Blood Glucose Meter : Best Buying Guide to help Choose

Blood glucose meter is compact and computerized devices that measure to display blood glucose level. These devices are useful for people with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, monitoring blood glucose level provides you and your doctors with valuable information about how exercise, food, stress, medications, and other factors may affect your blood glucose. The data will help you and your doctor to make a treatment plan tailored to the needs.

Blood glucose meters are available in a wide variety of at-home use. These range from basic models that read blood glucose levels to more advanced versions that offer features such as memory for storing information. Let’s check some of the Glucose Meter available online on

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free (Multicolor)

  • Measuring interval : 10-600 mg/dL
  • MEMORY : 500 test results
  • View test average up to 90 days.
  • USB interface for data transfer to a computer which is equipped for it
  • Rating : ★★★★

Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit, 10 Strips (Multi Color)

  • Home-care solution for diabetes management
  • Helps you control diabetes and achieve target blood sugar levels
  • Provides expert advice in diabetes diet, exercise and medication
  • Rating : ★★★★

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 10 Strips(Black)

  • Avoids interference from blood oxygen variations
  • Prevents galactose and maltose interference in blood samples
  • It gives early warning if your ketones are rising
  • Reminder alarm function
  • Rating : ★★★★

Avantor Glucosphera Automated Blood Glucose Monitor with 10 Strip and 50 Strips

  • Fully Automatic
  • 0.5µL Blood Sample Volume
  • Large LCD Display – Strip Ejection – No Coding
  • Monitor System With 50 Strips
  • Rating : ★★★★

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo, 50 Strips (Multicolor)

  • Tiny drop of blood needed for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Store in capped vial in a cool and dry space between 39 86 degree
  • Minimum blood sample 1.5 Mg/dl
  • Rating : ★★★★

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer with 25 Free Strips (Multicolor)

  • Record the results of measuring blood sugar
  • Fast and easy-to-read results (5-second countdown)
  • Memory for 800 results
  • Rating : ★★★★

Choosing Blood Glucose Meter

There are many questions before you choose a meter:

  • Do you have a suggestion from a doctor for a specific meter?
  • What does your insurance cover have a list of preapproved meters it covers?
  • How much will this meter cost as insurance companies don’t always make allowances for pricier options?
  • How many strips per month are needed?
  • How easy and user friendly is this meter?
  • Are the readings easily readable on the screen?
  • How long does the meter take to get a reading?
  • Is it easy to maintain?
  • Is it simple to clean and maintain?
  • Is it easy to calibrate when you get new strips?

Any special features needed for you?

  • If you are carrying the glucose meter with you while on the go, you may want a compact option.
  • If it is hard time to hold on to small models, prefer a large meter with strips which are easier to use.
  • People with impaired vision should get a meter with an easy-to-read screen or verbal commands and prompts.
  • Colourful options are available for children.

Other Special Features

  • Audio capability, for people with vision impairments.
  • Amounts of memory storage
  • Different handling capabilities, like strips stored in the meter, or having a USB meter
  • Meters recording carbohydrate grams and insulin doses with the glucose reading
  • Backlit screens to do reading at night or in low light easier
  • Meters testing blood ketone levels with blood glucose levels

Factors affecting Glucose Readings

The accuracy of test results depends on several issues, including the quality of meter and test strips, and how well we have been trained to operate these type of device.

Here are some more factors that can affect your glucose readings.

User technique
User error is the most common reason for errors in glucose readings.

Dirty testing site
Food, drink, or lotion residue on hands can affect blood glucose reading. Be sure to wash and dry hands before starting the test. While using an alcohol swab, be sure to let the site dry entirely before testing and using the second drop of blood, not the initial one.

Humidity, altitude, and room temperature all affect your blood glucose readings by altering your body or the strips you use. Many meters have instructions on how to get proper readings in particular situations.

Incompatible test strips
Testing strips can be costly, so trying third-party or generic pieces to save money which is not designed to use such strips will affect the readings. Alternative test strips must be compatible with the device.

Changes in meters or strips
Manufacturers keep on making changes to their devices or test strips. Third-party or generic strip manufacturers aren’t made aware of this, thus, become incompatible with the meter.

Using Blood Glucose Meter correctly

  • Carefully read and follow instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure accurate readings.
  • Standard blood glucose meter manufacturers provide detailed instructions in the machine’s packaging.
  • It will work best to take the meter to the doctor to have them go over the basics of the device with you.
  • Check to see how the machine’s results compare with the device at the doctor’s office. This will help you see if the device at home is adequately calibrated.
  • Be sure that the doctor observe you doing a test so they can confirm that you’re using the correct techniques.