloud-based system entirely, this business management software is accessible from any mobile device which has an internet connection. This provides the field techs the ability to access all the required information regarding a job right from their mobile sets. It also provides visibility into staff schedules which help in dispatching and alerting field employees.

The work orders are customizable which allows the organizations to create work order templates providing the businesses to make sense out of it. The systems also integrate with any sort of company website which provides functional widgets, login boxes, and forms.


It is a cloud-based business management software which is perfectly designed for service as well as class-based businesses which require continuing the lines of engagements with their clients. It allows the businesses to manage the processes for discovering new clients, booking appointments, sell services and manage inventory along with client retention.

Point of sale (POS) along with e-commerce is also integrated within Booker. Aside from credit and debit, it also provides the assistance to process mobile payments which allow the customers to pay for services from anywhere. It also tracks vendor along with product inventory which provides insights regarding what products are used by the staff and what is bought by the customers. It comes with automated scheduling and payroll management which syncs directly with the appointment book.

The booker marketing network is associated with well-known websites along with customer apps which provide a different way for customers to easily and automatically book appointments. The Booker customer app can be customized completely. It also sends reminders regarding the upcoming appointments and also has map integration and promotes engagement via social media network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


This software combines customer relationship management or CRM with enterprise resource planning or ERP with accounting, e-commerce projects as well as management functionality to provide a solution to all businesses process in one centralized system which is cloud-based and delivered as an ongoing service.

It can provide assistance in different types of industries in a specialized way. The companies which include distribution, retail as well as event management along with consulting firms, insurance, marketing and other, can take use of this software. The system serves best for the small and midsize businesses.


Workfront which was formerly known as AtTask is a cloud-based project management system which allows the teams to prioritize, route as well as manage and report on their work. It is best suited for businesses of different sizes and industry such as IT, architecture, accounting and more.

The users can easily access a library of standard reports as well as customize them. This business management software provides tools to assist in visualizing the work lifecycles so that the users can easily maintain and manage their project schedules as well as budgets. The users can easily drag and drop tasks in order to assign them to their team members, as well as shift assignments and organize workflows via the use of the visual interface.

Its communication tools provide the ability to employees, account managers, and other executives to collaborate along with assign work as well as track deadlines, check status updates, deliver work. It allows them to manage reviews and also approvals. Its resource management tools provide the manager the ability to assign tasks as well as track performance along with allocating resources. Various methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and others can be easily implemented in this solution and this platform is perfectly designed to scale according to the growth of the company. This solution provides flexibility and compatibility to the businesses to track their growth as well as manage their resources to boost productivity and increasing efficiency of their employees.


This is a web-based professional services solution which provides a suite of integrated applications consisting of project management, project accounting along with time and expense tracking. It also assists in billing and invoicing, help desk as well as business intelligence. It is best suited for midsize companies in various industries such as IT< marketing, engineering, management consulting etc.

Its key features consist of configurable workflows, analytics along with an in-built messenger tool. Its expense management feature allows the user to automatically gather expenses from the bank accounts or from any credit card, which also provides the user the ability to submit them for approval and allows the approvers to initiate reimbursements.

The users can also configure the interfaces to payroll along with different accounting systems such as QuickBooks, SAP, and FinancialForce. It also gets configured with customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce. It also has a native iOS app which grants access to the user to company operations in the cloud. The user can easily manage projects and files, along with tracking, submitting and approving time from this iPhone or iPad.

This business management software will transfer any existing data into the system while implementation and also provides role-specific training.


It is a cloud-based club management as well as appointment scheduling solution which is designed for the requirements of small to midsize businesses. It is a product which is usually used by gyms, fitness centers, spas, massage centers, dance schools and yoga studios.

It provides various features like scheduling with wait list management, appointment booking via Facebook, along with automated scheduling of email as well as texts and also provides online bookings. The memberships can easily be managed through this software.

It also features a toolset for marketing management purpose too. Using this software, the user can set up notifications and alerts for the customers and targeted marketing campaigns can also be launched through it. It can also generate marketing reports which can be assessed to understand the performance of the business.

This solution also provides staff management features which also consist of check-in and check-out management, along with role-based permissions as well as payroll management and calendar integration.

It provides custom API access which enables the third party developers the ability to integrate their platforms with this solution. It also provides a marketplace for applications which can be easily integrated with this solution such as Spafinder Wellness 365, Zcubator and WaiverKing.