Best Safety Shoes In India That You Should Buy!

safety shoes

Also known as steel-toe boots or steel-capped boots, safety shoes are a sturdy shoe that has a protective layer to protect your toe from any stress.

Below we have the list of best safety shoes in India.

Safety Shoes typically have a midsole plate that protects your feet from the penetration of something from underneath. The defense or reinforcement is usually made from steel but can also be made from composite materials.

Buying online best safety shoes in India not only saves your time but also offers you a vast array of safety shoes to choose from.

Internet shopping is nowadays a phenomenon generally acknowledged for its many advantages. When you intend to buy a safety shoe for your work, then you need not worry about the crowd at the shoe stores.

There are many safety shoe brands in India available online that also offer attractive discounts for their customers at competitive rates besides online shopping portals.

Best Safety Shoes In India

Following are some of the best safety shoes in India:

Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe

It is one of Allen Cooper’s most beautiful safety shoes made in India and is also the most loved one. Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle Security Shoe comes with upper booty leather cover and black spacer coating.

The construction of this shoe comes with steel toes and an anti-static insole to withstand impact over 200 J. The maker of this safety shoe offers intergroup soles with black and grey DIP Double Density for improved grip and durability.

This shoe comes with a moisture-wicking lining of breathable fabric to protect your feet from moisture all day. Barton print leather is used as this shoe’s principal material. This line of safety shoes provides a wide variety of styles for almost all.

This safety shoe comes with a bright finish in just Black Color. The lace-up closure enables its customers to combine comfort with a perfect fit.

For its comfort and affordability, Allen Cooper is one of India’s top-selling safety shoes online.


  • This shoe is oil and acid resistant and also certified by ISI and DGMS.
  • This is a water-resistant shoe but if you dip it thoroughly in water for a long time then the leather gets ruined. 
  • This shoe comes with anti skid filters.
  • This shoe protects your feet up to 120 degrees Celcius Will withstand up to 200 J.


  • It is a heavyweight shoe
  • Not appropriate for wearing in a heavy downpour.

Hillson Beston Safety Shoe

Hilson Beston is the brand offering one of India’s best safety shoes at a very affordable price. Beston’s safety shoes are made from high-quality raw materials and modern machines. Beston offers its customers a wide selection of sizes, colors, and premium finish at an affordable price.

The lace-up enclosure’s versatility provides a good grip for giving your feet adequate support. The safety shoes from Hillson Beston are made with breathable fabric lining to ensure a full-day use.

This shoe comes as reinforcement with A Basic steel toe cap and is the best lightweight safety shoe. This pair has a lightweight single density PU sole to ease your movements. For its craftsmanship and durability, Hillson Beston is considered one of India’s best safety shoe brands.


  • Hillson Beston safety shoes come with anti-slip soles, and it is called ISI. 
  • This shoe is one of the lightweight safety shoes available in this line. 
  • This shoe’s outer, excellent finish makes it water repellent.
  • Durability is another factor to remember when purchasing this pair.


  • For a better experience, buy a one size big Inner sole that gets displaced after a few days of using it.

Kavacha Pure Leather Steel Toe Safety Shoe

You may have noticed that safety shoes are always dull in color and heavy in weight. If you just want to avoid these problems and try new shoes, which, together with looks, will ensure protection, then you have to turn to this brand.

Kavacha is one of India’s trusted safety shoe brands, which offers its trendy customers a wide range of designer safety shoes. Kavacha steel toe safety shoes are made from genuinely breathable leather. It is also made with cloth lining after continuous use, to ensure sweat-free feet.

This pair comes with a brown matte finish, which gives it a classy look. This pair comes with a single air mix density sole, which reduces the heaviness. It can be said that this is one of the best safety shoes in India at an affordable price, with its fashionable looks and durability.

With its stylish style and durability, Kavacha designer safety shoes are one of India’s top-selling safety shoes online.


  • It comes with stitched soles.
  • It has a plain lace-up enclosure.
  • It has a classy style and is lightweight and can be used as  both formal as well as casual shoes. 
  • It has an airmix sole.


  • Within a few hours of constant use, heel pain begins. 
  • It has stitching problems.

