Boxing Your Way to a Fitter You: Benefits of Boxing


Boxing is not just a sport done by professionals. You can see a lot of boxing gyms made for fitness enthusiasts. There is a good reason for its popularity. Since boxing is a workout that is intense, it is considered as a good workout regimen.

It does not only get you into shape, but it also gives enjoyment and relaxation from all the punching. Here are other ways you can get a fitter and healthier body from boxing.

You can burn a lot of calories.

When you box, your heartbeat increases which in turn makes your muscles hold together. This is where you get your powerful punches. When adult males do this for an hour, they can shed 700 to 1500 calories. Of course, this all depends on the manner of how they do boxing. Together with cardiovascular exercises, you can shed unwanted calories in no time.

It gives a training that is highly intense.

HIIT or high intensity interval training is a method that burns fats. It is often utilized in modern workout methods and fitness group sessions. There is also an increase in your heartbeat, but there is a short time allotted to normalize heart rate. Then, it will go up again.

Imagine running for a minute, then resting for a minute. Boxing is similar to this concept. You can burn more fats easily with the interval rather than doing exercises with the same cardio rate.

In addition, you continuously shed more calories even after you box. If you want an alternative to running or something to mix this kind of exercise with, boxing is your best way to go.

You do a whole workout for your body with boxing.

Punching is not something you should underestimate since you use virtually your whole body in doing it. You get the power of your punch from the upper and lower part of your body. Therefore, hitting a punching bag necessitates energy from your head down to your toes.

You must utilize the correct movements in order for your whole body to be utilized. A result of this is burning of many calories.

You improve your mentality and confidence.

When you box, your body and mind improve because you think and move simultaneously. You need to be mentally and physically active in this sport. It might look challenging, but it is truly effective. Instead of running aimlessly, you can sweat a lot and exercise your brain while you do boxing.

Some people attest that boxing made them feel more confident. Therefore, it is usually taught in self-empowerment classes. It is hitting two birds with one stone because it is also a form of self defense.

Final Thoughts

Boxing is effective in getting the fit body that you want. It is worth your time and effort. Just remember to have the right mindset and discipline in order for you to achieve the body that you want. What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest boxing gym now.