Best Lightweight Safety Shoes In India One Must Buy

Following is the list of best lightweight safety shoes which you can buy:

Allen Cooper 1156 Men’s Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper is the most recommended safety shoe brand in India. Allen Cooper 1156 men’s protection shoe comes from the company’s house in dapper, and trendy looks. This pair of shoes is made according to the latest trend in footwear fashion as well as keeping the security measures approved by the authorities.

The key material used to make the shoe is black corduroy suede leather. Allen cooper uses breathable cotton lining to ensure your feet are comfortable. It just comes in a grey color with breathable white padding.

Allen Cooper provides its customers with a diverse selection of sizes at an affordable price and consistent finish. This shoe’s lace-up closure gives you a seamless match with proper comfort.

The flexible laces also help keep a walkable grip on uneven surfaces. Because of its reliability and fashionable looks, this shoe is considered one of the best safety shoes for people.


  • It is ISI labeled and certified by DGMS.
  • This safety shoe is oil and acid resistant.
  • Double density directly injected PU sole to protect your feet from penetration below. 
  • It can withstand the impact of 200 J.


  • It’s a little hard to carry because of its double sole.
  • There is no choice on the composite toe cap.
  • This shoe is not appropriate for electrical workers, because it is lined with metal toe caps.

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Hillson Nucleus ISI Marked Safety Shoes

Hillson is the brand that has an enormous customer base in India for its price range and quality economic safety shoes. This shoe is comfortable and stylish, available in various sizes, and with a sleek black finish.

Of excellent resistance, this company offers steel toe cap as reinforcement. This shoe’s support can withstand an impact of over 200 J.

The pair comes with breathable interior fabric lining to keep your feet sweat-free even after continuous use. It also has directly molded double density PU midsole and PU outsole, which makes this suitable for daily use.

This shoe’s finish and outer leather construction provide a robust but elegant outlook. The pair can be worn formally as well as casually. With its lightweight safety shoes at an affordable price, Hillson is chosen as the best safety shoe brand in India.


•    It can resist any kind of temperature. 

•    It is also oil and acid resistant.

•    It has a high-density PU mid and outsole. 

•    It is useful for raw terrain mining.

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Best Budget Safety Shoes To Have In Your Wardrobe

Following is the list of best budget safety shoes which you be buying:

Allen Cooper AC 1102 Men’s Safety Shoe

Allen cooper is one of India’s best brand of safety shoes for their craftsmanship and material quality. This pair is made with a sleek black finish with buff leather. This shoe’s rugged and elegant look makes it an excellent choice for men to choose between safety shoes.

This pair comes as reinforcement with a steel toe cap to withstand impact over 200 J. Allen cooper safety shoes are a perfect alternative for lightweight safety shoes even though it also has injection double density PU bottoms directly. Allen Cooper AC 1102 comes in a low ankle cut, which distinguishes this pair from other safety shoes.

Allen cooper designs this pair of breathable fabric inner lining safety shoes to provide their customers with sweat-free feet even after a long day of use. It also has a padded tongue and neck during continuous use to provide comfort.

However, for its reliability and outstanding craftsmanship, this pair can be enlisted as one of India’s top 10 safety shoes.


  • It is oil and acid resistant .
  • It has a tear and water-resistant leather. 
  • Its anti-slip sole is ideally suited to industrial use.
  • It is  ISI labeled and DGMS certified.
  • It has a heel energy absorption and strong heel counter.


  • There are some difficulties in the lace-up enclosure 
  • There are some size concerns. Generally speaking, it runs one a smaller scale.

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Karam Leather Safety Shoes

If you’re online in India searching for affordable safety shoes, then your journey ends here. Karam is an Indian footwear company selling a wide variety of footwear items and also labeled with approval from ISI and DGMS.

To make it durable and classy, this pair is made of full-grain leather with a glossy black finish. This leather house advantage’s black cambrel quarter was lining along with scraping-resistant fabric lining at this pair’s vamp area. It comes in sets of different sizes to choose from.

This pair has toe caps made of steel as protection that can withstand more than 200 J. This pair has cleared outsoles on the sole with broader projection to keep the feet from penetrating from below. It comes with netlon laminated in-sock to give your feet better comfort.

Safety with comfort strategy is the main factor in the popularity of this brand, and this is particularly recommended by many industrial workers as the best safety shoes in India at this very affordable price.


•   It is ISI certified, and DGMS approved. 

•    It has a single density.

•   It has a  PU sole oil and heat resistant acid with shock-absorbing properties. 

•    The pair comes with an anti-slip sole.


  • Its surface has some issues. 
  • Heavyweight sole is lost after a few uses and induces discomfort in the feet.

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Bata Industrials Endura Low Cut Safety Shoes

If you’re thinking about buying online branded safety shoes in India, then Bata could be a worthwhile option for you. Bata offers outstanding shoemaking craftsmanship to give its clients a great product at an affordable price.

This pair is made entirely of breathable chrome tanned leather, which makes it ideal for use all day long. Endura low cut is considered one of India’s best safety shoes even when it comes to single density PU sole size.

This pair comes with a sleek black finish that is ideal for both casual and formal purposes. This pair has toe caps in steel, which can withstand more than 200 J of force.

This shoe’s low cut style makes it more trendy and even more comfortable. This pair is the best alternative for men in India on safety shoes. This company is well known in India for the manufacturing of lightweight safety shoes.

The consistency and durability of craftsmanship excellence are the only two factors that are purely responsible for the success of this company.


  • It is ISI certified, and DGMS approved. 
  • It comes with abrasion-resistant leather. 
  • Endura low cut comes with breathable cambrel lining for sweat-free feet after continuous use
  • It is oil-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in petrochemical and construction industries.
  • This pair is heat-resistant up to 120 degrees and also has the anti-slip sole to avoid accidents at the workplace.


  • After a few uses, the laces wear away.
  • There are no air-vents in the pair.

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Hillson SA.SA32.429470 Soccer ISI Marked Safety Shoe

Hillson is one of the most common brands for both price range and quality of its affordable safety shoes. This pair comes as reinforcement with a steel toe cap, which can withstand 200 J of impact. The shoe is made of fine leather and has a sleek matte black finish.

This shoe’s matte black finish makes it ideal both for formal and casual use. To secure the penetration, Hillson provides double density directly injected sole PU and mid-plate steel. Hillson gives its customers different types of sizes to choose from.

This pair’s lace-up enclosure offers a great fit as well as comfort. This pair comes with breathable cotton lining to protect your feet from sweat during the day. Hillson provides its consumers with a padded tongue and collar to give them a better experience of continuous use.

Constant focus on workers’ safety is the main strategy of this brand, which produces India’s best safety shoes.


•    It is  an ISI named safety shoe. 

•    The leather is scrap resistant. 

•    It is oil and acid resistant.

•    This safety shoe is also heat resistant.

•    Lightweight safety shoes to reduce the stress on your feet after continuous use.


  • Runs high on a scale. If the standard size you need is 8, then try to buy size 7 to fit in perfectly.
  • This pair comes with flat lace, so leaving them up is a little difficult.

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Safety Shoes Without Lace That Are Loved For Safety Purpose

Following is the list of safety shoes without lace which you can buy:

Udenchi UD8408 Industrial Safety Shoes With Steel Toe

Udenchi is an Indian leather house that pioneers the making of men’s safety shoes at an affordable price, along with classy looks. Safety shoes are always bland in look and design, but with their slip-on safety shoes, Udenchi has changed the whole picture. This brand offers safety shoes without lace.

To give it a distinctive feel, this pair is made with synthetic leather with a matte finish. It comes as reinforcement with steel toe caps, which can withstand the impact of 200 J. If you are looking for lightweight safety shoes, then turn to this brand.

It also comes with a lightweight inner lining of anti sweat fabric to ensure sweat and odor-free feet. The pair sole is made from the air mix, which is also lightweight and durable.

This pair comes in various size sizes, though often in three color options. Udenchi has given numerous guidelines for the treatment to ensure this pair’s longevity. This pair is appropriate for both formal and casual wear.


  • This pair comes with an anti-slippery grip which makes it easier to wear. 
  • It is built for perfect grip.
  • It is oil and acid resistant.


  • The tissue materials used in the top part.
  • Toe is compact and narrow.

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The Best Ladies Safety Shoes 

Now maybe you have a question: do any particular brands manufacture women’s safety shoes? Luckily, the answer is yes, and many brands do produce female safety shoes.

Most of the safety shoe brands produce unisex safety shoes, but Allen cooper has a wide variety of safety shoes for ladies to choose from.

Allen Cooper AC-1197 Women Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper is the best safety shoe company in India. The Allen Cooper AC-1197 safety shoe comes from the company’s house in dapper and fashionable looks. This pair is made of booty print leather, which ensures both the classy looks and the comfort of your feet.

Allen Cooper AC-1197 is made with a moisture-wicking breathable fabric lining to ensure that your feet are sweat-free even after wearing them for a long time at work and under rigid conditions. Each pair comes with a directly threaded double density PU sole, and the sole is also double-colored.

As a support, this pair has steep toecaps to withstand impact over 200 J. Allen Cooper gives its clients a wide variety of sizes to choose from for this model. This shoe comes in anklet and slip-on style, which is another differentiation point for this particular model.

This pattern comes with elegant polish in only black paint. It can be used for both formal and casual purposes, for the vibrant architecture of this layout. This pair comes with a strong heel counter that can reduce tiredness even after a long day of work.


  • This shoe’s sole comes with a unique anti-skid feature to avoid slipping and falling at your workstations. 
  • Other benefits such as oil and acid resistance, heat resistance, make it a perfect option for women’s safety shoes in India too.
  • This pair is also licensed and designed by ISI under all of India’s standardization authority’s licensing guidelines.

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Allen Cooper AC-1299 Women Safety Shoe

This pair is also made with booty print fine leather by Allen Cooper and comes in black color only. This model comes with a vivid glossy finish making it suitable for both formal and casual use.

A particular form of leather is used for enhancing breathability and harsh conditions during long working hours. The pair comes with a glossy black finish, which makes them look vibrant. It’s also made for your convenience with the breathable interior fabric lining.

This pair comes with a double density PU sole in dual color. This pair includes toe caps made of steel as reinforcement to withstand impact over 200 J. The platform comes with a significant variety of sizes to choose from. They are also the best budget safety shoes for women. 

Another reason to select this model is its low ankle design, which makes it look sleek and stylish. This shoe’s sole comes with an anti-skid feature to protect you from frequent incidents at worksites.

This pair also has a strong heel counter, which reduces fatigue after a long working day. The model’s lace-up enclosure gives you the best fit and balance.


  • It also has padded tongue and collars for continuous use to provide comfort. 
  • There are also several other advantages of this model, such as oil resistance, mild acid resistance, heat resistance up to 120-degree Celsius, which make it stand out from other safety shoes for ladies.
  • Also, like all other Allen Cooper house safety shoes, this model is also ISI certified or authorized.


  • The model also has some disadvantages that it feels a little bulky and causes discomfort to your toe region at first wearing.

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Tips To Consider While Buying Best Safety Shoes In India

There are plenty of workplaces that deal with chemicals, plastics, electrical cables, wet flooring, which can be dangerous to the workers occasionally. You must select your safety shoes in India after doing good research. 

Foot security is important in certain workplaces while you are working. Safety Shoes are the only way to save your feet from heavy or sharp objects, acids, fire, oils, and shocks. Buying an industrial safety shoe isn’t so straightforward as it seems.

There are plenty of important points to remember before you purchase industrial safety shoes.

Certification Of The Safety Shoes Brand In India

Here are the basic and main requirements you need to guarantee before you purchase industrial safety shoes. Certification from the authority concerned means that shoes are manufactured under the authority’s supervision and designed in compliance with the guidelines specified by them.

After checking different parameters, even the certification is given; two of the basic parameters are listed below:

ISO 20345:2004

This qualification states that shoes should be immune up to 200 J under this level, which ensures that if a weight of 20 kg drops from approx. 3.34 feet on your toes, you’re free. The other safety benefit that this qualification offers is that if it falls on your feet, the shoe will withstand a weight of 1.5 tonnes.

ISO 20346:2004

This qualification states that shoes should be resistant to up to 100 J under this level, which ensures that if a weight of 10 kg drops from around 3.34 feet on your toes, the shoe will withstand the shock. By this model, shoes will also respond to a weight of up to 1.25 tons if it sits on your feet. Industrial safety shoes labeled with ISI and DGMS approval are considered to be among the best quality safety shoes in India.

Properties Of The shoes

You must carefully test the requirements before buying industrial safety shoes. Many shoes are specially designed to secure some of your feet’ fragile parts such as ankle protection, cut resistance, water resistance, electrically insulated, and many more.

Type of  Sole 

Choosing the right form of the sole may also ensure the penetration of any sharp or dangerous elements from below by your feet.

You need to find the appropriate type of sole before purchasing safety shoes, such as PU Sole, PU Single Density, PU Double Density, PVC Sole, and rubber soles.

Toe Cap

The key thing that helps prevent the toes from being hurt is strengthening or toe cap. The average load is 200 J, which can carry a safety foot. There are three primary types of toe caps, such as caps for steel, plastic, and fiber-toe.

Now you may have a good idea about the advantages of online shopping for industrial safety shoes, and you must also consider the accepted guidelines before you purchase one.

Why One Must Wear Safety Shoes At Workplace?

In the heavy-duty workplace, when you think about what to wear, the solution is safety boots or work boots.

At many building and manufacturing worksites, safety boots and work boots are recognized as essential personal protective equipment. Now you might ask a question about how you could find the right type of shoe for your safety in heavy-duty workplaces.

It is clear that you only need to assess the risk factors and hazards associated with the work position in question. Then choose the shoes that give your feet proper protection according to the nature of your job position.

Security at work does not seem as crucial to shoes as protective gloves or eyewear, but safety shoes may offer several benefits.

Foot injuries may weaken your strength to stand off work, resulting in a long absence from work or even causing difficulties when carrying out a task.

What Are The Benefits Of Safety Shoes?

Following are some of the benefits of safety shoes:

Protection from falling objects

That is one of the important advantages that safety boots or work boots offer at your worksites. If you are operating in complex environments where many vehicles and machines operate, then there is a possibility that you will get hurt by flying or dropping the object. Safety boots can avoid flying and dropping objects, causing injuries.

Prevents from sharp objects

If there are many forms of machinery in your workplace that contain sharp moving parts, it can cause hazards to cut.

For starters, if you are part of the logging industry, then you may have encountered chainsaw hazards. The only way to save your feet from slashing hazards is to log the safety boots.

Helps from penetration

Heavy-duty worksites are often dangerous, and there are often risks of injury. For example, if you work in construction sites, the sharp object dropping from above might have encountered walking on sharp objects or injury.

Now just see the effects of wearing a soft-soled shoe at your place of work. Security shoes or work boots typically come with soles of double density, which can avoid any kind of penetration from both above and below.

Protects from slips and falls

Slips or falls and other forms of injuries occur in any sort of work and sometimes lead to some severe accidents.

There are also different ways to minimize the probability of such incidents, but proper footwear may also reduce the risks associated with such events.

The best solutions for reducing the significant risk factors related to heavy-duty worksites are safety shoes and work boots. Safety shoes come with an anti-slip sole, which can improve the balance throughout the job.

Which Are The Best Safety Shoes Company In India?

Safety shoes are necessary to operate in an environment that requires heavy lifting, slippery floors, rotary machines, hot objects, electricity, and chemicals. Many employees working in such dangerous conditions need a safety shoe. These shoes are designed in various styles, so they can be picked to fit their work needs.

There are several different kinds of safety shoes available for both men and women on the market manufactured under the best safety shoe company in India.

The best brands that provide safety shoes in India are:

  • Allen Cooper
  • SeeandWear
  • Roarking (By SeeandWear)
  • Bata
  • Hillson Nucleus
  • Jacks Hibo
  • Keen utility
  • Skechers
  • Timberland

Safes shoes shopping online not only saves your time but also clears out all your doubts related to standardization as well as product certification.

Hope this article will you in choosing the best safety shoes.